Dark Lyrics


1. Ignition Sequence

Been tricked too many times
to fall in the traps that have been laid down before my eyes
breaking out of the silence and this violence
which has been growing so strong for far too long, it will finally see the light

feel the temperature rising, a relenteless force of un-dismissible anger building up deep inside

been trapped too many times
to just lay flat down and die, what will be I won't go down without a fight
here and now, rest assured, that retribution is coming when the time is right

set the cleansing in motion. make them feel it in the purest form
make them suffer in truth and clear of sin
so ignite the fuse and lock on your targets
make them never forget
make them all suffer and let the killing spree begin

building up deep in soul and mind

they crossed the line and pushed their limits for the last time
I detest all the things they stand for. I swear I can't take it no more

I will not lay myself to rest until I had my vengeance
this hatred will die with you, buried in the same grave
I am not your slave and choose to go my own way

Your reign over me will finally come to a painful end

never, I will never, never again
I won't fall in the same trap ever again
never, not ever again

2. Mind Over Matter

we're shattered, our particles scattered

stand and stare down here on the ground
looking at the skies above
to try to understand what we are here for
and to figure out the meaning of it all

like skew reflections our images in a mirro glass
distorted from the cracks of the past
the stars casting shadows, a darkened veil covering all
fading memories of our formes selves, they just won't last

in the distance we what matters, dissolve into nothing
and the nothing dispersed into nothing but black emptiness

into the darkness

we see what matters, dissolve into nothing
no control of mind over matter, shattered
we're made out of negative matter

travelling through the darkness
of our inner thoughts
searching for recognition points
what lies within our soul and hearts

our particles scattered

3. Asynchronous Transmission

comitting murders
imprinted on the memory in my divine insanity
committed murders
imprinted on the memory, lasting through infinity
asynchronous transmission has erupted

paint the picture carved upon the walls
it's the signature, a god's work of art
leave the message written in stains of blood
as I tried to clarify your death is my life

insanity reigns when this twisted mind, turns corrupted
asynchronous transmission has erupted

paint the picture carved into the flesh
in search for the next one, my victims in distress
sending signals, traces of evidence
as I bleach them out of my remembrance

my violence has amplified in the echoes in my mind
receiving flashbacks, of another life

it's not a perfect world out there, so many people corrupted, easy victims.
In my world there will be no more poverty, hunger greed or violence
I will create the perfect place for the human race

see the images fade away, into the shades of grey

paint the picture carved on their bones
their mutilated bodies covered up onder stones
left a message, my mark is hidden deep inside
what I left behind no one will ever find

insanity reigns when this twisted mind turns corrupted
asynchronous transmission has erupted

4. Walk Of A Million Mouths

they are spreading their infected words
all over this world and this sick distorted truth
has been following the walk of a million mouths


tearing down the walls of frustrations
building up in soul and mind
I have to live through all the accusations and
I want what's real, for real, as I know it inside

I know it inside
I know you inside and out

tell the tale a fact or a fiction
won't matter for long, I will grow too strong
for this sick distorted truth
after following the walk of a million mouths

in know your outside
but I'll turn you inside and out

detecting the conspiracy
erase these intrigues and find a cure against your
contagious and deceptive disease

you are spreading your infected words all across my world

5. Thy Subsonic Collapse

I am the light, the beacon in darkness
your guidance in subsonic collapse

your world will crumble under my credence
bring down the fury upon the impious souls
to see the fear in your eyes before my presence
and cause that puny world to explode

I am the light, the beacon in darkness
your guidance through sub harmonic
I am the light, the beacon in darkness
your guidance in subsonic collapse

your faith will crumble under my pressure
break down the confidence in those who betray
can you give up all you've come to treasure
and see the ones you love pass away
along the way, they will pass away

I am divine, the perpetual light, through obscurity I will shine

no guilt, no remorse, I am the merciless
hiding, deep in a void of you sub consciousness
in the end you will face the consequences

I am the one and you take my name in vain for your gain

I will lead the way towardss the light
what you keep hidden inside, I will find
just open your mind as you die
I am divine

6. The Auxiliary Theory

I've been trying so hard to figure out
what do I want to do
where do we need to go with this life?
it lies hidden within the rest of our given time

I hear the voice of reason breaking through the silence
fear the rational chimes of comprehension
As I'm starting to realize

I'm tearing down all the pre-assumptions
annalyzing all the facts of life
speculate in these misconceptions
of the predetermined abstracts of your mind

What will I find inside?

where will I find myself tomorrow
through all the death, decay and sorrow

breaking down all inner barriers
find a way through your mental cage
follow the path of self-improvement
end the slavery of this internal rage

there is nothing to fear, the nothing is here
will there be no more tomorrow?
If i could finally find myself

the whispering you hear says there's nothing to fear
then turn around to stare and the nothing is there

In a split second it could be all over
we ask ourselves what will we be?
the schizophrenic secondary opinion within

no more tomorrow
through all the death, decay and sorrow

7. Dysfunctional Inscapes


8. Compelled Misogyny

every day life of domestic disturbance
behind closed curtains a senseless violence
op en up the window of opportunities
and seize every chance you can to leave

just how many times have you wanted to die
in shame of the bruises and broken bones
you've tried to hide and swallow your pride
but you cannot mend this broken home

how many times are you going to try
before you're starting to realize
there's no hope and no escape
why do you forgive and forget
just to keep living a life of lies

the sickness is eating away, endlessly
compelled inot misogyny, no hope, no escape

you're not the one to take on the blame
covering your bruised face in shame
how much more are you willing to take
until you see you've put your life at stake
open up your blood shut eyes
will you finally come to realize

taught well by his father, showed lessons on the mother
on and on passed dow through the generations

can't you see? it's not too late to make your escape
how can you stand these mandatory nightly rapes?
imprisoned in this derogatory cell and a life of living hell
how much more can you endure, you're so insecure

the sickness driven to insanity, endlessly
the symptom is eating away. compelled into misogyny

it's not too late, you're not bound to this hateful fate

9. Anomaly Of A Tortured Mind

decline into the depths of my private hell
disembodied, from this empty shell

my private hell, I dwell in the darkness
into depths of insanity I fell
in this empty shell, there's no light

remove the patches casing my eyes because my hands are tied
wrapped in myself until I die. wondering through my mind
looking for points of recognition, but they all lead to the same gap
I am trapped

I dwell in the darkness, drifted away
I strayed too far from the path

stuck in a vicious circle, Can't seem to break these bounds
holding me back from moving forward, I won't reach the goals
inward frustration in a downward spiral of eternal failure

I 'm a failure

my mind is fractured, vague imagery faded away and I strayed
through polarized obscurity a fraction of chaos was captured

anomaly of a tortured mind

there's no return
I wil burn as I strayed too far from the beaten path

there is no escape, I've got nowhere to run
see the reflections of the flames in the mirror
as I watch myself burn

locked up in mental shackles, captivated in this tormented core
a body filled with emptiness, the hollow casing of my former self
locked up in my own mind, this negativity that grows over time
I'm suffocating on the bottom of my life, in chaos and in self-despise

10. Hybris...

I make my own castle
consider myself royalty
try to blow down my illusional fortress
but you will not succeed

they call me hybris
grand master in delusions of grandness
my beliefs are false but they suit me
in fact they border my territory
since the outside madness
I cannot understand, cannot take control

And I...

I hibernate in my own self
blowup my mind with my own identity
my walls are blank
and I write on them as I please

the hybris is just scared of what it will find
ath the end of the line
when the truth domes back and makes him small
it's his greatest fear of all

11. Evasive Crosscurrents

evasive, the currings collide, swept away in the tide
they drifted in apathy so far from the truth
they're pulled below the surface, sinking deeper, gasping for air
their lives are floating by, crushed by the waves of despair

here comes the flood that is drowning the shores deception

the tide is turning, relations have capsized
time to leave the leaking, sinking ships behind
floating back into their everlasting sea of lies and despise

I will rise as a tidal wave to erase all of your hopes
lost in the current of my furious path, you will feel my utter most wrath

irrotonal flows from all directions, navigate the seas of deceptions
the rumors are spreading wider and wider, who cast the first stone?
ripples keep spreading on the surface of truth

how many times in life will you get lost? with no bearings or no sense of direction
you will never be out of debt, never taken out of the sights, of my revengeful scope

washed away all of their filthy negativity
caught in the crossing waves of the conspiracies
surrouned by divergency, set out on a deviant course from the start
the ripples that have torn us apart

drowning the banks of disarray, all of the trust I had has been betrayed
it's so hard to keep all the feelings at bay, going down the streams of destruction
and everything's swept away

erratic yet so systematic we are washed away by the floods

Gert Monden ‒ Drums
Valéry Bottin ‒ Guitars
Miqe Löfberg ‒ Vocals
Korneel Lauwereins ‒ Bass
Douglas Verhoeven ‒ Guitars

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