Dark Lyrics


1. Enter Eternity Of Lethargy

enter eternal suffering
losing all hope and confidence
descending, is there no meaning?
what will the future bring?
the questions lingering and it makes no sense
in apathy, struggle endlessly
starting to lose control
exhaustion wearing down the soul
try to comprehend, the spirit needs healing
but when the wounds run deep
all these scars seem to be
down right impossible to mend
and these scars won't fade
forever lethargic
there's no end in sight once you started
forever lethargic
there's no turning back when you departed
incessantly empty inside
blunt carving cuts like a dull knife
endless excruciating pain
throbbing pulse
these headaches piercing through the brain
there's no point to carry on
we stand alone
another broken spirit crash to the ground
incessantly empty inside
blunt carving incision, cuts like a dull knife

2. Taedium Vitae

I strive...
while my whole being is tired and torn with this existence
I am in the cornertrembling
taedium vitae, weariness and loathing of life
I am the one coping with all
no control over feelings
cascades of emotions overflow
stuck in the corner shivering
quivering in the corner, tired and torn
the wearing and loathing of life
now all these efforts are futile
anergia comes full circle, leave it hanging upon the outcome
worn out, worn down, burnt the candle from both ends
prepare yourself for the fall
stuck in a spiral down
repulsive enervation
idle bein in lassitude
it bears no significance
apathetic indolence
pushed to the limits of fatigue
blue skies turns into depressive blackened shades
it will everly rain upon the rest of our otherwise perfect days
it is haunting, forever daunting
asphyxiate this torment
eliminate all our hopes
continuous rigid coma
finally becomes us all
try to get by and succumb to failure
no matter how hard you try
better let them sleeping dogs lie
I defy, I've become what I despise
enduring pain and suffer in vain
slowly burning up like a moth drawn into the flame
taedium viatae, accept you fate

3. Elliptical Orbits In Disbelief

in the distance
a powersurge of shimmering light
through the darkest h ours
skepticism turns electrified
a hefty explosion
sending shockwaves through time
indefinite perpetual incredulity (with undefined doubts) continue the eternal peregrination through the unknown

4. Reiterated Cycles Of Celestial Spheres

clusters of translucent elements
build up massive complexity
epic random delay
emphasizing permanent verbosity
revered through sonar pulses
accentuated cosmic resonance
decipher cryptic pattering
looking for an answer
in this non-existing symmetry
the form is starting to take shape
a cericular body f enduring density
atmospheric repetition
equivocaing ringing sounds, elevated feedback mantra
sending radius echoes through time
add another piece to the puzzle
forced to fit in this intricate structure
mirrored visions reflecting the past
(repeated cycles of celestial spheres)
recycled present is how the future will last
loss of gravity
levitate into infinity
global opus obscure
our concepts are futile
ideas rejected and dispersed
uncompromising in our own limitless universe
eclipsed behind a supenova

5. Neo-Pseudo Existence

A new fake existence
as universe aligned
I've seen a red handed halo stirred within
untamed and bitter
a soul went awoken
a feline once frail and broken
the more I cling and crawl, distance rises
a predators's thrall
as water streaming upwards
has me drowned, the myth of sisyphus turns real
terminal sickness, purge my exitence
I found the track to my other self
lost, succumb to my fate irreversibly blocked
I failed you in vain I flew you
the prey hunt, the deer shot
inseminated melancholy, contaminated without empathy
terminal sickness, purge my existence of this piteous throwness
I choke a neo-pseudo existence
where despise and desire can't be told apart, where pain boils
in the soil of the soul
and a fading will reigns the heart
my perception without cure
for you a truth too obscure
isolated, battered and broken, I bity my way through these restraints
senses numb, behind a grinfrozen
I dispossess of once treasured lost faith
magic with morals
you're reluctant, yourself to embrace or endure
meaningless thoughts derail
in moments of atonement amorality prevails
5 minutes, a wish never granted, angelic nectar implanted
imagine the marvel of utopian perfectin
unmasked a fraud
a mockup in sudden insight
catharsis undone
you chose a neo-pseudo existence
shaded whit shallow stripped emotions, where your life is nothing but a hollow shell
and your words are void of devotion
the way things once believed end in sorrow grieved
and what once surprised is demystified
catharsis undone

6. Infinite Sleep For The Hollow

tension rises, escalated conflict
reach critical mass of strain
cracks in the foundation, in vain
become one with none
perpare yourself for the donfaal
hypnotized in hollow hibernation
torpid dreas never ending
the shallow/fallen fall into deep domatized sleep
forever descending
immense monotone frequency
resonates through the infinity
laid to rest, our thoughts laid to rest in hollow grounds
last time yuo broke the boundaries
it is over and done
patience gone, no more will you trample on our peaceful minds
draw the line
it is decided and defined
placed in decaying soil to rot
awake and smell what you shovel
pushed to the limits
enough of the constant insults
this is the drop, it has got to stop
finally it will come to an end
tension rises, escalated conflict
reach critical mass of strain
become one with none
in vain, prepare yourself for the downfall
so shut your eyes, forever be blind
never wake up from the hollow sunds
deny this souls existence in the universe
we're dispersed
lost in the spark, these eyes are the window to the soul
forgottenin oblivion
empty and lost in the dark
the light we blindly follow
infinite sleep for the hollow
placed in decaying soil to rot, awake and smell what you shovel
conflicting anomalies deteriorate
tranquilized, say your last goodbye
perpare yourself for the fall, when it all turns quiet

7. The Algorhythmic Alignments

countless scattered thoughts
it is ordained, we suffer in vain
aligned throgh the unexplained
take drastic measures once you crossed that border
stay on track, contradiction, from chas to order
there's no turning back
it is a fact
there is no turning back
premeditated pulses, all connected through random points
constellations of calculated parallels
related polar rhytms delayed
a predermined paradox
associated in asymmetric faze
connect the dors
irrational strategy, undeviating gradual, definite radical
it is written in the stars, they are aligned tonight
binary angles defined, can you see the signs
predict the future and read between the lines
we shine - eternally
duality merged forever
prevail together as one
combined we will conquer all
I am enlightened, illumination lingers
undeviating gradual, a definite radical
accentuate pragatic schemes, an irrational strategy
because nothing is ever as good as it seems
equivalent duality
it is all out of your hands
leave it all up to chance
we are all just a part of the greater plan
learn to read between the lines
we are all just a part of the greater plan
stand apart from the greater plan

8. Yearn To Return [Liquidation Fails]

can never break our chosen path
ambiguous abstract and innovatively different
we are what we are and that is how it always will remain
it will stay that way until the end of our days
despite all the constant manipulation efforts
liquidation constantly fails, unchanged and strange in ways we will Always remain
elated we will stray
eccentric integrity sustained
no need for deviation, never turn away
exploration of a euphoric escapade
clear in sight lined up to the destinatin
no need to stray, the trail before you lies straight ahead
continuous frustrations
rise up to enless high expectations
elated we remain, eccentric integrity sustained
this odyssey has taught us
you don't Always get what's been earned
throughout these years, valuable lessons have been learned and
the prodigal sons return
rest assured wanted or not
the prodigal sons will return
the last verse is yet to come, it is not over, it has just begun
it will not be over until the fat lady sung
looking forward and the rest is yet to come
look forward and the best is yet to come
ong and dire road ahead
on an enless quest for integrity
we are Always ready
exploring newand unknown ground
bring it on, we are reay for more, we will return to even the score7
things will never culminate
persistence pays, as long as we are prepared to accept our coming fate
we sill reiterate
(continue forever)

Gert Monden ‒ Drums
Douglas Verhoeven ‒ Guitars (lead)
Miqe Löfberg ‒ Vocals
Korneel Lauwereins ‒ Guitars (rhythm)
Frederick Peeters ‒ Bass

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