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1. A Miracle

I’ve always had such a negative point of view.
I’ve always thought the worst of you.
And I am still there.
And when the oceans receded I just laughed;
If I can't have it no one can, I guess.
But I am a mountain no more.
Don't fool yourself.
I want to be normal again.
I'm ready to come in.
But I am still there.
1,000 years of solitude have had a strange effect on my personality.
I want to be a person again.
A clean start, a clean slate, a fresh start, a clean conscience.
But if you get to be Christ, then I get to be longings with this spear in my hand, screaming out loud to straighten the fuck up.
Maybe life exists, maybe not.

2. 10,000 Years

You should be screaming out loud as you watch highway lines roll beneath out feet;
You should be wondering.
But you're not.
You walk away each day of your life and we all have transience to thank for that.
Oh, you.
You wanted a sign, a code.
Well, it's raining blood.
How cute.
And we all have transience to thank for that.

So bring on the suits, uncoil the rope.

You are what you wish.
So remember this when you're giving up.
You are what you wish.
Remember me in the 1,000 years.

When the sky goes dark and the room falls silent, everyone is happy.
When the sky goes dark and the room falls silent, everyone is happy.
And you will be what you wished.

We all sold our souls to rock and roll.
We bet our lives so you could finally say we win.
We win.
We finally win it all.

3. Jaurez, Mexico

One of the warmest countries, and the coldest spot on this cold, grey earth that you call a planet.
And suddenly, all of this makes sense.
Way too much sense.
And your American money didn't buy me and sense of safety.
We watched the ground crack open... and you're seeing all of their bodies.
We see it everyday.
They're open to the air.
We see it everyday.
But all we want now is to be happy.
Black cross.
Oh, we know it.
So take this desert sky, and ask me if I�ve ever had sex, put your hands around my neck and twist.
Was that good for you?
But all we want now is to be happy.

4. Jaurez, Mexico, Pt. 2

March 14th, two days before my birthday.
Oh, we don't expect her back anytime soon.
There's no such thing as justice in Juarez, Mexico.

5. Age Of Oceans

So how old were you when you found out your life was over?
I’m sorry to tell you like this, but it's true; the subtle knives are by far the worst.
So, no holding on to these false hopes.
We face front or face nothing at all.
It's a long car ride, I have time.
Our guilt becomes everything, so we'd better confess.
And just like that, we all cave in.
Level this playing field, and we will see us breath in as much dust as we could want;
And we all fought to lie about this.
So, please lie.
We didn't stand a chance, how do you compete with that?
A spectra is haunting Connecticut.

6. Completely Inevitable

I saw you on the battle field, I saw you, I saw you.
Too many second chances, but we both know that.
So go ahead, smoke your cigarettes, I don't care.
I dare you.
From the way that you walked in the room we knew, and angel of death.
So, don't scream like that.
This is impassable terrain.
Shrug if off, move on.
Because if you're not dead now, you will be soon, like childhood friends and memories.
If everything is forgotten, nothing is redressed.
Everything is forgotten.
Nothing is redressed.
And you have more to do with all my insecurities than I like to admit.
Make it stop, it's too much.
I don't usually do this kind of thing.
That's why I hate myself.
I’m dead.

7. Night Of Long Knives

I still remember all the pews, all the books lined up.
You looked beautiful and pious, but of course, I’m biased.
But don't hate me for not raising my voice.
After all, you don't believe I had a choice.

We waited decades for god to sanctify his secular faith, but we waited in vain.

This was a cruel religion, a cruel god for a cruel world.
And don't pretend that you're upset; after all, you spared no expense.

The whole universe of love collapses.
And all my wishes for grace were just a waste of my time.
But I will keep waiting for love to find me.
And not give in to you earth-as-heaven...
As tempting as it is.

8. National Optimist

Quietly you stepped into the room, discard your shape..
We were sleeping, now we are awake.
No amount of blood will shake all of you good "faith".

But why dance around the words?
Why paint pretty pictures with swords?
Why don't you say what you mean?

Did you sell us out?

We beg and plead, on hands and knees.
Would you know the truth?
Did you sell us out?
Did you sell us out?

I guess that's it for peace and democracy.
But at least I can drive to work.

9. No Letter, No Note

Lights out.
This is my final ill-wish.
And I hope you get buried with it.
And yes, I will.
Yes, you can tell me when I’m in unforgiveness up to my neck.

But we move on.
We hold on.
Only to bend our backs like snakes to shapes we never wanted.
But we were born for this.

And I panic every time.
My mind is restless.
But I’m all right.

Oh, these lies we tell ourselves.

Who is on my side?
I am left alone with the beating of my heart in the center of the earth,

And hatred is the most passionate form for love, and I still have that in spades, forever, lights out.

10. True And False Guilt

If I have to stay here by myself for one more day I'm going to throw myself off of the roof.
There was a way out in here but it's long gone.
You can count me out if this is what life is.
I’m gone.
Like I wasn't there at all.

You have intimacy issues.
I’m afloat on seas of infinite sadness.
Nobody's perfect.

Sometimes the world just rises up to fuck you over.
And by sometime, I mean always.

We haven't felt this way in years.
So thanks for bringing me back.
I owe you one.
Unwitting architect of your suicide.
Did you think that we would get there in time?

Oh serpent.
Oh, snake.

Making salt from the sea and a very long walk.
Well, that’s not long enough.

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