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1. The Anchor

i'm getting lost in your eyes deep like the ocean
and you're the anchor on my leg as i drown in you
i need a word, i need a smile
something to divert my mind
away from this addition running through my veins
well, where's all this room you said you'd give me so I catch up
i'm getting lost in your arms
once leaving me room to breathe
now robbing me of any hope inside, but that's ok
i'd rather die in your arms than alone on my bedroom floor
i need something like you
run away through my veins with your addiction, run away.

2. A Fitting Lie

no words need to be spoken.
just close your eyes and i'll understand.
don't cry because I will break down as well.
i never understood everything you laid out on the table
but yet covered with ease when i questioned
the action of killing the things that made me push on.
i guess this will be the day i figure out the sketch of your face,
and imagine how many different masks you wore to push me aside.
now i understand why heaven can be thought of like this.
playing dead doesn't get you anywhere.
especially when everyone already thinks you are.
blame it on loss, blame it on giving up on you.
a dimly lit room, rope burns on my wrists.
and all you can do is kiss when i want to die.
i'm being pulled five hundred different ways
and confusion has become an everyday feeling.

3. Heaven And A Gun

recover from the tragedies of life
superstition, a scar you've left to show
opinions are shot down
wishes will no longer be made
mistakes reveal those forgotten memories
drying up into the tears you've never shown
a soul shatters, falling towards your bed for tears, lining up one by one
whispers trapping your thoughts from being heard
eyes look into themselves as the mirror shatters
escape, a question once asked to the barrel of a gun
six chances now to break away,
your wish to be forgotten has already been made
recover from tragic memories,
a broken promise is all you have to hold in your hands
as the tears you've never shown rain down into your pool of gold

4. Like Angels On The Verge Of Suicide

the dust clears off the box full of hopeless memories
the master lock looks old and rusted
i should've burned this box along with all the others
forgetting you has been the hardest part and i'm not sure i wish to remember
at all.

like angels on the verge of suicide
i turn my head and shed a tear
and fall for what seems like a thousand miles
until i hit the cold cement floor beside your feet

dont pick me up because
my brittle bones cant withstand another touch from your hands
i'll get up on my own and i'll burn this box
the fire will look good glistening off the curves of your face

5. A Burn Covered With A Smile

i made a list of everything i wanted to see before i left here.
i think i forgot to put you on it.
what would you say if i left without saying good bye.
i can imagine your face with a smile and a thought of "i'm glad."
maybe you'll get your wish. maybe your shooting star will crash down on you
and burn that wish into your skin.
so you'll show it with disgraceful pride that makes the hair on my arms
stand up.
and i'll run from you. and i'll run to you. pull me in.
don't let me end what could be something so great that i would be blinded by
its beauty.
please don't let me leave without saying good bye. please don't let me

6. Communication Lost

i'm saving my last breath for someone who deserves it.

7. Mistake I'd Make Again

i'll quench my thirst with the poison you gave me
maybe it will stop the deadly sound
of your sweet voice in my head
should i let myself die,
or turn around to see your beautiful face

i've been drowning in my own breath
i have to break my legs to keep from seeing you
losing you was a mistake i'd make again

if you had just given me one chance
to make up what you made me lose
maybe i wouldn't be lying at your feet
with this gaping hole in my chest
yes - everything is fine.

you carved that hole so big
and now you sit and stare
as i bleed to death

8. Walking This Fine Line

i'll trace my steps backwards so far
until all my tears run dry
looking further from what is feared the most
i'll cherish this time i'll face hate
confusion haunts, reality hurts
tears run down my own face running into myself
an object so impossible for me to escape
i've been hunting myself, realizations revealed
the hunted is now the hunter, and the hunter is the prey

9. The Personification Of My Heart

ripped in two my heart cries out loud,
"why are you doing this to me?" "oh god, I'm sorry," is my only reply.
I scribble down your name on this blank page that is no longer waiting for my ink
I slip into sleep and awake finding your name crossed out,
like it was never meant to be there in the first place
in my hand lies the pen, the weapon of choice
my pen is mightier than your heartbreaking voice
now I'll write I love you down the same number of times you said it to me
then I'll shove the hundreds of pages down your throat
so you can use them for the next fool
that comes around and thinks you're the world.

10. Your Switch To The Sun

i'm wishing on the last star that burns its last bit of fuel in the sky.
the earth has frozen, but it was cold before then.
i've grown accustomed to freezing fingers and the dark.
i've been known to call it home for some time now.
i've made it comfortable, livable, for now.
just frozen and helpless.
and i lie to myself and think the world of you.
and i lie to myself and give the world to you.
i'll pass this moment thinking of how i wished for one star to keep you warm at night,
and i pass this time regretting I didn't wish for me to be with you under the star's last night.

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Thanks to AtTheDriveThru for sending track #6 lyrics.

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