Dark Lyrics


1. Fatum


2. Dream On

Dream on...

Dream on a new sensation far from this world...
Dream on a new life now close to death.
Drift your mind...
Drift your eyesight...
Joy for your doom, joy for your hideous doom.

Black roots of sickness evade from your mind.
Caught in the void of expiation lost in the gourge.
As your body lies still
the chill of abandonment cuts you.
Blinded by the smoke of fear all hopes are... bound.

Spiritus domini excubi nostras animas, ne umbrae
multa nocte poteant nostri potiri.
Mors nos comitatur, triste instat fatum.
Taenebrarum ombrae involvant nos
in gelido amplexu.

What is fate? What is the end?
A mournful life? A mournful lie?
Blinded by fear of by foul's desires.

3. To The Last Breath

Two powers, two reasons to despise
two reasons to fight, to hold the truth.
Seas of thoughts that slowly rush
to mingle swords and blood.
The final struggle,
truth of lies that infects all the living.
Full of why, the knight's heart fights one of his twins.

Screams of regret.
Sad and already done destiny declares itself.
So lonely, so empty in a moment if innocence...
Kneels on what remains of his bloody body.

Falling down in an endless time,
all thoughts become a lost farewell...
stained with the tears of his beloved bride that,
from the threshold of the holy shrine,
swears neverending love...
...And the final sight of his friend
tied to his won doom.

While he's trespassing the gates of the unknown
in search of new battles, in search of new lives.
Close exhale the painful last breath,
caught in the circle of forgetfulness.

4. Bleeding Tears By Candlelight (The Illusion Of Hope Act I)

The illusion of hope evaporates away in a far
remembrance of a past that will never return.
Black clouds fill my sight.
Nevermore the meadows will bloom for me.
Anguish pierces my body as I cuddle up under the
shreds of Cosience.
Pain is all I fell...
Cold tears I bleed.

5. Awaiting The Solar Awakening (The Illusion Of Hope Act II)


6. Soliloquium In Darkness (The Illusion Of Hope Act III)

Light... no more.
I'll feel... the embrace.
I crawl inside where nonsense reigns.
Where lies the self?
Where lies the end? A crippled mind in a pale shell.

Night... how deep it seems to me.
How long's my death! How long's my agony!
I wait... I crave for something
that can set me free...
that will make me feel... make me be.

Emotionless... only asleep.
I sense strange beings that graze my skin.

Crawl... inside.
Torture... my self.
Hurt... my hands.
Lick... my flesh.

7. Enveloped By A Conquest's Shadow

Slowly a fog dissolves,
while a shadow totters on an Earth
soaked in the blood of innocent martyrs...
...breathing an air impregnate of hate
and silent screams.
Through the residues of a desolated sight
he sees the body of his battle's brother.

Oh, my friend! How many pains and torments
have you felt for a grain of conquest?
Moved into an endless whirlpool of destruction.
Rendered immortal by man's greediness.
Can you hear my voice? Can you hear me?

Slowly I perceive the agony,
the noise of broken hope.
The melted emotions that convulsively
slip in lunacy.

The stench of hate and suffering, the mute screams
of the forsaken breed.
Life fallen into oblivion,
perpetually torn and violated.

Silent, immortal...
the pale Death laughs for our misery.
through the desolation I've seen
the vanity of human wishes.

Only dust remains in the graves where I lie
the buried dreams of innocence.
The gates of the graveyard open as Death leads
the soul to his eternal rest.

Silent and still... the eyes look upon the motionless
body of the friend.
burns the stake.
Burn the grief and anger.
Burn emotion in the gelid mist... sensations
that will forever remain...
...entangled in silence.

8. Subsidence

Now I see in my hand, in you, all the tears of a life.
In my life I've searched through the lies,
all I've felt I regret.

Rises the sun, flashes in my eyes,
disperses the last shades of light.
Torn inside... tears that cry... forever I bleed...

I will be...

Mortified! Mortified! When I drop my destiny.
Mortified! Mortified! Because my death is near.
Mortified! Mortified! When I drop my destiny.

What price I've paid to win?
I've lost my time in sins.
I know how to search inside.
I know how to search my life.

9. Breaking The Mortal Shell Of Love

I lie still in his cell, so cold... so mortal.
My moaning heart speaks to you... so far away.
Never I will subside to him, because nothing can
part what we feel.

Be silent and kneel! Because you belongs to me!
I am the only truth you have to learn!
Mine are Life and Death! Mine all your feelings and your passions...
...so be submissive or you will repent!

Be submissive!
You will repent!

Nevermore... Nevermore... Cruel Master...

Now I can wait no longer.
My love is greater than this material bars.
No one can chill my bloody heart.
So... like the wind I will blow far from here.
I've heard your voice calling...
Your love has turned me into a dove.
Together we will meet over the clouds
and we will be free forever.

Luca Liotti - vocals, guitars
Leonardo Moretti - bass, vocals
Claudio Tovagli - drums, arrangements

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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