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1. Sanguis Vitae

Cold and gelid...this wind carries away my soul and my heart to a way no longer mine
Time is still from a century and my feelings with it...closed, aeons ago, in a cold crystal that can no longer shrine
Cold are my soul and my lost remembrance that, from years, drive what remains to a strange...dark oblivion
Blood and life don't flow in my white and pale skin
Like a statue disenable to live, to love, to exist
Strange forces encircle me...with me they join

Sanguis in aeternum funditur
Crescit in mundo vita
Sanguis in aeternum funditur
Mors rapit filios in umbris

Sanguis in aeternum funditur
Crescit in mundo vita
Sanguis in aeternum funditur
Vi Sanguinis ad vitam redeo

Two souls from long moments finally meet each other in a new dimension
Cries my heart and the blood's flowing breaks and melt my ice
A sense of eternal peace of life and death contains my strange existence...
as finally a circle already know closes itself...and with it an history
...forever carved in life's blood

2. In The Garden Of Sadness

...Sad roundabout...as life passes by
Lost thoughts melted with my memories
...and my passions...and my aspirations...
...all gone...
as the roundabout turns around
Like a child laughing and crying in the shadows of a life spent in ignorance
A great void surrounds me while she entangles and absorbs my mind
Unaware of our condition...silent...we stroll in the garden of sadness and desperation
Now...a passing life will lead to another
...And our futile tears are balm drops lost in the stream of life
...And our painful thoughts are dead leaves brought away by the wind
But now I must go away, far from this perenial wheel...
that will turn eternally...driven be each of our stories

3. Angelic Visions

Mother, I'm lying in the dust...I've forgotten what I am
I don't know what I'll be
The day you gave me the first dawn, has been for you the last dusk
Along impassable paths I've roamed and now I sense the end
A never grown child comes back to you
A soul too tired because of living, too tired to flee away another time
...to search a new way without you

Desolated, alone...in the shadows of loneliness he stares
Only the weight of an immense void in his heart as he looks the seraphic gaze of the angel
Every step is a bitter tear, every trampled leaf a torn in his palm
Fallen in the mud he lays crying...a handful of dead leaves in his hand
...lurking to reach the statue...to touch his lost love only once more...
Only the weight of an immense void of handful of dead leaves in his hand

Slowly my body embraces the feet of this statue so cold in a november day
My flesh and my spirit finally chilled
Now I face the end...I'm part of you...I'm lost with you in an eternal embrace
The final shine of this light eternal...the spiritual union at the end

Welcome my sweet child...don't cry my son, because you have suffered too much...don't cry...
your mother forever with you shall be

4. Free In Emptiness

Wind...penetrate in me...
Bring this soul far away
Because for too much time my wings have been still
Awaiting the dawn...the light that will be
On this shining ray I want to live eternally

(To be the one I was, an angel without wings staring at the sun...
My forgotten homeland)

5. Enlightened By Splendor


6. Symphony Of The Absolute Bulwark

Blood and supreme virtues burn in this long and intense night in which good and evil fight for the
Absolute Truth
Now has been fulfilled the fate of an ephemeral past (that will return)
Ghosts and shadows dwell in this immense walls
...and to them they dedicate all their ardour
Pride and courage flow in this prime and ancient battle
To it they grant eternal life
An old and ancestral rite has been celebrated in this grandiose, fatal place
Is the end and the beginning of a great dream that none has accepted
Or is it an ancient story?
And there!
Grow power and energy
Destiny is now born...with it...all of us...generated in an instant in the immense and Abolute Bulwark
To be granted of eternal life

7. Passage To Eternity

Dark and tearing...the sound of a world that irradiate my dimension
Melancholy and sadness...behind the veil of this old Earth without hope
This entity approaches me and grazes my life
Destiny attracts it to a new birth
Obscurity and anguish dissolve and with them the distance between the two bodies
A wake of wisdom and purity envelopes the celestial encounter to seal an ancient and arcane joining

The passage is open...with it the hope of all grief's end
My life spent in a moment and my wishes all broken

My false hopes are crumbled in the dust...this presence is finally gone
It will proceed with the comet and lets me alone with its thick wake of tears and passions

8. The Inner Research Of The Shrine


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