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1. Intro


2. Nurani Kehidupan

Hiduplah untuk abadi raih cahaya kehidupan insan tercipta akanlah musnah hembusan nafas akhiri kehidupan.
Jadikan hati nurani sebagai petunjuk hidupmu menepis derita dan cobaan akhiri semua dalam keabadian...
Nurani kehidupan
Jadilah sebagai petunjuk
Hidup dialam abadi dengan nurani kehidupan.
[Back to "Jadikan" till "Kehidupan" (2x)]
....... Nurani kehidupan
Untuk menuju alam kekal
....... Nurani kehidupan
Jadikanlah petunjuk hidup.
[Back to First "Hiduplah" to "Jadikan" till "Kehidupan"]
[Back to "Nurani" till "Kehidupan" (4x)]

3. Kesunjian Abadi

Melintasi gurun bukit yang terjal berjalan letih menahan beban
Bertahan dalam dinginnya malam yang terselimuti kabut
Menutup kelam,
Menepis malam,
Menggapai hasrat,
Terkikis waktu,
Memuja hari,
Yang entah akan,
Berakhir tertelan dengan kesunyian abadi...
Jalan yang membentang masih banyak misteri mendung yang membayangi kesunyian abadi...
Hadapi berliku jalan hingga kapan berakhir cobaan telah datang hingga kini dilema....
Hasrat tetap bertahan, akankah semua sirna?
Hanya pasrah pada
Nya dalam kesunyian abadi....
Mentari pagi membasuh bumi dengan cahaya yang alami
Tuk abadi,
Kabut hitam mencoba menyelimuti langit dan bumi hancurkan abadi..
Alam gelap,
Kabut hitam membelenggu dunia,
Kesunyian yang kekal kan berakhir di alam fana ini...

4. Jiwa Yang Suci

Kita hanya insan yang hidup sementara yang hakikatnya sebagai hamba kau yang tentukan takdirku dan akan menjadi kenangan abadi....
Hari berganti dan waktu terus berlalu sebaris doa kumohon kepadanya....
Tetapkan bertahan dalam segala derita walau waktu 'kan terhenti dan Tuhan akan mengakhiri.
Hasrat bahagia membelenggu Jiwa kehidupan'kan berakhir selamanya...
Dalam persimpangan hidup ini bimbang hati 'kan s'lalu menderita menggapai hasrat 'tuk nurani yang abadi adalah jiwa yang suci..!! Tetaplah bertahan dalam cobaan, rintangan yang ada.

5. Darah Juang

Disini negri kami
Tempat padi terhampar
Samudranya kaya raya
Tanah kami subur tuan...
Dinegri permai ini
Berjuta Rakyat bersimbah rugah
Anak buruh tak sekolah
Pemuda desa tak kerja...
Mereka dirampas haknya Tergusur dan lapar bunda relakan darah juang kami tuk membebaskan rakyat...
Mereka dirampas haknya Tergusur dan lapar bunda relakan darah juang kami pada mu kami berjanji...

6. Peace Through Understanding

When I read a words that it told me
It made me sad this lack of self control I fear is never ending as long of my life
I'm trying to get up that great
Big hill of hope for a destination I realized quickly when I knew I should that the world
That the world was made up of this, so...
I cry sometimes when lying in bed
Then I start feeling a little stranger
To get it all out what is in my bed
So.. I wake in the morning I step outside take deep breath
I get real high than I scream form the top of my lungs
What's goin'on I try all the time
In this institution I pray
A every single day
For a revolution.
Peace through understanding in to existence
May to be always
Peace through understanding

Moving from within
And clothes at my breast

7. Let's Be Conscience Be Your Guide

Under live in the eternity
Nothing a living for evil humanity
All human rest in peace in this world to complete of suffering and tortures
God know the truth we are will be die we now still a live in this the world I'm trust all human as to experience let's be conscience be your guide for eternal
Now.. Now..!!
There is something to be said
For it to correct us position
Let's.. Let's..!! Let's be conscience be your guide for eternality us living

............. Let's be conscience be your guide
To touch scarcely sad and endure
............. Let's be conscience be your guide
Whole conclusion with eternity

8. The Unity Of God

I cannot blind you to die you alone master side your fix
But surrender to me and talk of your death
Your death show be eternal memory,
My altar a wish, your sacrifice.
Do not fear to bear your memory show be the mortal you must come to me sup posting that you die there
And death would be the wise a peace
In mortality show be yours
But surrender to me and talk of your death who liver of the lifes, after fact full forever my corner gazing who wish be your name fuck your storm!
Fear in the heart
You don't know to feel in mortality because I have to know everything
If you want... You're nothing never mind
If I'll to wish all completely destroyed all life in the world...
I will to end continuously.

9. Stormfear

[God Know the truth. We are will be die.]
[I'm trust all human to experience.]
[lyrics unavailable]

10. To Die Of A Broken Heart

In my hands of memories I can't saying my name... I can't see in your smile
There is nothing silent now
Around the world high a laughs
Your not going on in my life...
In my sadness in your eyes I can't
Saying good bay... This is not our farewell
A never got this day.
You swim in secret oceans
You smell is incense burning
Your touch is silken yet
It reaches through my skin
Got me spinning round and round
Turning upside down
I only hear you breath But you will go on
I wake from slumber Your shadows disappeared... Your breath is just seamiest
Surrounding my body.
I'm working through the daytime
But when it's time to rest... I'm lying in my bed
Listening to my breath.

11. Poetry

If you read this poetry Remember..
That I am wherever you will go
My memory will always to a company why you betrayed me..?
Whereas I will always to faithful, may be this dying music would be escorting
Show me love, so much more I wanted to give love for you
But the happiness not for you nor me and nor otherwise,
I wish I didn't fell for you anymore...
To die of broken heart would be eternal memory,
I would be lie a bed in love paradise,
Forget if you think,
I feel ashamed Never..
Felt.. Sorry for anything.

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