Dark Lyrics


1. Black Storm

A violent suspense above
So stained and blackened
Swallowed by the shifting sands
The burning of shapes adrift
In search for the crossing of lights
Born by the gust from her wings

Rest in the eye of the storm
Devoured and lost
Descending like blood from the sky
Untouched by the flame
Stung by the crooked blade

Born by the gust from her wings
Feeding on blood from a wounded sky

Ascend the mournful kings
Evoken by the singing wind
Forgotten sons forever sing

2. Yields of Sand

I denied your swinging flail
Cutting through my shields
And you feel just right here
But you feel so dark
The night, it's all gone
You made me weak
You made me feel like i belong

Burning rain
Falling blade
Penetrates the ground
Search for shades
Staining the skies
With the blood of your hands

In darkened shapes
We're loosing all reflections
With an arrow to your broken heart
March in the fire

Fading trail
Demon tail
Cutting through the sand
Shielding hand

Burn, kneel before the empress
Before the face of defiance
So treacherous
Obey, deceptive are her hands

Burning trails in the blackened sand
Weaving a greater escape
Hiding all that would never be true
Beckoning grail of storms
Crushing all in it's path
When the shadows fade
You will find your way

By the hand
The yields of sand
The blood
All will fail

3. Hierophant

The fog is rising
Soaring through unending grey
Cutting path for
A dawning harvest of the past

Chained a catatonic state
Light flashes and the world burn
Entangled in belief

We are now in the shape to rot
And you will lead us here
We have gathered to see our faults

One step from ascension
Recognition at glance
Feet cut by the shards
Banished to a timeless wait

Search for the serpent shaped
Golden path, mesmerize

Stray out of belief again
Become the golden one
The warden of your dreams
Stray out of belief again
Don't let the heart become
The anchor and the sun
Wash yourself in the blood of the pure

Holy messenger, merge the horizons
Gather and assemble
Abandon and dismantle

4. Magenta Ritual

Light has begun to subside
And the fall of a drained sky remains
Breathe, drift into the night

Drown the malevolence in disdain
The wait is over
Loosened grip
Beneath the swarm
Aching with lesser glow

Descend, one final cut from the blade
Ascend, give guidance to the sun
Heed the light with ravenous hunger
The rising is in sight

Journeying to the darkness of hearts
Bound by lingering mist
Yearning for a lower state
Careful not to reach the contrasts

A sign from beyond
In the shade of magenta
One final bite from the snake
Uncertain arm unfold again

5. Huntress Moon

Torn by the lustrous winds
Left in the throes of night
Breathing with faded glow

When the final flames burned out
The wind paved way fro the smoke
A raging sea in the past
Mirroring the solitude of one

Lost in the hallways of night
Artifacts of the sky
Quiet tellers of the truth
A frozen touch by the goddess of moons
Mouth of heaven consume the dark
Bleed for the vision, the sun and the moon

Pierce through the sky
Light from the gods
A sigh in the wind
A faceless black mass

Come forth in shapeless silence, at last
The blade and snake will leave the hollow
The scales are turning over
Keep searching
The dagger will leave the hollow

6. Tribunal of Suns

The trembling ground in shade of pillars
Carry the weight, an endless walk(?)
Counting steps of an ancient time
A last decisive call

The clashing contrast of the silence
Gathers the hall, with malefic glow
The focus scatters though the stone
A labyrinth of lights

When the sand has passed
None will be untouched
By the blade
Before scorching lament
Permeates the origin
Weave the thread

The burden falls within the sunset
Resisting all of the might
Within the reach of a hand
The failure won't unto the harm
Moon so near ascension
To return upon the night
With blood before the eye
Bury the truth in the sky
Sacrifice for the lie
When the ending is nigh

When the final straw
Falls to the field
Animate the stars
Rearrange the path
The night, all set to fall
By the carrying crumb

7. The Lost Outpost

And so the giant crushed the ocean and the sun
Graced by the blood of the conqueror
Wander to the sea
A fervent lust born by the stars
Lost in the waves, driven by the flames

The unsung lament of the falling star
A dying echo on a burning shore
The beacon spoke with fire, ablaze
From the ashes rose a new dawn
To tame the sun

Huntress of light pierce the night
Goddess of moons guide the stars

Rise against the tide
Bow before the flame
Become the fallen sun
Beckon the fallen one

At the edge, the outermost
To burn out with fire in heart
To burn through the night

The final grace of a fading moon
Takes you home but never back

Adrift with the tide

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