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1. Fire And Ocean

The sun is falling down,
Light of heaven has declined,
Downward falling, ending this day
In vast smoke and blazing fire.
The surface trembling
With fear of whats to come.
Chaos spreads the water,
In hunger the deep ocean roars.

Ingesting the sun,
Darkness feasts on the daylight.
Clouds of smoke
Is discovering the earth and waves.
A spiral from the darkened flame.

The sun keeps falling,
Swallowed by the sea,
Rushing through the water.
Sinking ever deeper,
Diluted flame of the skies
Shattering the ocean floor.
The passage to the core.

Fire and ocean,
Earth and sky collides.
Fire clashes with water,
Leaving the canopy
Without its brightest light.

Extinct star penetrates the ground,
Crushing towards the center of the earth.
The flickered out fire of hope devoured
By the darkness of the underworld.

2. The Grinning Mist

No light can survive forever.
The absent sun left a hole in the sky,
Clutching to the hungering waves.
Empty the throne of the father star,
Empty and vast is the sky.
Dragged to the sea by the great below,
Leaving the world to eternal night.

No flame burns forever,
No glory lasts.
Under siege by the night,
And so the day falls defeated.

The fire that burn has faded,
Faded away from the sky.
Eternal shadows drown the land,
The moon new ruler of the day.
Vast and still is the ocean,
Great devourer of the above.

The king of stars is dead,
Struck by the dagger of night.
A grinning mist rules the surface,
The father of stars has fallen.
No one has traveled this far,
An emptiness with no horizon.
The king has fallen.

3. Ashen Crown

Faded body of stone,
Cracking shell of the earth.
Fallen giant of sky,
Entering a realm of ancient fire.
The sleeping ashes of old,
Awakened by the fallen sky.
Rising from rest,
The ritual flame,
Reviving the sun with new power.

The howling fires will burn
Through the heart of stone.
A new king will rise
Through the ash and soot.

Dancing ritual flames,
Calling the sun back to life.
A new dawn will come,
Let the new star rise,
With the unclean fire.
To reclaim the throne of the skies.
Ashen crown.

Let the new star rise
To reclaim the throne
Coronated again
With the ashen crown.
Let his heart forever burn.

Forever a burning heart,
Flame of eternal pyre.
Fallen giant of the sky,
Set to reach the surface.

4. Below Rise To The Above

A tower of flames and fire carries the newborn sun
Above was once his home, from below now rises to the heavenly throne

A tower of fire and flame carries the newborn sun
Above was once his home, from below now rises to the throne
Lost the path so long ago, left the past into hiding
The new light is cold and casting shadows that linger

Red light gushes over land and sea, opening a floodgate of iniquity
To reconquer this fading earth, the below rises to the above

Creeping upon us all, feasting on the sanity of man
The insurrectionary ascending the cannopy
A new domain, bedarkened by the emperor.
Below rise to the above

Creeping upon us all, feasting on the sanity of man
The insurrectionary ascending the cannopy
A new domain bedarkened by the emperor
All bow down! For this is a new age
The fire of death is among us now

5. The Lighthouse Keeper

The journey became so much more than the inside.
Forced upon a task that was the endless battle.

The colossal landscapes
Spreads before his feet.
To withhold the reverence,
Wathcer of the waves.
After dwelling in hesternal darkened shadows.
Renewed by strength
From the ancient realm of stars.

The weight of oceans was lifted from him,
He was the guardian of the sea.
A demission to the spectre within.

Brick by brick building a fortress
On the rocks of the new shore.
Stone by stone with the strenght
Of the old ones.
The coral legions new hands
Became creators of the last outpost
To the land of oceans.
With a flame from the stars
The keeper brought
Light to the darkened sea.

For the earth and sky to see,
For a faithful brother
Once among the stars.
For carrying the weight of oceans.

6. The Call To Orion

Let him with clear eyes
See what has become
Of the world.
With his feet on a burning shore,
Gazing again to the horizon.
Never setting sun,
New ruler embodied
In an ancient king.
Transforming sky and ocean
To eternal fire.

A new sun, of ancient flame.
A new age, in ancient fire.

Let the voices of the ancient
Ones echo again.
Gather again sons of the sky,
The summoning is upon us.

Call out to the burning ones,
Lead by the guider of stars.
Let the lighthouse burn
With the fires of hope.
Starguider descend again
For the final clash.
May fire dance with fire
In one last destructive battle.

Cut your strings and
Fall down from the dark.
The sleeping hunters rises again
In the falling hours.

7. Afterglow

The incarnation of Hades.
Sailing a crimson river.
Governing the newborn earth.

The tormentors creation.
Sculptures of ember
In the afterglow gallery.
In the midst of perdition
Lies the voyagers path.

With the aid
Of the shadows.
In hiding,
The legion withdraws.
A barren fate
In the hands
Of the keeper.

Tobias Netzell: Guitars, Songwriting, Vocals
Tim Nedergård: Guitars
Pierre Stam: Bass, Lyrics
Björn Pettersson: Guitars, Lyrics
Daniel Liljekvist: Drums

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