Dark Lyrics


1. Ravenslaughter

Lying dormant in desperation
Alone & bleeding black blood
Concrete cushions my numbmess
Chewing on aluminum foil souls

Colorful memories now stained ashen grey

Corroded machine of sanitys' dusk
Stark naked covered with dead leaves
Neon ravens streak across black skies
....... Darkened depths of humanity
Fruit rotted for the funeral feast

Symbols that speak in ancient tongues
Dark Shadows stand before me

Float through rotting steel chambers
Their souls have been robbed
Now lost within burning tunnels

This factory of dead ravens
9 feet deep in my grave
They are the Nameless...
They greet the nuclear mists!!

Emotionless... A dolls' eyes... That never close!!

2. From Misery...

SHE...Walks the midnight hours
...Haunts these ancient woods
...Bleeds the sacred blood
Moans the hymns of Kassothga
...Dress like autumn leaves
...Eyes as black as night
Stalking the lusts inside my slumber
Blinded by the cursed sun
Blinded by the spirits of light
Her curse now exiled to wander!!

She stands the sentinel of this forest
She is guardian of the shadows
She fans the flames of pagan FIRE!!!

3. Thy Hourless Season

A time shall come
A time of change
At this time
Great reign shall fall
To cleanse
Of this decay
Thy rot
Thy mother
The flame
Of existence
Unto rest
By the winds
Of the infinite
All life scattered
Heads shall fall
From great heights
Their bodies rest
In this forest of stone
This cold soul
At the edge
Of two worlds,
Now Awaiting
This bodiless prey

Thy hourless season awaits
This season shall fade unto darkness this day

An attempt to catch the sands of time in an eroding hand
The sun shall rise this final face, infernal mask
Prayer shall turn to pain
Faith shall sour as their blood paints a scape of red

4. In The Form Of Darkness

Once twilight descends
Shadowing all that remains
In the form of darkness
Vermin prepare for the feast

Once the ancients awaken
Disturbing eternal slumber
In the form of darkness
Silent Voices from Beyond

A bizarre manifestation
Now comes forth to feed
Pain shall turn to power
This strength to compell

Freedom from imprisonment
Exiled through the galaxy
To the darkest depths of space we shall descend...

We shall storm this space and time
As the true creators
As the insects prepare for the feast
Upon spread wings

A writhing black mass
Shall be sent from above
Down on this untainted plane
Enshrouded in mystery

I know it has been written
But now it is etched in stone
And with this pen
This date shall be saved
So when I die
Let it be told
I will rise again
In the unknown

5. Legend Of The Well-Fiend

Abandoned... alone... to rot
Unknown... veiled in obscurity
Existance will learn... what it's like
Do you know... what it's like???

Spawned within a cave....
Discharged unto the sea!!!
To the river of offering.
Watch me till the end...
Or the dead shall consume you.

Splintered nails now etched in stone
An image of he who remains shrouded
From she who talks to the ocean...
If you play within the waters...
The monsters will devour you!!

Frolic in brine, goblins be thine...
A sorrowful soul... a creature of the shadows...
A curse that will replay in their minds...
Sadako has returned!!
Volcanos are erupting.

Nensha speaks the word unheard to most.
A curse that will replay within their minds!!
Sadako has returned!!!

Her dark water tomb... The black hair shrouded doom.

The Well-fiend awaits in the black slime
Vengeance... be... THINE!!!!!!!!!

Humanity will suffer... as have I...

6. Des Todes Gruft

Sweet is death whom appears as a lover
Feelings of hate that surge deep within
Storms that bring down mankind
Like roses that wilt upon dawns mask
My worms & flies will devour you whole
Crypts of scorn for the parasites lost

I am the fear deep in your eyes
I am the law of hatred
I stand dead, yet seething with spite
I stand solemn, against the horde!
I...lurk within...the ultimate...silence

A cavern of nothing but black
A symbol of what's yet to come
A spirit twisted & gnarled
A vortex swirling inside

Their mouths filled with excrements
They are the fucking thorns in my side
This holocaust will end with genocide

7. Resurrection


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