Dark Lyrics


1. Welcome to the Theatre

My dear friends, colleagues and brothers
enemies, opponents and all of you others.
I will tell you stories about love, forgiveness and hate,
about no tear filling my eyes and the story of Fate.
The story how I fell down right to the ground,
how I lost my belief until only blackness was around.
It's hard to regain all your lost power,
For this here truly is my darkest hour.
After all the falseness and all the lies
I know where the darkest corner of my soul lies.
I can't love myself so how I can love another?
Everything is gone, but yes my dear brother
after all the fights, the love and the strife
I welcome you to the theatre of my life.

2. The Ravens Eye

The city was still asleep while morning just awoke,
suddenly I heard a scream and it struck
right into my heart as nothing did before.
a touch of infinity and then nothing more
A raven sat in front of the window of my room,
bound to me by magic knowledge ready to seal our doom.
Taking possession of my soul he spreads his wings and flies away,
over streets and houses into the dawning day
Is this for real or is it just a dream,
Through the clouds he's taking me to where I have never been.

Flying high, all over the empty sky,
seeing the world through the ravens eye
and now eternity's close at hand
... all over the empty sky,
seeing the world though the ravens eye,
it's time for mankind to make a stand

Down in this cold and lonely street
I see an old man broken and in poverty.
"You passed him every day, but have you ever seen his needs?
You carried on your way tied up in the chains of society"
" And look through the window there on the other side,
can you see them crying the women and child?
Beaten once again by the man she used to love!
Have you realized you live in the flat above!
Brd. My thoughts now collide, have I lived my life that blind?
Is this for real or just a dream? For I am...


"And over there on the other side of town,
can you see the chimneys rising from the ground?
Do you know about the poison smoke they set free?
Is this how you want your children's life to be?
You rape our mother and you don't even spend your nights
turning from side to side without any sleep from your inner fights.
All of your kind must be deaf and blind
for you neither see her bleed nor hear her cry!"


3. Burn it Down

The other night I awoke in pain,
a dream of madness filled my brain.
Narrow minded, ignorant and blind,
almighty hypocrites wait for a sign!
I saw them long ago, march to a land,
a trail of blood marked in the sand.
The land called holy they had to release,
free it from pagans who lived there in peace.
In my mind I hear them pray,
it makes me shiver what they say.
To much falseness for me to take,
suddenly I feel the hate...

Burn it down, burn it down,
burn the walls right to the ground,
burn it down, burn it down,
I love the fires' sound!

In my dream I drift away
to the centre of their crimes.
Their power grows, the lies they stay,
In Rome where the evil rise's.
Burn the witches; hunt them down.
Betray the king and steel his crown.
Don't dare to oppose you brainwashed fools,
Or the wrath of god will come down on you!!!
And as the morning light appears,
the cries of the victims still fill my ears.
Too much falseness and ignorance make
me shiver and again I feel the hate


Reading the papers I know it's insane,
but nowadays not many things have changed.
There are still people killing in gods name,
But whatever they're called they are all the same.
So open your mind and make yourself free,
the choice is yours in what you believe.
Stay your own god be true to yourself,
build your own Kingdom forever to be!!!

4. Revolution

[Chris de Burgh cover]

Wake up boys, there's a light at the window,
I can hear someone knocking on the door,
There are voices in the street,
And the sound of running feet,
And they whisper the word - "Revolution!"

There are men coming down from the valleys,
There are tall ships lying off the coast,
And they carry the light,
In the dark of the night,
Like a whisper in the wind - "Revolution!"

Bring my gun and a handful of silver,
By the sea we will gather for the fight,
It's been so many years, so many tears,
We have lost once before,
Now we'll settle the score,
When our cannons will roar - "Revolution!"

5. I Can't Cry

Emptiness and blackness are filling my head,
why should I live? I would rather be dead!
The heavens are raining down on me,
black forever is all I want to be.
Somewhere my mind got lost,
now I pay the cost.
My mind lies smashed and in agony,
all I want is my soul in ebony.
I don't need hope, I don't need recreation!
For I opened my heart and to my consternation,
it was small empty and dark
no light and no spark

And I can't even cry,
though the tears are in my eyes.
And I can't even feel,
for my wounds will never heal.
I lay awake at night,
torn to pieces from my fight,
my inner rage that won't let go.

No colours fill my life,
no light can cut me like a knife,
for black's the only colour I would paint my soul!
And I can't even cry,
Though the tears are in my eyes.
And I can't even feel,
For my wound will never heal.
And I can't even trust,
For my hopes crumbled to dust.
And I will never Love again,
All I want and need is pain!

6. Lost

Slowly and weak I wander through the abyss,
The rocks they arise naked, sleek and dark.
The past is calling me embracing me so sweet,
attracting me, I follow, I obey
Death please release me!
Take me far away from here.
Where no sorrow touches you
and love flows through your soul.

Another broken warrior shattered by life.
The faces starring down on me, from the rocks above.
Their empty eyes accuse me of my pain and my guilt,
slowly I drift away there's no hope for love.

It was nice, but drove my mind in to despair.
Now all I see is death surrounding me.
It is cold and winds blow so strong
The clouds are gathering it's time to fall


When you reach your final steps
realising, all was in vain!
All you've said, all that you gave,
was never real and never understood.
As you're walking on to the light,
you now eternal salvation is here

7. When Heaven's Calling You

Not so long time ago, I know I saw death,
I have seen eternity but it sent me back.
Now I'm laying all awake, I can't sleep anymore
because I'm the only one to have seen heavens door.
I have felt the darkness
and the inner cold.
And I know it's hopeless
cause you have to go

When Heaven's calling you
and you have to go.
When Heaven's calling you
and you feel so low.
I don't know why it's time
and I don't want to go.
When Heaven's calling you
you're all alone...

Somehow it is strange to tell but it's what I have to do.
When the Angel of Death is near and spreads his Wings around you,
all of your life becomes at once so worthless and so small
While around you all turns black you only hear his call.
In the glimmer he stands there
laughing right at you
you wished him elsewhere
but he wants only you.


As I stand in the shadows,
my live passes by.
I'm walking over meadows,
a stairway to the sky.
So I marched right to the heavens door,
but it wouldn't open, now I'm back for more!!!


8. Gone

I'm staggering through the empty lane
Night has fallen and the cold increases my pain.
My mind is shattered and my soul a wasted land,
for I can't remember who I am.
We were together for so many years that I never thought it would end
but it's hard to realize you won the world when you hold it in your hand.
I never thought of what a treasure I was allowed to keep with me
until it slipped away, through my fingers like a dolphin to the sea.

In my lonely nights I think of you,
memories keep running through and through
and when tears are filling up my eyes,
I realise beside another she now lays

To little time and empty phrases
Our ways have gone through changes
Now they've split. Alone we go
but I'll be there for you I hope you know
Like a flower that is growing towards the sun,
like every night is waiting for a dawn to come,
my heart is longing for your warmth and love
and one day I'll have you back it must come off


My mind is not full of hate
I wish you luck it might be our fate
I know he'll treat you as good
as I never could.
I hope he's good enough for you
But still you must know that I Love you.


9. Farewell

to say my last goodbyes.
So farewell we'll meet again
somewhere, some when, somehow.
For life it is like a river
and a river not always gentle flows.
But I know in a foreign place
we will meet again some when,
yes we'll meet again some when.

10. The Theatre of my Life: Act I: The Sign

Down on Skid Row,
where all the fallen people use to go,
a sign is hanging beside the street
saying something I can hardly read.
A beggar sitting next to it every day
and I am wondering what the sign could say.
I can't get this out of my mind
I can't resist anymore
now's the time I want to know!
I'm walking up to the board
ancient letters invite me to the show...

It's a sign on the street
that is catching my sight
It will guide me into the night,
A sign on the street

Weather-beaten and decayed
A tombstone for those who have failed
Paying for this play I walk up to the door,
entering a new dimension as I have never seen before.
Overwhelmed by this 19th century entrance hall
a pale light of candles is shining from the wall
I walk into the theatre through a curtain,
on the other side everything seems so uncertain.
In the room hardly any light is near
and none of the audience realises that I'm here.


The people in this hall so strange I'd love to run
Like creatures managing their lives in the shadow of the sun.
But something holds me back I can't let go,
as I hear the magic words "welcome to the show"

11. The Theatre of my Life: Act II: Theatre of My Life

Total darkness fills now the room,
the curtain will surely open soon,
and as they do I can clearly see
a man and woman entering the scene.
A flood of words surround me like a wave.
No time, nor space, just eternity feels safe,
and the words carry me down to the abyss of my soul
a third man is now entering the stage
and it seemed I knew him for an age.
I don't know much but I surely know his role.

The Theatre of my life,
life is dancing, passing by in front of my eyes.
Theatre of my life,
like a shadow, from the past that I left behind
Theatre of my life
I already know this whole play
I saw it before but where I can't say

One of those real famous dramas it might be.
but for sure it meant more than this to me.
Scene for scene,
word for word,
to the stage I'm starting to gaze.
Breath for breath,
line for line,
the play finally is showing its face.
Just as the leading actor is standing in front of a sign.
I realise the play they are showing is mine.
It's me, my life,
my words, my sins
that they are showing on stage!
My thoughts, my past,
my loves, my crimes
they opened a secret cage!
All my desires, all my own history,
was for no one else but now they all can see...


Tears are slowly filling my eyes.
Silence took the upper hand to my lasting cries.
The vague memory of a reality,
is lost in the wake of my insanity.
Not only what I've done,
not only the victories I have won,
but all those little things when you wished others were blind
are being brought to our minds!
Not only what I felt,
not only who I held,
but also who I hurt with my stupid stubbornness,
is being brought back and nothing less!


The past that I have known, the future they have shown,
I can't take anymore, trying to search for the door,
in my locked mind! I'm stumbling through the aisle,
knowing the play's about to end, and soon destiny will be at hand

12. The Theatre of my Life: Act III: Falling Down

As I'm walking out through the hall,
the show is over and the curtains fall.
Another drama's wrapped in silence,
never paid attention to my mere presence.
I leave the stage behind, for I can't take the cost.
My soul torn to pieces another hero is lost.
Now I'm standing in front of this magic place
and looking at the beggar I can't bear my disgrace.
The people are passing me and I can tell,
in the eyes of others, lies true hell!

Falling down, to the mystery of life
Falling down, another answer bears its questions inside
Falling down, through the realm of infinity
Falling down, no shelter, no place where you can hide.

And you create your hell by yourself, not others as you think,
but to realise this fine line takes longer than a wink.
I am sure to leave this place now once and forever
but I can't move my legs though I make every endeavour!
The weight is too heavy and my body and soul
are shattered by the fright they have to carry along.
Broken lies my mind, no more the man I used to be,
all I can do, I sit beside the beggar, my fate is sealed.


13. Outro

The Theatre of my life,
life is dancing, passing by in front of my eyes.
Theatre of my life,
like a shadow, from the past that I left behind
The Theatre of my life,
life is dancing, passing by in front of my eyes.
Theatre of my life,
like a shadow, from the past that I left behind
The Theatre of my life
life is dancing, passing by in front of my eyes...

So that was it, now you've heard my story.
Story of broken dreams and empty hopes.
Depression and dissolution was never before in my life
I stand that the shadow remains of what once was I.
Surrounded by the stench of lies and treason.
I walked through the valley of the shadows of death
and I fear no evil
Though I know... Thou hast forgotten me.

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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