Dark Lyrics


1. Suicide... (Intro)

2. Binary Reflections

obsessed with death, sinking in depressions
cruising your face with shard edges
trapped in net of emetic taste
consciousness of reflections´ infinity...between two mirrors
unseen in dying corporeality
your blood will be our
living tissue grows through the looking glass
to crush own reflection is enough
life flows through fissures of mirror
where image of your soul is missing
thousands of eyes scrutinize and wait
... between two mirrors
possessed with life, with cut throat through
broken mirrors accuse to infinity
bloody veins veil your mind
when in tangle of binary reflections
... you're directed at among us
binary reflections
imprisoned truth among mirrors
binary reflections
let distort the reality to postmortal surreality
binary... reflections
binary... reflections

3. Dreams Torn Asunder

sunken in intoxicating slumber
malevolent anticipating of non-existence
pale-blue smoke of flames extinguishing
insidiously it steals in night silence
we open our mouths in dumb
when dreamy life retrospections goes on
starring in gloomy comedy
blinded with dark implosion of light
penetrating through a hole in
membrane of the universe
dreams torn asunder…
this process you can't stop
dreams torn asunder…
morning sun will enlight our cold face
dreams torn asunder…
mouths stiffened in breathless outcry
dreams torn asunder…
buried in sweet non-existence
starring in guileful tragedy
puppets on capricious cords of fate
we sleep in our endless dream
sunken in intoxicating oblivion
held in beauty of non-existence
life is only strange intermezzo
all earthly, human and unimportant here fades out
silently we float through darkened emptiness
and try to unite again
…our dreams!

4. Chemical Emotions

maimed spectrum of human abilities
beaten, crushed, twisted...
succumbing to multifarious scale
of emotions that change their faces in lethal
pervaded with ice cold crystals of death
enticing, babing, humiliating...
you regurgitate all what human is
search for soft difference between
dream and hallucination
in glimmering haze of carbohydrate delight
floating, melting, dissolving...
your ideals, rejected forever, forgotten
desire of quiet unbeing now
controls your hesitating life
dark corridors of insidious chemical emotions
caressing, torturing, destroying...
where thoughts of love and beauty
... massacred... and never will awake

5. Ethereality Section

intersecting virtual lines
in looking glass polyedre
stealing a part of you
ethereality section of your mind
connecting senses in infinity
of malevolence richly i feed
grim recitals conduct the section edge
there's no place for biblical parable
celestial perversity celebrates its triumph
all mantras of world are completely useless
i carve and outline the enigmatic sigills
to plane of your ethereality section
desperate cry in celestial sphere
translucid through mirror polyedre
sounds like innuendo of ethereality section
ethereality section...
of polyangular dreams...
ethereality sections...
of cyberspace...
floating through me...

6. Enigmatism

snared with graceful shapes of your body
my mandala on wet skin i outline
you are so fascinating in ethereality
as an anatomised jigsaw puzzle
the last piece remains to place
you are my enigma
this is my strange senses´ declaration your body i reverence,
it's my religion
my mystic enigmatism...
in tangle of bodies
the figure we are
what is carved into sullen sand
say your prayer of mondenity
be my drop of mercury
where my real face i will see
you´ re that enigma...of my answer...
you're my religion...
my enigmatism...

7. Cryogenics

cooled down we sleep in dream of another worlds
whereas ice coldness caresses our soulless bodies
unwary strike to scatter us is quite enough
crystalically frozen consciousness
are filling surreality around
the long journey to place of our final rest
our cryo tray tossed with cosmic winds
frozen to the bone, unperceiving, sunken in ice dreams
only water vapours condensating on our eyelids
rigorous faces, so cold, motionless, with no life
derelicts who try to find their homeworld
we're laying peacefully in cold cryo capsules

8. Biomechanized Earthflutes

imbued with the hallucinations of existence vapours
we construct a melody of dehumanized despair's torso
and in breathless shapelessness of ethereal miasma
we sate the synthetic desire of multi-structural tissues
we are like dumb musical instruments
unearthly beef interwoven with shinning tubes
softly resonate
carnal flutes in time fragments
share quiet tones
fuga macabri
we resound the unreal earthflutes with our deceases
we are part of them
and steel's malevolence on our bodies is emollient now
we are the same as they are
voiceless, silent, faithful, but incoercible...
living aggregate with clear intentions behind the multiverse limits
digitalized binary emotions
snatched in flesh and blood
showing climactis emptiness in intruding waves of tones
we are just only beautiful,
unnecessary equivalent of biomechanized ethereal flutes
in symphony of universe

9. Deflated

look into the emptiness among dimensions
is that a graceful spectacle, isn't it?
the time changes its shape here, weightless, flexible
deflated physical is not so onerous right now
look into the deflated polyangular time
into the innards of your own,
inflated fate
you are passing away
as all around us
welcome here in white light,
in the end of corridor
corporeality kiss goodbye...

10. D.C. Sucks!!! (Ultimate Intermezzo)

11. Hyperspace Souls

imprisoned in the time warp
lost among worlds far away
we are like derelict vessel
scattered to nebular nothingness
hyperspace souls
you meet them everyday
no despair...
some day you'll join them
yes you will...
hyperspace souls
light like inverse sun
don't hesitate...
and try
the bitter taste of their being
so try...
hyperspace souls
blind light of perpetual trouble
darkly shines on our keopaa 0.29
we can see the dreadful mission
there's no return,
there's no escape

12. Demodeus

day after day prolapses
from cosmic haze
and blindness veils my
inspirational emptiness
system of life changes drastically
own sense
when i hang around among shapes
and lines of pre-human soul
i am not born to be a filling
of genetic prophecy
am i demodeus of astral being
or a joke of human clone derivate?
demodeus - i am derision
of universe, it's so easy
demodeus - i am nasty joke
of master of gloomagic
demodeus - i am an innuendo
of senile creator
demodeus - please,
be my spectral guide
demodeus - be like shredded threads
of reality, you can't ever tie
demodeus - be erroneous element
of celestial mechanics
demodeus - be a beginning
and ending of integrity
demodeus - i am, oh god, who am i?
ethereal currents lave metaphysical
sands of peace
where rest perverted equations
of life's run quietly
only darkness is a filling
of my eschatological vision
which in dumb dust
of mortal body dreams
of silently, stormy ascension
to inverse inter-world
where all dimensions of confusion
won't be terrestial dimension
demodeus - i am human clone of
interstellar foolishness extract
demodeus - i am interstellar clone
of human foolishness extract
demodeus - i am, oh god, who am i?
demodeus - pray for me...

13. The Onerous Physical

the heart beating wafts over
the slumbering astral darkness
as the last sign
of pre-dimensional existence
no ear is around here to listen
to weightless nebular equivalent of...
so malevolent... space
so onerous... solitude
so perfidious... emptiness
float in after these silvery lines
of broken dead light beams
to the polarized source of my vast
carnal surrealism
upon the inner side of our
incinerated dreams with own inwards
we inscribe
the last strophe
of the technocratic visions´ gorgeous teratological epic
what they're a cadaverous shapeless
veil of so multifarious higher
multiversal divides are the coast
of the onerous physic of
interstellar peristaltic
and the last heart beating wafts
over the nervous noisy silence
of dying astral night
we're personal chaos theory of own
fear of the fractal unknown only
we were merely variables in
equations gust of our own
mirthless fates
what they're liberating with
their odd resection from weightiness
of our own corporeality now
the heart beating from other
multiverse wafts over the icy
astral darkness
as the warped flow of inflexible
life power in the glimmers
of the other worlds
i am not as you are floating in
after silvery light beams lines
you are my orgasm and polarized
source on the arm of my...
so onerous... carnalityso malicious... so perfidious...

14. ...Successful (Outro)

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