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1. Underture

Clinical death was a ticket for you
To the silence six feet under
Hands are hammering the appalling prison
And the sanity slowly leaves you
Feeble twinkles of sinister lights
Deaf echo answers to your screams
Each nail in the ghastly dungeon
You feel like incandescent lead
Tangled in a shroud you see the life
Smiles, tears, luck and sorrow
Painless spasm twists your lips to smile
Maybe death is similar to sweet slumber
Your body slowly gets stiff and cool
Water dozes through the casket chinks
And drenches your face like tears
Like you mourn and cry for yourself

2. Cyberspace Floats Through Me

Imprisoned in the seventeen inches monitor I live
Virtual corporeality is my sick walk
About in private database garden
Computerised emotions, digitalised instincts
Synthetic labyrinths of ideal world diffuse through me
I am careful gardener of directories´ and files´ world
Imprisoned in the seventeen inches monitor I slave
To many megabytes of negligent unusable software
As the fingers dance the lethal cancan over keyboard
I'm hypnotised, agonising cyberspace floats through me
Falling down, tangled in the collapse, I'm overloaded
My real torso will never wake again
I'm imprisoned in virtual reality, encoded, indexed
The neural interface connects me with real world

3. Tourettized

Imitation anyone you meet
Mimic caricaturist
You are like a devil's rotwork
Direct and incessant
Spastic mirroring of all faces
What you pass
It's a parody, derision
Absurd expression of normal
Gestures and attitudes
Giddy carousel of imitations
Wild sequence of alien identities
You play back with vertiginous speed
All absorbed gestures
Alien identities vomiting
Tourette´s syndrome
Parakinesis and paragnosis

4. Polyaanghuulaar Dereeems

Clouds wound up the disintegrating bodies of world ghloookh
Strangle my travelling imaginary mind of translucent being beehebh
I stay between blind mirrors of two transient world and see
Myself in never ending deformed line of guileful copies
My body looses own palpable shape,
When with cells I imbibe into two-dimensional space
I imbue the nucleus base of universe,
When strange beehebh floods my malleable mild mind
I amalgamate with pellucid turbid complex
Of fallen albumen crystals and turn to damaged key to existence
Through the gate of world ghloookh I penetrate
Into the new dimension of chaos, slowly ingrowing to flesh
I turn to stalk tossing in gusts of protoastral corona,
Disrupting my polyangular dreaming
Lost among the crystals of pure distilled planetary evil
I will never find the right way to myself
Clods is still wound up the disintegrated bodies of world ghloookh
Strangled my travelling imaginary mind of ethereal beehebh
I die between the mirrors of two transient worlds when I saw
Myself in never ending deformed line of guileful copies

5. Sunken

Misty darkness veils my outer world
The funeral twilight fell to secret emotions of mine
Far light in ghastly twisted mind
I s like a navigation over soul sea I hope
Or will I sink?
I'm like an autumn nature, my life slowly falls dream
Just only wind thoughtlessly goes through my silent recalls
Which rose to the curled midnight water surface
Enclosed to the little bubbles like human souls
Don't crack ´emi
Water choking gurgulates in my cigarettes impaled lungs
Life movie I take in me with my nothing seeing eyes
I'm like an autumn nature, I fall to sleep too
The spring won't wake me up, I'll dream in eternal chill
I wanna awake!
Ice cold wind cleans up my ice tombstone, the winter moon
... mourns for me
Oried leaves cry their funeral prayer to frozen river
... mourn for me

6. Surreal Ego Ravening

Let there be dark ...
She had her face in the jug nearby the door
Rippled with threads of abysmal distances
I try to find out the celestial harmony
And to destroy the body with yohimbine cure
She scrawled with her eye on the opposite wall
Distorted with transient, embodied polyedres
"Your time has come", said the sign
And crawled away through my body's middle
Her knees fused with ceiling on the street
Buried under the glimmering snow of Sahara
Nothing is hidden for my protuberant eyes
What a meritorious autophagia equilibrium!
She looked at me with petrified, cubed eyes
Through my conscience's muddy window
Scattered to molecularly droll remnant
I have to stray here for ever to see my own end
Rippled with threads of abysmal distances
She had her face in the jug nearby the d:oor
Well, let there be light ...

7. We Create Another Future

Enclosed in moral circles
Creating your scathing relations
According to distorted equations
Describing the material life phases
We create another future
We create another tomorrows
No, we don't share your feelings
Of somatic philosophy in decline
What one's as helical steel shackles
Laying heavily on that cheerless world
We're the myriad of deathlike torches
What ones are enlightening the chosen way
To your filthy future
To your filthy tomorrows
You're the paving of dead end street
Identically plushy filthy
As filthy your motives are
But we're an inversion of normality
Of this paralysed world
We've snuffed the candles out in your darkness
We create another future only
We create another tomorrows only
Forever you'll be enclosed in moral circles
Creating you dubious relations
According to your deformed, distorted equations
Describing the final phases of your poor existence
We want another future only
Therefore we snuffed your candles out

8. Sexual Inferiority

Sexual liquidation of body problems
Wait for an orgasm in false time
You hate the look at stretched girl's thighs
All manifestations of love make you sick
You don't want to live with feelings subjugation
You don't want to sniff excited woman smell
Every excitement burns like tire iron
You find the place only among mattresses
Try to work out you own feelings trouble
Try to doom the instinct of self-preservation
Love is fuckin´ stupid problem only
Which don't make you're thinking
Liquefied self-control ...
Spermatic explosion ...
Absolute self-gratifying ...
You idiot!!!

9. Mournful Dejection

You're falling at the thought spiral
Into time webs covered with dust
Like enigmatic butterfly ...
Dying in dust at the window
Window to the fourth carnal reality
Like a human tear ...
Absorbs every sorrow and affliction
Brush spectral flourish on the soul picture
Never characterise, never depict
Like words can't describe ...
The mind state on the end of life
Like the step to emptiness ...
To the grotesque nothingness ...
You're falling at the thought spiral
Into forgotten webs of eternity
Like enigmatic butterfly ...
Dead in dust at the window

10. Synergy 0.29

Soiling ... thee keopaa
And undying
Toiling ... my keopaa
And hating
Deflated slag of unnecessarity
Undimensional being
Fills the nebular dust
In defuncted multiverse
The sleeping micro worlds
´re spinning round each other
Dreaming about lysergide wisdom
Right as you did ...
I turned to link
Binding your paranormal keopaa up
Right as you did ...
Addicted to synergy 0.29
You live on the base of petrobiological joke
Right as I did ...
Really sick ineptitude
All what dehumanised is, will succumb too
Right as we did ...
Vanity, merely vanity
Unseen in synergic mirror
My face's hidden in the air
Obstructed with emptiness
So strange rigid specimen
A cono-cardium in your alter ego
Floating in lysergide elation
Right as you did ...
I turned to link
Binding your paranormal keopaa up
Right as you did ...
Addicted to synergy 0.29
You live on the base of petrobiologial joke
Right as I did ...
Really sick ineptitude
All what dehumanised is, will succumb too
Right as we did ...
Synergy 0.29 ... where is my keopaa?
Keopaa 0.29 ... where is, so where is it?
Keopaaean synergy ... here is point of 0.29
Black point of synergy ... that is untrue keopaa

11. Perpetual (The Unplugged Factory.... Unperpetualism)

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