Dark Lyrics


1. Those Who From The Heavens Came

Eons before the age of man
Entities of omnipotence, yet mortal inhabitants
Dwell on Nibiru's once flourishing soil
Stricken by a catastrophic anomaly
Unseen by their prophecies
This anomaly was war
This anomaly was blood thirst and greed
The skies were scorched by their war machines
Their dominion collapsed from the sins of their deeds
Their land was a battlefield
Shards of destruction black out the sky
Longing for annihilation, no chance for preservation
Inevitable destruction, a planets demise
Treading in the wake on the shores of tragedy
Factions subsided to build a dynasty
Born from dismay Galactic covenant

[Solo M.Low]
[Solo M.Pugh]

The fate of their world has been sealed, left in ruination
Nibiru was demolished, now gone for eternity
Like locusts they spread further than the light of their sun
Conquering, planting plagues in the roots of the galaxy
It was said
Those who were from the Heavens came down to the Earth
and rose from the ashes gave life to a new rebirth
But serpents fed on slaughtered souls
In ruins lie empty thrones
Remnants of past civilizations
Lay the foundation for a culture renewed
Refurbished creations emerge from extinction
Grotesque abominations now improved
The quest for perfection has failed
Start from anew
They disposed of the animals, Incinerate
Coalesced their omniscience
With the insignificant lesser mortal beings

2. The Promethean Kings

My mind fills with torment and suffering
Watching my world corrode
I shall create a race of slaves to harvest
Fusing our blood with this simian and a soul
To serve our every wish and request
They stand forth and call me God
Know your master, worship and obey
I shall protect you from the fallen one whose wish is to enslave
What a horrible mistake to leave them all alone
They dwell in the garden seeking the knowledge of our throne
Devising a plan to devour the fruit in its whole
This blasphemy must be punished, Demolish their souls
Strike them down with lightning
Quakes will crumble their homes
Soak them with flames ever burning
This atrocity will drown in a cascade of death
Nothing is left, Just remains of their flesh
This is a time of great agony
This is a time of misfortune and pain
Affliction is now upon us
But my creation will serve and obey
Worshipers of the shining serpent
Will reap the fruits of my dismay
Praise must given, exalt unto me
No harm will be done to thee, as long as I breathe
I am the creator from a golden throne I lead
I am the chosen Promethean King

[Solo M. Pugh]
[Solo M. Low]
[Solo M. Pugh]

I am everlasting, never question my rule
It is my will to sustain their lives
You have the heart of a fool
You have grown weak and forgiving
Crush them all with no sign of regret
Enemies of our heavenly alliance
Must pay for their sins with death

[Solo M. Low]

Enemies of the golden throne must pay with their death
I am the king of all kings
You are blinded by rage and ignorance
These mortals must not be our enemies

3. A Betrayal Unfortold

Planted are the seeds that will carry out the deeds
For the deity's plot bestows knowledge to the slaves
And a path to be paved for his majesty to burn like coal
There is no escaping this horror
Drunken with a rage of his infidelity
A deity of black is set
The darkness has spawned, this cannot be undone
This blackened, wretched heart
Seeks nothing more than to devour
The pestilence of man resides in its final hour
Setting out to destroy the king
Forging creations with apostasy
The cloak of his vile malicious intent relies
On abundant gifts of wealth, prosperity and lies
Willingly deceived by the luxury received
And the taste of fleshly impure acts with filthy fallacies
There is no innocence to behold
Blinded by debauchery thoughtlessly extolled
Consumed by the fruits of wickedness
And deliverance of the soul
Entwined with a plot of treachery
A betrayal unforetold
Blasphemy, through the eyes of the one true architect
And the shepherd let them wander into exile
Penance and regret
The blackened, wretched one
Seeks nothing more than to devour
The pestilence of man resides in its final hour
A web of lies will be the gate for all the tragedy
To resonate inside the hearts of man and build an infantry
To rectify and over throw the king

[Lead: M. Low]
[Lead: M. Pugh]

Slaves to his plot and cravings will be
The foundation for his masterpiece
A gateway to time and space is his desire
To breach Heaven's gates with unholy fire

[Lead: R. Santolla]

Sinister acts severed them from their salvation
And the paradise from which they came
For their inept existence has cursed them all as his slaves
Mere pawns of the agenda allow the nemesis to convey
Whispers in the ears of man, pure lies to seal their fate
This blackened, wretched heart
Seeks nothing more than to devour
The pestilence of man resides in its final hour

4. Wrath Of The Fallen One

[Lead: M. Low]

The fruit has been eaten, the only forbidden law
Their eyes have been opened
Minds no longer in our control
They plan to build a star gate
With the help of the pale ones
Banished from paradise, forced into exile
And unveil the wrath of the fallen one
The fallen one

[Lead: M. Pugh]

We must shower them with darkness and plagues
Scorch the Earth's surface until nothing remains
Pray for benevolence while hidden in their caves
Heads hung in submission, punishment
Eternal slaves
Throw away your life of harmony
Trade it all for eternal slavery
Judgement made for your sins
Now the torment will begin
Who will you pray to now
Death is the only way out
These mortals have been given a choice
And they choose betrayal
Life in the garden free of disease
Or an evil wretched world of horrors
The upheaval will rejoice
In the constant plagues that will storm the land
When evil weaves its filthy wings into the souls of man
Unveil the wrath of the fallen one

[Lead: M. Low]
[Lead: M. Pugh]

5. The Ophidian Form

Banished from Elysium, a deity has been dethroned
Cast into the unknown
Scouring the wasteland, forced to fend for his own
Stripped from his sovereignty
Now an outcast, an enemy in exile for eternity
As he leads the pariahs further into the abyss of heresy
Vile acts of betrayal brands a stigma on his soul
To wallow in filth, never
His pride to great for sickness and woe
His enemy's extinction is undeniable
In solitude his fury grows with a vengeance
His constriction on hate seeps from his veins
Like venom embraced by coils of contempt
The enraged mastermind will now stop at nothing
To breach the gates of Elysium

[Lead: M. Pugh]

Deception is his contrivance
He takes on the ophidian form
To manipulate and regulate his children
From the viper born
His army of anathema, bound by his will
His ethos begets them to kill

[Lead: M. Low]

Benighted with shame his destiny
To roam the earth he is bound
To lead the abominations astray
On his quest to reclaim the crown
The horde of minions fulfill his intent
Of total annihilation and help him invent
The means to travel through space and time
Conquer and vanquish his nemesis the pure and divine
Fueled by the strength of his effigy
Reflections of his treachery combined
Festers like carrion inside of his mind
Reprisal by indoctrination
Augmented with animus

6. Prelude To A Perilous Fate

[Lead: M. Low]

Attention my followers from deep below
You must climb to the heavens and extinguish their souls
Gather, scavenge stone and steel
Assemble this structure and our enemies will kneel
Their fates must now be sealed
Gather my legions of servants and demons
A ziggurat you shall now erect
Starting from the earth and end in the heavens
Our plan of attack, the ultimate deception
We are outnumbered, attack while they slumber
Ascending to the sky our pyramid will rise
Our path from the ground to their home
We are the chosen, they are the treacherous
Gifts of knowledge I will now bestow

[Lead: M. Pugh]

Their lair lies buried in the clouds
Infiltrate their kingdom and cast them to the ground
Their souls forever bound
Always pressing forward with a mindset of deathward
A loathing and hatred for man
This obelisk, it is our catalyst, here we make our final stand
Follow me I am your blackened king
I shall regain what has been stolen by our enemies
Crush them, abolish them
Achieve through pure mayhem
Bloodshed and punishment ensued
Unlimited, our power shall not falter or cower
My omnipotence they cannot elude
Rivaled by none, we are the chosen ones
Slaughter them and receive riches untold
Force the gates open wide
They will scatter, they will hide
Their kingdom has been overthrown

[Lead: M. Pugh]

Ignite the walls, trap them in their halls
Disembowel them all
Kingdoms rise and they fall this is our fate, our cabal
Our destination has been reached, a final fight in the clouds
Enemies demolished, laid to rest, their bodies wrapped in their shrouds
Our plans cannot be thwarted, a new age has been started
Blood will spill from the wounds, our enemies departed
Survivors are few, they only live if my will allows
The gates of the dark lord will open
From the void the destroyer will rise
With supremacy we slay with no compassion
To challenge us would not be wise
Now I gather my legions of servants and demons
A ziggurat they shall now erect
Starting from the earth and end in the heavens
Our plan of attack, the ultimate deception
Our redemption

7. Destroyer

A void tears the sky in two
Unveiling hellish beings from the depths to annihilate you
An anomalous aperture
The gateway to enemies awaiting your obliteration

The serpent regime is ruthless
Fearless, evil and infinite
As the chariots arrive
Demons feast on the bloodshed

The venom of hatred shines bright and pours through
Seeping its poison into the atmosphere
Preying on the weak and spreading constant fear

With their armor of scales, and weapons made of bone
Armed with Hell's fury and never ending scorn
Children of the master
The serpent-born

Cowardice and impotent swine will drown
In the blood that will flow from evisceration
A crimson storm will quench the sky
But never cure the thirst in me

Open the gate to the spoils of Hell
And unleashed is the power of a lost dimension
Chariots of fire in the sky gather souls from the dead
Smitten with torture are the living
As darkness unravels the fate of the enlightened ones

Seeking vengeance with his minions
To repay the full debt of his banishment
To the source with no remorse
The gates of wrath release a punishment of God

Shackled yet loyal to his hatred
He feeds on lust
The lust of purity

Vessels from beyond the reach of time
Will smite this vagrant filth of life

I am the one they call Destroyer
Blissful were their cries
Begging for mercy on their lives
With pleas stained in sorrow

Ego Sum Vastatoris Aiunt (I am the Destroyer they say)
Fero Donum Exitiale (I bring the deadly gift)

Summoned from the void
Emerged an infantry of agony
The unholy army of darkness

Commands the battlefield
With an overwhelming symphony of death
Instruments of war

I will disavow expulsion from my throne
And realign thy golden kingdom
Punishment for your disobedience
Must befall at once

8. Onslaught Of The Covenant

The architect of lies and magnificent deceit
has nourished himself with endeavors of supremacy
There is no peace for an engineer of war
Therefore no tranquility for the bastards he scorns
The ophidian warlord is reaping the life blood
Sown into the flesh, with a relentless campaign on the kingdom
A river of blood will flow and locusts will feast on the dead
As boils, famine and darkness unveils
The reverence of unholy plans
With a gaze of exuberance, He gathers
His slaves into the heart of his lair
Before a ghastly haze coated the stones
Of the walls in his court yards with a mist of vermillion
He slaughtered them all, all of them were ravaged
A vicious display of his power immersed in revenge
A river of blood will flow and locusts will feast on the dead
As boils, famine and darkness unveils
The reverence of unholy plans
The ground trembles from the thunderous march
An endless sea of soldiers at his side
Their will at his command

[Solo: M. Pugh]

The reflection of felicity in his eyes
As he peers upon a paradise to set ablaze

[Lead: M. Low]

Bombarded with attacks, the end is near
Hope has been forced to be lost
Destruction is imminent
Onslaught of the covenant
The darkness of the night sky
Glistens with luminous weapon emissions
Wave after wave of menacing demonic legions
Ripping their flesh apart

9. Marching Through The Flames Of Tyranny

The skies have grown black
With infidelities that cannot be undone
Those who hide in darkness feel the solace of execution
Adversity has stormed the walls and gates that we adore
Descending fast upon us
Mere flesh to feed the steel of our swords
And our swords will remain unsheathed
Quenching our thirst with their blood
Do not let them retreat
Marching through the flames of tyranny
Severing their black wings of deception
No compassion for those too blind to see
Their perfidious reign must come to an end

[Lead: M. Pugh]

Bow before me, beg for your life and taste my blade's desire
The flames of a thousand suns
Cannot withstand the wrath of a God
I am the Guardian of thy creation
I shall rid them of the vermin and swine thou hast released

[Lead: M. Pugh]

With impenetrable will and lust for absolution by death
We shall not falter, we sooth their lungs with dying breath
Marching through the flames of tyranny
Severing black wings of deceit
My legions have assembled to give their lives for me
And the flames in which you have summoned
Will be smothered by the ashes of your regime
There will be no victory to be marveled by your progenies
As the stains of your existence will be swept clean from history
No shackles nor torture for thee
Death will be the penalty which you shall receive
Destroy and devour with unrivaled power
The aftermath will end in death
Smoldering is the ash that once was life
My decree will be reawakened

[Lead: M. Low]
[Lead: M. Hawkins]

Destroy and devour with unrivaled power
The aftermath will end in death
Smoldering is the ash that once was life
Defiance must be obliterated

10. The Ancients Of Shattered Thrones

War subsides
Destruction of the humans and the demise of the divine
Behold the flames
The aftermath of battle mounds of bodies lie in charred remains
I will erase remnants of the past destroyed
I will remain
Plant the seed inside my bloodline sustained
Burn all the scriptures of their putrid lies
It was not my will to have these peons deny
This creation was intended to save our lives
Drenched in the flames, the surface of the earth
Crumbled structures, idols in our image will now be burned
Now the demise, all life is now extinct
Cleansing fire will annihilate the souls
of those who love or deny me
The all consuming blaze will obliterate
Scorching embers char the earth and will devastate
Fragments of life now ash
shadows of existence is all that remains
Withered and weak
The chosen ones will be filled with the seed
And planted deep below
Inside the womb the demon spawn will grow
His enemies will never know
Cultivation and preservation of the human soul
Their stories forever told
The Ancients of Shattered thrones

[Lead: M. Pugh]

Writings on the walls, the explanation for the fall
The beginning of time and the slaughter of their mortal thralls
Unrepentant blasphemous slaves
Encroaching into darkness, their lives will now be saved
Spitting in the face of their martyr, their paths have been paved
Forging generations of filth as black seeds beget
Victory by corruption in a deity's silhouette
Burned and forgotten
The sacred dialect, scripture and chronicles shall be
Abandoned by divinity
Fabrications of life now lost for eternity

[Lead: M. Low]

The ancients of shattered thrones
Left the burdens of withered remains
And the stains of their blood flow
Through the sewers of humanoid veins
Monarchs of the dynasty have sown forbidden seed
Lucid was the path to yield their souls into oblivion

[Lead: M. Low]

11. The Path Of Apotheosis

[Lead: M.Pugh]

Enlightened by the aftermath of war
A twisted perversion seared the hearts of slaves
Branded in the image of their masters
In the wake of The Great Deluge
The kingdom lies in vast desolation
Permeation of sickness and sorrow
A travesty of man has now ensued
To rid them of the burdens of their past
The tribes were divided, scattered and thrown into disarray
Then the Deities ascended the sky
Leaving behind lost creations to sift through the lies
With folly the wicked will inherit the earth
Enslaving their brothers with ideals of rebirth
No longer bound to the foot of the throne
As demigods they conquer with their master's conviction
Mere machines of desperate emulation
With false depictions and purposeless sacrifice
They are lost forever
Bow down to the phantoms
Bow down to the ghosts in the sky

[Lead: M.Pugh]

Worshiping mortals as gods
Seeking false truth to no end
For the path of apotheosis
Has slipped through the grips of man
Illuminated by no obstruction of power
And twisted delusions of lavish grandeur

[Lead: M.Low]

They are now gods of man seeking out the weak
And frail diluted bloodlines
Cursed is the flesh fabricated by the eternal resonance
of vile endeavors of man
With false depictions and purposeless sacrifice
They are lost forever
The frailty of existence will be their demise
Egotistical commandments hold sway to their lies
Rely on the peasants who serve while programmed to be blind
Making them gods of the masquerade
Their screams for mercy will fall upon deaf ears
Servants to the cause of The Great Deceiver
Bow down to the phantoms
Bow down to the ghosts in the sky
Deception was their device to crush the weak
Lost and bewildered, the verminous cretins
Will glorify nothing on their knees

Jack Blackburn – Drums
Mike Low – Guitars
Malcolm Pugh – Guitars, Vocals
Josh Harrell – Vocals
Nevin O'Hearn – Bass, Vocals

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