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1. New Born Porn

2. Infant Annihilator

You have been gathered here to kill every child under two; every
pregnant mother too. We will stop the second coming of Christ. I the
Pope bow to no one - yet alone bow to God. I will slaughter everyone
before I risk the power vested in me. Assemble the legions of priests
and vow to me that every infant will die. Promise to me that Christ
will hang; nailed to a cross before he’s three. Arise and become an
ordained clergy of plague, all sweeping across the world to cleanse.
Crucify the children in the streets for all the world to see. The
prophecies cannot be fulfilled. If they are we will be exposed for
what we have truly become: Perverts draped in robes claiming to be
embodiments of God. Kill him before we are exposed. Erase him so no
one knows what we have become. Now bring me the head of the infant
Jesus Christ impaled on my sword, so that I may mount it on my wall. I
will rule forever. Bring me the head of the infant Jesus Christ.

3. Devotion To The Child Rape Syndicate

Bride of Christ, you are now bride to the priest. Time to surrender
your chastity. Bear me a child of lechery. Prostrate and tremble in
fear. You will now pay for your sins. Pray and hope that God will hear
as I am fucking you. Embryonic development: The New slaves begin to
shape, swelling the wombs of the nuns. Illegitimate, yet with lies
they are rationalized. Procreation of a generation that’s doomed. When
they’re brought into this world they serve the purpose of the church.
Rape the bastard children then return them to the earth. Born, then
classed, then sent to the Nursery of rape. Newborn bodies bring glory
to the church. A fruitful harvest means a happy hierarchy; they fuck
the children, then leave disposal up to me. Within the crypt lies a
rancid lime stone pit; a putrid haven for bloated, murdered children.
As I pour the chemical catalyst to speed decay, the cries of the
living ones cease. Now their melted skin lay draped on their scattered
bones. The maggots fester, consuming bodies faster, and what remains
is ground into the food for the new generation. Bride of Christ, you
are now bride to the priest. Time to surrender your chastity. Bear me
a child of lechery. Prostrate and tremble in fear.

4. Anal Prolapse Suffocation

Nails pin the hands and the feet of the infant children to the
telephone poles. The crows feed upon their carrion. Their empty eyes
stare through the swarms of malignant flies as their blood sweats
through the soil. Mothers weep at their children’s bloody feet; the
cries of every mother blend in with each other creating a mass hum
that reverberates around the world. The families that resisted were
soaked in gasoline then burnt alive - all burnt inside their own
homes. As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I cast my
eyes upon a mother weeping at the feet of her murdered family. I grab
her by her hair then I drag her into an alley where I sodomize her. As
I fuck her, I smash her face into the bricks. Choking, pounding, I
fuck and strangle her until I cum onto her deconstructed face. Once my
dick pulls out her intestines hit the floor. Her ass tears then her
bowls began to pour. I watch her bleed out.

5. Whorespawn (Bloodline Defiled)

Flowing through my veins is the key to my papal power: An ancient
bloodline; well maintained to avoid dilution. The Progenitor is the
Father of Lies. The sovereign source for this power dwells within me -
Inside my form. He lurks beneath my skin and stares through my eyes.
Through me he has the power to instil the re-written doctrine to the
church. Beware the wolf in sheep skin preying on the weak. I am the
host of Satan. Parasites thriving in my blood harbour his soul in my
surrogate subjugation. My fidelity lies with he who now grows inside
of me. I, his vicar in the physical realm, feed him innocent blood as
a sacrifice; the blood of infants and the blood of nuns. With great
power comes great hypocrisy. With great power comes satanic adoration.
With great power comes great hypocrisy. With great power comes the
sacrificial blood of innocence. Beware the wolf in sheep skin preying
on the weak. Wet with this blood I’m a demigod; a flesh incarnate
vessel. In this world of flesh and blood I feel the urge to fuck. This
endless hunger to fuck and smother is driving me to rape the nuns. I
feel the urge to reproduce, but the bloodline must stay intact. With
death I purify the whorespawn blood.

6. Embryonic Fetish

[feat. Alex Teyen]

I make an incision in her skin from her ribs to her pussy lips. I peel
her skin back to see her innards. Her eyes now roll back in her head -
the bitch now wishes she was dead with her crucified family. As I look
to see her womb I notice her beating heart pumping her blood onto the
ground. One down - a billion to go; a list of women are dissected to
know if they carry child and If they don’t we fuck them all anyway.
These are the final stages: A holy conquest; official orders of The
Pope; a catholic plague of hatred ready to wage war upon God. With new
omnipotence of our great Pope we will overthrow our maker. The
architect will fall to his creation. Through the oculus of the Vatican
we ascend. We will rise to witness God’s demise. We now defy the
prophecies of God.

7. Immeasurable Foetal Mutilation

Father, forgive me, for I have sinned; my flesh has tempted me and I
gave in. My body craves lust, pleasure and a constant need to sever. I
am a priest; a holy servant of the Lord. Now Cleanse me of the sins
that I have I committed. I bow my head and whisper, silently, a prayer
of penance. Now that I am forgiven I make my way to the Vatican - the
place in which I’ll act in sin again. Behind these closed doors I
practice torture and sodomy. Wounds are made and then singed to keep
the children alive while I dissect them. Anatomy: the structure of
their flesh; disassembled then raped while being logged on tape. The
records are then sent to the Pope where he masturbates to them and
injects his dope. Hordes of countless archives reach the roof caked in
holy semen. This temple of debauchery is veiled from the public eye.
The enigmatic loom continuously weaves a religious swoon. Rape then
murder; then find forgiveness. Kill in homage to Christ our fucking
lord. Drain the sacrificial blood of children upon the altar of God.
Rape then murder; then find forgiveness. Kill in homage to Christ our
fucking lord. Blood canals irrigate in the shape of cruciform. Divide
the foetal remnants into pieces.

8. Torn From The Womb

Drag the nuns from their rooms. It’s finally time to extract the
bastards from their wombs. Their hands are bound and then they’re
gagged for surgery. Punctured with a rusted blade, then I force my
fingers in the wound. I stretch it till the flesh has torn; with my
filthy hands I rip it more. The mother’s screams are muffled by the
gag shoved down her throat. The tension builds as I unveil her uterus.
Her anaesthesia is my cock. Convulsions overwhelm my patience - if
these persist ill have no choice but to kill her before she gives
birth. What a fucking shame. Death brings me joy, but I would rather
see her suffer as I rip her bastard child from her womb. I Press the
blade to her throat. Dull and with crooked teeth, I begin to saw
through her neck until I reach her spine. Now that she is dead her
body lays still. Now her unborn child is ready for extraction. I slice
open the uterus and the placenta rushes out. Mixed with blood it pools
in her gaping wound. This carcass cocktail of placenta and blood is
shared among assistants helping me birth the child. Once it’s gone the
severed uterus is bare and then the birth begins. I grab the child by
his leg and rip him from the womb. His mother’s entrails pull out and
spread upon the bed. I rape her body till she turns into a putrid
heap, then I remove the umbilical cord. I cart the child down the hall
to be classed and then sent to the nursery of rape.

9. Cuntcrusher

The gears are set into place; the finals stages of purification are
nudged into motion by our pious Pope. The prevention of the second
coming of Christ is now drawing closer to completion. Dissolution of
component forces act together as one - a single congregation tied
together with one purpose in mind: The prevention of Christ’s birth.
Dead are collected and piled to feed the flames of a furnace fire. The
day lit sky is now blackened by the infant ashes. As they rise they
bring us darkness, turning day to night. With the remnants of the
children burning, we begin the last stage. Surviving females are
loaded onto transports and then shipped to our parishes where they’re
tagged, then stripped of their clothing, assigned numbers and then
taken to eugenic controlled concentration camps. This is where they
spend the rest of their pathetic lives. One by one the worms dry out
in the sun at the mercy of their new master. Their existence exhausts
itself without the ability to procreate. Seared onto their heads and
their hands is the mark of The Beast. This holy number, sacred in its
symbolism, now marks the doom of fertility. By the order of the Pope
we condemn them to be neutered with a machine devised to sterilize.
With a hundred tons of force, its name is The Cuntcrusher. Hooks
pierce through their feet, then suspends them upside down to be fed
into the side where they are conveyed to a press of blades. With their
legs pried open, their cunts align. At the flick of a switch they are

10. Pinned Down And Fisted

So it begins. The procession of the rituals will bring judgment upon
man. As the congregation of the damned you will now renounce the blood
of the lamb. Alter boys march single file down the aisle where they
kneel before the crucifix. Their orders are to un-robe then bow before
the cross. You shall witness the shame of human flesh as we reach in
to the bowels of your innocent children. The perverted members of the
church gather closer to see the event. The priests now proceed to fist
the boys. Watch as my minions insert their fists. Soon they will join
the dead then pave the road with their bodies. Their blood will pave
the way for the future of our church. These roads unite my dominion.
As their ass is gauged, the blade of impurity is sharpened for the end
of the ceremony. Once my priests are done the robes, once white, now
bear the blood of the boys who once wore them.

11. Flayed And Consumed

[feat. Lucas Mann]

My convents are just a front. They are the breeding grounds of my
disciples. Like turning water to wine, I re-wire their minds. I
manufacture their evolution with trauma based torture and rape;
therapeutic alterations achieved through excruciating pain. Once the
pain overpowers the mind it tries to shut itself down. With I.Vs
pumping drugs in their veins it doesn’t have this option once their
mind is cornered. To escape the suffering their minds create an
alternate personality. With this new creation I have control of their
minds. Intracranial implants are surgically inserted into their
brains. Haunting images of their family flayed and consumed replay in
their dreams.

12. Bathed In Placenta

It is dawn and the rivers are red with blood - one small reminder of
what’s to come. Now, behold the future unfold the way it’s never been
told before. Fuck the prophecies of God. I will destroy him like the
piece of shit he truly is. I will bathe in his mother’s placenta after
I have raped and bludgeoned her to death. His mother, the modern
Virgin Mary, will become my dead harlot. My followers, a new beginning
draws closer. Truth is becoming irrelevant as it’s re-written by my
scribes. We will rise to conquer all that stands in our way. Man won’t
remember the past, as he treads upon the dust of his forefathers. Lies
solidify the system that I have built to enslave them all; a portrait
of perfection designed to entice them with false hope. Fed by the
hands of their master, my pets confide in me. Blind with Illusions
that veil all their eyes, I claim their lives with the blood of all
who died. I, the Omnipotence of this new world, unearth and
reconstruct the fossils of evil.

13. The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution

[feat. Bill Williams]

I will re-write history. They say the pen is mightier than the sword;
and with a pen I’ll restructure the formation of religion to re-wire
their minds to a subservient system. With the scriptures revised to
hypnotize I will unite the forsaken after civilization falls to its
knees and begs for my mercy. I extend my bloody hands and I feed them
promises of hope and change. With a fake smile I lie to their faces.
This marks the new age of despair and desperation. I will make them
worship me as the God I am. This world is mine for the taking. Within
desperation the shattered pieces unite under me - their new God and
master. My locusts feed from the inside out; I now go by ‘Thy
Devourer’. Within my chaos lies their obedience. Chaos turns to order.
A conquered world awaits their conquered God. He is losing their
prayers as their children slowly die away. Mutilated; perforated. The
decimation of creation is the only way to destroy their creator: I
will destroy their creator.

14. Decapitation Fornication

Face the cold reality. Slow and with formality I’m obsessively
stabbing you. The blood is drowning you as you gargle and you spew.
Bodily fluids fill your lungs. This is the end of you. Your
consciousness slips away leaving your cunt to me. The lacerations
haemorrhage on me. I will now disembowel every organ to see. My
indulgence; the bloodlust in me: ‘The Enslaver’, ‘The Engraver’. To
the creek bed that marks your resting place. Bring my image to the
void. Remember my face when you see God. The cinder block tied to your
foot drags you straight down to the bottom. Gracefully your body
dances; the murky water sways the flesh exposed. I exist to rid the
world of throbbing cysts. I drain the pus embedded in society. With
their disposal I silence them and have my taste. A balanced order:
Extinction of the human waste. Decapitation fornication; this is the
fate for abominations. Decapitation fornication. I am a servant of the

15. An Exhalation Of Disease

All the Blood from the bodies collects then irrigates through the
soil. It flows through the cracks of the earth then drips to the
demons below, just waiting to be unleashed by the blood of the chosen
Christ. His blood shall set them free. Beneath this sacred ground lies
the gate to their dimension, amidst the molten bowls of the earth.
Once the chosen blood touches to their lips the gates open; our
dimensions amalgamate, transporting them to earth to rule with me
forever. Without the chains of their translucency my flesh burns away
to reveal my true form as God. I am Belial; the serpent has shed his
skin. I have deceived the world as a servant of God. With the church I
have prepared my own thrown. It was easy to fool them all with my
disguise. As they looked into my eyes they never saw the serpent
beneath the surface, waiting for his moment to strike. I have brought
forth hell to earth just to show God what it’s worth. His kingdom
shall rot forever. I have no sympathy for God.

16. Paedophilic Supremacy

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