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1. Nonsense

You are young, but very stupid
You're theft and cheater and scoundrel
You're very lazy and garrulous
I wish to kill you when you're drunk

(And you fat bastard, why do you lie me everytime?
You can only say(words)and nothing then...
You want so much, but
But you have done nothing for it...)

Sometimes you are opstimate
And you reached nothing for yourown
What will be then? Make your question!
Without me, it will be end...!

What a hell are we together?
You are nothing without me at all!
By turns you made me angry,
Despise and hate and offence!!!

So much more that I can taste
Do you see tears on my face?
(this is) a result of my ego
What nonsense between us all
(But we still)kickin asses in a hall
this is my life

Who am I? I wish to know
What think you all about me
I think I'm ideal
But I'm sure, for them I'm worse at all

(In such days, always want to get away
And don't want to meet noone)
Go to hell, I wash my hands
I wish to much to get away... now...

2. Fashion Death

A man was craved for money all the times
And he could do everything for it
But nowdays this bias
Overstepped all lines of decensy

Small creature roamed around the hills
Looked for female in the woods
Suddenly something flapped him for worse
And his hide was expended for fur

Hey Madam, quite enough fun
The glasses of wine, edmirers are here
I want you to choke down the caviar
For you to know worth of luxury

Was a businessman, was very wealth
Was honest, paid taxes (to treasury
But someone disliked for his grip and his vim
No longer can live, decided within)

The prise for his life less then for car
At home there are child, the wife and comfort
Someone can say it is a new natural selection
But It's difficult for me to live with you, people

I never thought that: it could be real!
But I forgot that: world lives with deals...
Now I am asking why:
For money; is it fashion to die?

3. www.animal-status.com

It sit near a screen
In a world wound web
As a unconsciousness slave
With an animal inside

He thought he would
But his mind - was weak
The World guides him -
And become the virtual

For moral ugly - jester dance life
For ruling kings - newone slave invite

Said it is generation
For our life beneath
But its deeper, keep and lie
In cybernetic mind inside

She needs for true information
He's giving everything
It gives him phase due
Oh, in animal status

4. Real Fear

Not flock of ravens flew together
On piles of decaying bones
At night at circle of fire
Some killers gathered
How many clothes and faces
From churches and prisons
They gathered for great war

Here is one aim for all of them
They live without power and laws
Between them man, who fugitive
From coast of island of death
He brought a pain and misery
You can hear it.

Danger, blood, depravity, fraud is-
Ties essence of terrible family
With cold soul, He
Went through all degrees of evil
He slaughtered
Widow with small child
He don't forgive, he don't regret
Whom make murder happy?
Answer me!

5. Tapiola

In Suomi's lands, on the glades of Kalevala
Where the dark waters of Tuonela flows
Where great legends and heroes lived
Where coniferous woods of Tapiola spread

Inpassable forests of Tapiola
Where hidden wisdom of centuries
Amaze by beauty and antiquity
Take me into your embraces

Neither largest
Also nor smallest:
Your length and width is bigger
Bigger than all I've ever seen before

6. Instincts And Desires

I'm cutting by glass, my frozen hands
Scarlet blood blowing up my brains
Organs' movement I'm feeling inside
As if embryo of all filths
Is going to leave my body and body to safe
All, that I couldn't made in their presence...

Desires accumulated
Power of longing is on the limit
As lava eruption
Volcano is wailing
Than beyond my mind
Energy in hurry to come outside
Spill your evidence and have a glass of red wine

Ha! It's only a limit percent of all creatures
Called human beings
Can live as they want, with principle:
Do what thou wilt
And your mind is Fucking wild!

Do you remember these sounds
And perfume and torments
Of dying bride which shouting
Of pain, of weakness and delight
Everything I remember this moment
Oh, how sweet was this scream
And this taste and this power over the world
Do you remember feast that we ruled

You try to test everything
Find out all charms of animal existence
Be the same for what you was born
Small human being!

7. Acoustic Medley Pt.2


8. Whom Does It Care

Whom does it care: my destiny and me?
Whom does it care: what do I need?

Who told that I'm handsome, clever, and a person?
You made a mistake - it's all not logically
What can you found in me, fools?
To my years, I'm older then all of you!

No sorry
Don't lie me
Leave me alone
I'm got used to be alone

My elder brother told, I'm child,
I live in my own world of illusions,
I need to break off with music
And I have to work... my world was splited

Hey! Does He care: my destiny and me?
Hey! Does He care: what do I need?

He showed me the reality
And should it be my life?
I dont' want such perspectives
And I've decided to finish with that life

No sorry
Don't lie me
Leave me alone
I'm got used to be alone

9. Pain

Did always pain unpleasant for us?
Maybe there's other feelings causing pain?

Soul pain caused by love to you, people
And those for whom you feel pity or remorse
This one is mostly powerful and hard to break

But most cool kind of pain is physical
Which gives you enjoyment -
- Anything remind? If not-
- "Your psycho condition is well"
Desicion of the ordinary (person)

To tell the truth
We need sometimes to explode ourselves
While breaking existing (human) principles
And fuck them all off!!!
Only this way you can feel as a true free man

Physical pain is different
Your organism can be infected
In the begining you don't pay attention
Than when it grows, you're filling with fear
(But pain is still growing)
You get used to it
And than humility

This pain and enjoyment
You can get in fight with best friend
Beating your faces, for ex., to asphalt

10. The Exit

Now or never... new exit!

Standing before the face of death
Cannot admit
That (more then everything else)
You afraid of it

And later what ever you think and tell,
This moment you (almostly)
Possessed by (instincts) and fear

So pity, that only few people are intractable
To they destiny and gods will
However "Reaper" always find people
All lives are cutting by scythe

With whom it isn't happened to stay beyond the choice
Where'll play egoism, cowardice, pity or love,
Honour and dignity, pride and vanity
Choice in your hands: would the blood shed?

How much pure lies, excuses and exaggerations
I heared last time... and why?
But, I belived you near enough

Try to find deserving exit
You must decide what can you proclaim

Today I've said it all to you
All that I wished
I'm gonna do!

(That was an exit of my thoughts and (considerations)
I hope that something from It all
Will puzzle you, (at least, for a minute))

11. Inner Comfort

My inner freedom giving me pleasure
I don't need to believe in any god
Phatalism and sceptism are not for me
So, you came in the wrong place

Time to time I'm introvert
I don't care about others lives...
You'll ask: "Am I senseless?"
But answer I cannot say to you...

And I don't care, I believe in my own
I feel my power day by day
And all of it because of you...

Inner comfort in my mind
Black line changes other line
Here is the minus, or here is the plus
State is changing very fast

I believe that you all tired
With your life from 8 to 5
Time to know what will be than...

If our world was not so cruel...
If your love was not so true...
I might split and kill myself
If I have some power left, with me.

12. Nervous

How irritable can be people
Silly seemed to me their speeches
The more meeting in these minutes
The more you fill with malice
(than becomes nervous break off)

I damn all everywhere, ready to breakloose on to anyone
Dirty beggar or rich stout
Don't get under my hand, for god's sake
(time to time) I'm nervous man

I'm nervous, I'm tired of you
Get out of my head, primitive race
Don't say, don't ask, don't blame me now
I'm sick of it all

All nervous cells are almost dead, in my boby
That's why I often can loose my temper
And don't forget, sons of bitches,
I live only for myself!

Streams of irritables can be extinguished,
When you know how to relax,
In a silence, alone, in soul's depth,
Bury the malice for a while...

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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