Dark Lyrics


1. Flux


2. Paradigms

Caught here in these nebulous planes of capsized consciousness
Musings have lost their lustre, at exile in the now and after
Verging between ages of turbulence and outbursts of fleeting calm
Silent expedient motion, the inert drive of these limbs that shiver

Vessels of light and strength dissolve in the bowels where affliction thrives
And murmured prayer to a Lord beyond only withers any scattered remnants of faith
In the end surrendered to the tyranny of the truculent selft
Caving in to stealth and lies, diving head first into cosmic divide

Stripped away from the flame of elation
A stark wholeness that can freeze the skin
All trust placed in the vastness of time
Inner deconstruct, reset and release

Sleepwalking through life, blind to the currents and neon signs
Through arrogant kindness, paradigm shifts and fractured attempts to exalt the mind
Here in this dark night, the parasite ego must finally subside
Strangle its sense of whole, watch it drown so you may rise

Destroying every damning trigger
Burning all symbols so they may flow pure
Through the fields of the unseen
To transmute and dissolve

Time erases nothing
The sun will no longer shine
Tomorrow will not be brighter
Your eyes will truly open as you pass through the flames

Head to the light
When the days get darker
When the nights grow colder
When the beasts grow wilder
And the end looms closer
Head to the light

3. Vanished Is The Haze

The morning ash is hither
Vanished is the haze of dreams
Barely thirteen hours left
To erode this soul's disease

A jaded umbra beaten and weak
Its mortal shell ready to cave in
Blinded as the blinds go up
To let the flooding begin

Seems forever since the very last time this ageing ghost was known to glide cuffed and blinded by demons so vile, whoever could have thought it to rise in this grey morning?

Through bewildered eyes, the flame
Begins to flicker as the shades start crawling in
Their morbid gala sets the scene
To tap into the true force of the abyss
In this ashen morning

This day, awaken
Tear down the wall, edge the blades
Summon the banished soul and gaze
Inside, rip out its seething cancer
Sever this morbid rot from the inner eye
Be alive

4. Communion

'twixt veils and candles, in a den of fertility
Tonight's passage brings youth, wine and depravity

Maenads awaken, your cravings unleashed
But a greater hunger dwells within the beast
With shining silver I did thee receive
With my bare hands and teeth I do you release

As your frail neck sways in a dream-like haze
Our claws slash away at each other's face
Your head deconstructed with beautiful ease
Our flesh torn apart in an ecstatic frenzy
Your soft skinned torso sliced into half
It brightens our zenith and colours the sky

Our love is rich with honey and venom
Amor mori, memento fati
Your innards dance, entranced with honey and venom
Amor vincit omnia

Our scattered limbs birth poetry from sorrow
Tonight's sown seeds, the broken dreams of tomorrow
As Aphrodite rises from a sea of gore
The womb is dissolved and the future is born

A future of hope, a scene set for tragedy
'twixt candles and veil, in a maze of futility

5. La Madrugada Eterna


6. Fade (Further Beyond)

[I The Banishing]

The visions might have appeared in a lucid dream
Space feels eternal, the trance must have settled in
Gazing straight into the ether to unearth the key
Motionless for hours yet miles away from here

The gateway now behind, and the Mysteries far ahead
As the trees close in above me, no one left by my side
The pinnacle looks furthest, still I relish the path
To ensnarement and latitude, away from shame and doubt

To transcend the bounds of consensus reality
And to cherish the nascent cognitive liberty

I traverse further above, then further down to rebuild
Clouds begin to disperse, as abstract truths are revealed
Surviving trials of an age, uprooted within inner depths
Their bright shadow echoing in the dark splendour of the universe

To abide all fear and embrace the mystery
As we savour the flesh of untold possibility

To reveal, to revive, to be at cause
To shatter the illusion of complacence and vice
To face the unfamiliar and bend the linear
To never take a seat at the play of chance

I beseech thy effigy to indulge me this once
Maul and crush my body and blow my mind

[II The Sphere]

Illuminated or buried in life
I flee the claws of self-deceit
And, free from the shackles of conceit and vanity
To will, to live and to defy insanity
To trance-migrate into states of divinity
To feel the force of the uncertain and Vital

The sphere is turning, its dark maw wide open
The spurious light that once blinded now frozen
Quod est inferius, est sicut quod est superius
Thus is the glory of the world begotten
Ubique Daemon - ubique Deus
My bloodstream the ink to a contract eternal
Into the vast, freer than ever, I fall

[III The Children Of Coma]

The children of coma
Crammed into a corner
They've noticed my presence
They are staring at me

Their eyes cut the darkness
Their laughter breaks the silence
They've noticed my presence
They are smiling at me

Their eyes slice the darkness
Their laughs infest the silence
They've noticed my presence
They are seeing into me

7. Unveiled

For ages it has seemed, day, night
And seasons just blend into one
From the stillness of these ruined halls
Such lifeless falls, beds long dried

In endless struggle to excise the dread
Of staying or leaving behind
And parting with revelries past
Yet hosting and nursing all that's despised

Fugitives from static thought
The joys and rues of cities behind
May a new day come to find
The shields relinquished
The masks undone

So it is done
A haven flooded by rain
Drifting away with the tide
From faces I'll never see again
To be all and none with all

Cleansed, washed ashore
The ego's fabric dissolved
Naked, at sunrise, touch wide open
Like a newly born

How did it come to this?
The truth erupts
Like lava and burning flame
From deep within

For every childhood dream, one thousand wasted means
One horizon out of reach
One moment strangled by fear
As time sleeps away from me
To always be

Andy McIvor ‒ Bass
Ilia Rodriguez ‒ Guitars, Vocals
John Wright ‒ Guitars
Dani Ben-Haim ‒ Drums

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