Dark Lyrics


1. Seashore Eternal


2. Nostalgia

It breeds deep inside,
every season, every night
It breathes, tarnishing life, retching
with passion as it locks the blinds

[Lead: Ilia]
[Leads: Andy]

Its breath smells like the earthbound flesh
of the muse the years buried alive
Its touch scars like the tender hands
of an angel sent to save with a knife

It seeds its deathly weed
It branches with every bleed
It heals by spreading deceit
It soothes like hallowed ice
on infected teeth

It shines like a blade
Its smile conceals the maw
of the wrath

Enslaving the mind
through the pathways of life
Erecting the void as it goes down
deeper to suck off all light

Leeching onto life's hopes
Aging as we age
Plaguing them with voices
Hiding as we search
Prolonging the orexis
Thriving on the rage

Through ages feasting
on heart and soul
Joyous are those of strength
to excise it whole

[Lead: Ilia]

3. Embryo Limbo

Formed into being,
one to sixteen
Floating within,
blind and serene

From grain onto limbs
springs the timeless beat
Among webs of skin
all sensing begins

Swimming the depths
through the wellspring of waves
Morphing through the days,
each second it awakes

Shapes unseen linger through unopened eyes
Echoes from beyond, the first muted cry

[Lead: Andy]

Has it been days,
or aeons unending
The tremors, the haze
The shrinking, expanding
Unconscious yet afraid
Shrinking, expanding
The tremors, the haze
Ascending, descending

Transcending the zone
Departing the dome
The journey is on
The moment has come

[Lead: Christopher]

The light and the space overwhelm
Among laughter, tears and bells
Released from the primal shell
Halcyon embryo limbo, fare well

4. Desert Trail

The early morning rays draw a cavalcade
of feverish shapes through the veil
The slow burning air beckons a brand new crawl
through the same old trail

Endless the lines, voracious they stretch
Lonesome the walk, fugacious the end

A march of the ages, for weeks, months, years,
through nights and days
Carrying a nomad's home with the weight
of the world through suns that never fade

Arid are the grounds, dazzling the light
Elusive the air as heavens reignite

Sandstorms and serpents,
the sole gift from the skies
Withering endemic flora of paradise
Thirst and visions devouring at the will,
defying the drive to break free

The trail expands and contracts
Horizons move forth then retract
What vile curse must have been cast
bring on the blast

The ultimate trail towards quiet begins
and ends in prisons we never leave
No harsher soils than those conjured by man
Mojave, Tanami and Niger inside

[Leads 1 & 3: Ilia]
[Leads 2 & 4: Andy]

5. Mountains Of Mind / Five Years Ahead

To conquer the summits that rise
as the old world dwindles behind
As flesh and spirit acclimatize ,
the ultimate trial has begun

They tower and loom above,
frightful and divine
Impossible is their magnitude,
eerie their skylines

[Leads: Andy]

Serpentine their pathways,
bereft of any signs
The winds, they never slacken
at the mountains of mind

Odyssey of vastness,
perilous ascent
Watching each step,
aware of every breath

Disembodied at heights unreal,
each vital move an act of will

Fatigue the watchful enemy,
fear the greatest thief
Sleep the deadliest luxury
and the mightiest of reliefs

Out of air, the final leap
Eyes aghast at the miracle
A shroud of clouds reveal the pinnacles

[Lead: Andy]
[Leads: Robert]

The spirit is exhausted yet high
when you've made the climb
The world feels ancient but awake
atop the mountains of mind
Vertigo reigns but the soul is at peace
The body shattered yet floating in a dream
Shaking, in a trance, from limb to limb
Eyes in disbelief at vistas unseen

Returning seems easy but futile
when you've crossed the line
Life and death, pleasure and pain
are as one at the mountains of mind

[Lead: Ilia]
[Lead: Andy]

6. Strange Meridian

[Lead: Illia]

Hail this new days on a passing life,
planning the journey as the ship arrives
Strange meridian, ever in sight,
gloaming through darkness, unseen by light

Drunk with ideals, we watch bridges burn
High on visions as we trawl the sands
Reaching crossroads as our minds go blank
Facing upward to avoid the swamps

Eyes deceived by mirages of stones
Times of change within static zones
Silent journeys to a place long gone
Miles ahead yet already home

Through days uncertain we venture out
Sitting through evenings of storm or drought
begging the heavens to dispel our doubts
This inner ember we can't go forth without

This timeless line to which we're bound
to forsake innocence for troves unfound,
to fear the future as we gaze around,
to dream of saviors and beware of hounds

And as the dark rains relieve our pain,
time seems to stretch then shrink again
Its hands keep turning behind our backs
The lights fade out but the road remains

And as our elder begin to sail
through twilight seas to their place of rest,
this strange meridian is lit within
Come what might, we can't relent

[Leads: Illia & Gordon]

Come the summer, come the thaw,
come the great night to reap us all
and unveil a new sun with a joyful face
Still we plod through this fucking maze
without a map, with a broken rope,
forever dowsing for a glimpse of hope

[Leads: Gordon]

7. III


Andy McIvor — Bass, Guitars (lead)
Ilia Rodriguez — Guitars (lead, rhythm), Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Westwood — Drums

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