Dark Lyrics


1. Song Of The Ancient

2. Heart Of Yggdrasil

For aeons linking the nine worlds
the roots gave guidance to the lost souls
under the witness of the eternal guard
protecting the tree until the end, from the start

A legion of branches surrounding the skies
cage for all mortals, playground for gods
the waters of life flow frozen to a spring
colliding against fire from the flying wyrm

Within the souls of valiant men
there is a forge of prideful strength
when the sky turns red upon the battlefield
our cries break through beyond the steel

With fear scattered in the hearts of the foe
the barriers will fall like the autumn leaves
the gods shall behold us with heavenly wonder
as the bones of our enemies are torn asunder


And beneath the tree of life we fight
beyond the sky we put our sight
we'll cut the flesh and share the mead
all for the heart of Yggdrasil

[Chorus 2x]

3. Raging Wyverns

Crossing the skies, riding the clouds
unstoppable, mighty, with skin pitch black
when the storm is nigh and the winds calm down
a glare shows up lighting the dark

Under the falling rain,
thirsty for blood, bringing the pain,
the wyverns are raging, the fire is free,
build your shelters and make your prays

"Faster than light, thy faith crumbles down,
the doom of the beasts thou shalt not avoid,
no one could ever stop the relentless,
before the death bringers thou shalt stand hopeless"

There was a story once told
where a warrior faced a wyvern
fury in its eyes he had seen
but he had the will of a leader

The beast was not blind, and saw through his soul
that he was the last one of a pure-blood descent
wisely he made the choice not to fight,
but to join him to follow the path of the strength

Fly higher and higher,
let every mortal witness our glory
rage, thunders and fire
will be our symbol, the seal of our story

The wyverns didn't forgive the traitor
so they put end to his life,
the warrior yelled, and he swore revenge
...to the end!

Raging wyverns, you shall die by my hands
raging wyverns, your greed you shall regret
raging wyverns, you shall die by my hands
raging wyverns, may your rot mean your end

Raging wyverns, you shall die by my hands
raging wyverns, your greed you shall regret
raging wyverns, you shall die by my hands
raging wyverns, your greed you shall regret

4. The Wild Hunt

Skies of a fatal winter night,
the winds are conjuring awakening spells,
seas of storm, a tough, dark time,
and waves are whispering words of decay

Corpses are leaving their pulverulent graves
ancient huntsmen are rising again
rotten souls in the need of flesh
the fallen, forgotten, are claiming revenge

Hear their words, proclaiming the end
a newborn plague that will raze the land
feel the grief and embrace the dread,
the incoming war will see us dead

No time for mercy,
they gave a choice and we took the wrong path
end of the journey,
there is no option for us but to die
now it’s their moment,
it is the time for the dead and the wicked to inherit our future and past

No way to fight them,
our gods have betrayed us and given their backs
no need of praying,
because my sword is the only thing I can trust
mankind is doomed,
after a painful life I'll be back as a servant of this macabre dance

So dance, dance, sing with lust
rejoice of the corpses surrounding us
dance, dance, the fallen arise
rejoice of the martyrs who mourn and cry
dance, dance, the tune of the dead
its melody comes from fiery hell
dance, dance, join the wild hunt
fed by the souls of the children of man

[Chorus 2x]

5. Beer Bloodbath

Please let us give you a welcome
you are at the Beerbath Bar
we drench your throat and fill your belly
while the lasses get you warm

Inside the feast is getting heated
get close and choose your spot
ales are flowing, meat is roasting
fellows, this night will be everlasting

A giant barrel full of beer lies upon our heads
hours go by and golden jars feed our entrails
the gates knock down and foes are storming in
they have signed a contract for our butchery

Drunkenness is our weapon for this siege
our brothers have gone berserk
someone cut the ropes of the barrel in the ceiling
and all the hall is swimming in beer

We throw the tables off then grab our swords
flesh comes apart like sand
we're witnesses of bloody glory
and will rejoice on gods' delight

Now they call it the Beer Bloodbath
that night was called the Beer Bloodbath
now they call it the Beer Bloodbath
that night was called the Beer Bloodbath

6. Tidal Waves

Look outside, the light awakes
spring arrived and winter's gone
bring your longboards to the waves
the sea claims for blood with a mighty roar

For the time has come to raise our swords
and fight like brothers in the shield wall
we'll strike down upon thee
with great vengeance and furious anger

Mighty Njord, guide our boards
give us great waves so we'll surf like pros
the sun arrived and the ice is gone
surfer vikings over christian shores

Lindisfarne, the city of York,
Dublin, Wexford and the longport of Cork
nobody escapes from our deadly swords
surfer vikings, babe, sons of Thor

We fight for glory, we fight for riches
we claim your land and we claim your beaches
we're travelling east to the Pacific Ocean
we'll ride the waves at sunny California

And when summer's gone and fun is over
we'll surf back home and praise the mighty Oden
and Christians, frightened, will say: “Oh Dear,
the surfer vikings will be here next year!”


And we are proud, we are delighted
of who we are and how we're acting
you can blame us, send us to hell
but we enjoy to be surfer vikings

7. Jötnar

In times of primeval chaos
the first of the giants burst forth
a junction of ice and fire (and fire)
unveiling an atrocious eyesore

When doze fell over the land of giants
its limbs laid coalesced in a lace
forged in rime, heads counting six (counting six)
Hrimthursar linked the chains of a race

The nine worlds were portrayed with his flesh
and life dawned twinkling from her seed
the summer, the winter, the sun and the moon
the incipience of all life paid with greed

Rejected from the hearth of Æsir
wind and water rose from their might

Submission as a role for existence
while enmity ingrains strained
sustaining the clockwork of nature
the Jötnar forsaken remain


8. A Fateful Glare

9. Lady Frost

Freezing winds are summoning raging gales
as a traveler timelessly wanders
lost in the storm he meets the end
an ancient curse for every mortal

A desperate cry resounds on the hills
as the trees sway furiously
blindly seeking meets her gaze
impaling him right through the heart

And there she stands,
dressed in ice and shadows,
the lady of frost is waiting
to embrace the eternal night... of cold!

At the fall of dusk no light remains
and all hope is forgotten
no creed nor faith shall now reject
the only and dismal fate

Her aura feeds the frozen souls
and withers life away
within the eternal flames of hell
shall lie relieving death

[Chorus 2x]

10. The Undying Flame (Homeland Part II)

Blizzards and ice, the power of north
silent and lethal, a death-payed toll
we strive for a shelter, in the eye of the storm
but hardly we find the strength to go on

Weeks have gone by since we last saw the sun
our struggle is painful, with blood in our hands
but fire lies deep into our hearts
nothing can't stop the wish of a god

Dive into the dreadful night
shattered by the piercing ice
will we find our way through the snow?
May the Norns guide us home

The howls of the wild are calling for bait
while we are running a race against death
night-wandering shadows painted by the bright moon
can only be a path to follow by fools

The ravens and wolves bring shivers to the flesh
painting the loneliness deep into ourselves
recalling the deepest pain a man can feel
but the harder the journey, the stronger the will

[Chorus 2x]
Light from the stars, please lead on our way
as we carry the torch of the undying flame
cleanse our souls, let the winter calm down
grant us your bless so we can see a new day

A long way to go remains to be seen
and after the storm shall come the relief
the light of the flame uncovers the dark
while the ill and the weak have stopped to breathe

Until the end... we'll keep it safe
until the end... the undying flame

Life is brief and blood sheds with ease
and the wicked will poison the veins of a man
in the end there's no hope for the light to remain
as the roots of the evil win the war every time

But while we stay alive and well
we'll keep on defending our future and past
our swords will prevail against the misdeed
our sons will stand proud in the ages to come

Until the end... we'll keep it safe
until the end…the undying flame

11. Suaren Lurraldea (The Land Of Fire)

Bazen behin leku bat, guztien artean erregina
eguzkia zen errege, gogorapenen ipuina
galduta nagoenean, munduaren iparorratz
bakea behar dudanean, nire pausoen norakoa

Suaren lurraldea da nik maite dudana
ez baitago parekorik mundu zabalean

Sua da nire odol, beroa nire indarra
nire lurraldearen ibarretan aurkituko dut bizia
beti dira ohoretsu gizonen bihotz taupadak
seme eta alaba guztien benetako amalurra

[Chorus 2x]

[Final chorus]
Suaren lurraldea da nik maite dudana
ez baitago parekorik mundu zabalean
suaren lurraldea da nire hilerria
heriotzaren ostean, jaiotze berria

[English translation:]

[The Land Of Fire]

Once there was a land, the queen amongst them all
and sun was the king in a tale of memories
every time I wander lost, it becomes my compass
every time I search for peace, my footsteps will lead there

The land of fire is the land I love
as there is no equal throughout the wide world

Fire is my blood, heat is my strength
in the valleys of my land I shall find life
the heartbeats of its men are always honorable
in the one and only homeland for all of its offspring

[Chorus 2x]

[Final chorus]
The land of fire is the land I love
as there is no equal throughout the wide world
the land of fire is my graveyard
an everlasting new birth after death

12. One Among A Million

Deep into the darkest streams of rage
a child was raised under the sign of hate
no one heard the whispers of his faith
his soul was slaughtered, he had to face the death

But proud he stood on what he was,
as he sat down next to a myth,
heir of the light, bringer of darkness,
he followed a path leading to madness

One among a million he was born
one drop in an ocean full of groans
great, and nonetheless, so miserable
over and over again to be torn down

One among a million I was born
the last standing man I will become
the awaited renewal for my soul
the blackest finale for them all

One more drop in the ocean makes no difference at all
I will decide my fate, that's the only way
everyone shall know my name

My shell was always my guidance and protection
thus, I could not look outside, at this rotten realm
harsh winds of filth feed the lungs of men
and no one's safe at their own home

If you can see the end coming,
then you do not look beyond enough
at last the night is here
and all the whispers become sincere

I will ignite the flame on the ones that lost their light
betrayed origins are the depiction in the canvas of human life
earthly is the will of man against the iniquity in their minds
the whole divide of oneness will bring salvation at your last gasp

The realm of the mortals is burning, into the fire
all the bodies have begun to perish
in the name of death I cast the spell
so you may suffer as I bid you farewell

Wake up from your sleep
all the torments have been set free
choose the path that you believe in
because the future can't be foreseen

Follow me to embrace the gift of life
inside the grief you'll find a place for calm
let the rain cleanse all of your sorrow
to face the day while past is gone

13. Promise Of Hope

Juan Sampedro — Bass
Narot Santos — Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Jon Koldo Tera — Keyboards, Vocals (backing)
Asier Fernández — Guitars (lead)
Asier Amo — Drums

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