Dark Lyrics


1. Lurramets (Intro)

Zuhaitzen usainaz airea da blai
mendien babesa jaiotzan sustrai
lamien kantua aurkitu dut zai
leizeen itzalekin jantziko naiz

Zeruaren ertzetik etxearen bihotzera
Ametsen lurra, amalurra

2. Cryhavoc!

We've come this far from distant lands
they say the plagues are spreading fast

These screen-faced dummies are so damn dumb
It's like a sect, a domino effect
Their mindless message will drive you mad
Beware of them, or you'll get trapped

We're the saviors when your friends run
You dream of us but call us thugs
Now move your ass, then grab your axe
and smash those parasites! Cryhavoc!

Rewards are not what we live for
But keep your pockets safe
For the sake of our fellows' paunch
You leave this place or die! Cryhavoc!

Moles tried to divide us from inside
But our secret code is sacrosanct

The luckiest one bled dry to death
We used his limbs to hang his friends
Some know us as the dogs of war
expect us soon, 'cause we will come

We're the saviors when your friends run...

3. Psalm Of The Accursed

Imperishable, unconquerable
chained forever to be unborn
we exist beyond your hopes
soon we will rise to claim your world

Rise! Reign! Fall!
Bloom! Live! Rot!
Rise! Reign! Fall!
Beat! Rule! Fade!

The unfathomable greed became complete
the sons of our forefathers atoned their sins
we wrongly judged them by old beliefs
despite of your oppression
untamed we will remain

An epitaph made of flesh
bearing with the misery of the past
hiding the horror from its depth
behind a façade of fragile glass
of fragile glass

This is the song of anguish
taught by the demons from below
once forlorn by justice
cursed to be the bearers of your oath

A path through oneiric woods of dreams
to drift from life that's plagued with pain
for those who trust their joy to hate
shall only find relief in death

This is the song of anguish...

4. Akelarre

Can you hear the whispers of the night?
The witch master has pronounced the words
Winds blow black, the walls have cracked
Might and magic reclaim command

"Climb the mountain and light the fire,
lunacy will conquer your minds tonight!"

The trees are laughing with naughty smiles
Strangers are welcome, common sense is not
No place for judgment, no place for wrath
If you are squeamish, please stay at home

"Fear not, my friends, join us now,
take off your rags, we will rape your souls!"

We will find our fate in the nights of Anboto
Dancing mad around the flames
Fly through the stars, show your shames tonight
And the gods will sing our names


We will find our fate in the nights of Anboto...

5. The Awakening

Like diving into a starless night
rises the march of hollow hearts
We foresaw the evil in their acts
although their words deceived them all

Behold my scars, I've been betrayed
these seeds I once bred are dead for me
this inner pit was filled with deceit
those I cared for won't see the light of day

Swallowed and wrecked by my own hell
I shall return, so wait for me

Feeble pulses pump this expiring heart
Life unleashed from a useless shell
The gates were sealed to feelings to reveal
but now our eyes are open wide

The grand design that we were told
Has been replaced by empty words
The firework show will turn to void
Our greed becomes the chasm of loss

Within the storm, I found my place
Where I could stand, through all the blaze

After the winter's sleep comes out the sun
The night was harsh and long while we were enshrined
Here comes the awakening, so brace yourselves
The fire is burning out, but our light will shine

Swallowed and wrecked by my own hell
I shall return, so wait for me
Within the storm, I found my place
Where I could stand, through all the blaze

6. Amalur

Denboran zehar sua indartsu mantendu da
Ekaitza bortitzek borroka galdu dute
Betiko beldurrak iragan bilakaturik
Etorkizuna menperatzeko unea dugu

Gudaren aztarnekin bideak sortuz
Zauriak behin pairatuz nahikoa izan zen
Naturaren oihartzunak bake hitzak hezten
Odolaren garrantzia ikasi genuen

Eta orain, hemen gaude gure kantarekin
Gure lurrari abestuz, sakon bihotzetik
Atzoko haziak zuregan loratuz
Babestu gaitezen elkar besarkatuz

Amalur, esnatu zaitez
Haurtzaroko ametsak barnean dirau
Kate guztiak apurtzeko asmoz
Maite Amalur

Amalur, entzun mesedez
Urjauzi baten indarraz heldu ninduzun
Biharra jarkitzeko kemena emanez
Amalur maite

Zuhaitzen usainaz airea da blai
Mendien babesa, jaiotzan sustrai
Lamien kantua aurkitu dut zain
Leizeen itzalekin jantziko naiz

Amalur, esnatu zaitez...

7. The Slavic Covenant

"Attention, passengers! The flight to the Carpathians is ready for take-off. Please, fasten your seatbelts, and enjoy the flight."

Europe goes quite wide from east to west
From the land of wine to the rivers of vodka
Today's time to party and set forth on a quest
Dancing in a trance to the sound of a polka

There is an only word to drive these Slavics mad!
Metal and alcohol will feel as silk tonight!

The time of truth is here tonight
You can fall back or join us now
Tomorrow might not come!

This mosh-pit has now become a battlefield
Remember to share your beer as if it was your shield
Our brothers shall rise again after they fall
There is no winners or losers, there's only laughs and fun!

There is an only word to drive these Slavics mad…

“Attention, passengers! We’ve now reached our destination. We hope you enjoyed the flight, and have a nice stay.”

8. A Crownless King

The king in a foreign land
had built his children's nest
throughout the years and wars
we shared the scars and swords

Slaughtered was our home
though blood bonds still were strong
we'd become the light beyond the veil of stars

I stared at her gaze
and saw my children's face
that night I swore in joy
my thoughts would be for her

A fortnight in your bed
was heaven brought to earth
the wounds that paint our skin
had quelled our hopes within

Look beyond your eyes
what else is to be done?
Will you save the world?
Or will you save yourself?

Refrain from living blind
and jump into the unknown
the times that pass you by
are not meant to return

I looked at my queen
and saw my children's dreams
with no time for relief
I stood and left my realm

I grabbed my handmade pouch
with memories once forlorn
their cries made me look back
like stabwounds through my spine

Look beyond your eyes...

I woke up old and stale
and saw my children's grave
by now my eyes are dry
so I must say goodbye

I will not cry for you
'cause that would hurt us both
you'll always be with me
after this one last breath

9. The Hardest Of Harvests

Hungry vultures fly above the landscape
The scent of fresh blood imbues the fields
Forests and lakes replaced by flesh and bones
The price of war has placed its expensive bill

Wrath oppresses within my elder veins
While flames scorch the house I once built
The deafening cries of the ones who passed away
Shall not stop the storm I swear to unleash

This endless maze I chose to walk
is blurred, in black and white
A myriad of childish dreams
lost in the sands of time
The harvest of a lifetime is always reaped in full

I shed my blood to save these lands
You will not take them from me
Once I could die to soothe your grief
But now it's time to set it free

Plagues never cease to fall upon our home
The flags we hold have digged our graves
Treason is carved deep in the skin of men
Only their sins remain left to embrace

10. Zombeer Alcoholocaust

One night I found two folks in a bar
Three chances to drink four beers in a streak
Five swords for the winner, six horses as well
Seven days gone, eight men failed before

I asked to take part in the contest
But nobody survived to this joke
I did not even care, to be honest
Four beers in a row... what a show!

Dead bodies are dancing alive
Beer is the fuel, forget all the rules
Still sober? You're doing it wrong
Swallow that ale, then do it again!

A wench came to me
With a tray full of jars
There's a smile in her face
and mad gaze in her eyes

Hesitations came first
But I'm stubborn to death
I will prove to these fools
That I was baptized in booze

Today has been hell
So now it's time to drink
To the bottom of this glass
I shall find some relief

I am losing control
Of my mind, flesh and bones
"Drink till you faint!
This round goes on the house"

Dead bodies are dancing alive...

11. Brothers In Arms

A cage as high as a mountain imprisons our will to fly
These tyrants who claim to be our gods have ruled our world
Shelters raised in hell, lives stirred in blood
We signed the pact, yet we're the ones to pay for all

Deep in the sewers of your mind
Rotten indolence is in command
The purge is now

Oppression makes the spark that ignites the flames
Reprisal is set to take place, all in due time
Anchored we lived but made up our minds
Rather than to kneel, we're determined to die

Far from our roots we raised up these walls
Baptized in pride, we fight side by side
In unity we stand to defend our homeland
We're brothers in arms, don't dare to face us

"Take this place, and burn them all!"
Don't spare their lives, they killed your sons
"Pity is not an option, recall their deceits!"
We're feeling this, we're living this

Far from our roots we raised up these walls...

12. Fear A' Bhàta

[Bonus Track]

Fhir a' bhàta, na hóro eile
Fhir a' bhàta, na hóro eile
Fhir a' bhàta, na hóro eile
Mo shoraidh slàn leat 's gach àit' an téid thu

Fhir a' bhàta, na hóro eile...

Menditik behera begira nabil
Zure arrastoaren bila
Gaur edo bihar heldu bazina
Tristurak du gehiegi adina

Bihotza dut samin osorik
Malkoek ez baitute osatzen
Bere giltza nizun opari
Ate guztiak ixteko aitzitik

Sarri galdetzen diet
"Ondo egongo ote da?"
Baina haien gomendioa, beti bera
Hobe oroimenak ahaztea

Fhir a' bhàta, na hóro eile...

Ezin ahaztu azken hitzak
Bueltatu egingo zinela
Urrezko eraztuna, itxaropen hitza
Oroimen lauso nire bizitzan

Nahiz eta urak zu eraman
Itsasertzak bueltatuko zaitu
Zeruko negar leunak
idatzi du gure azken eguna

Fhir a' bhàta, na hóro eile...

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