Dark Lyrics


1. Puppenmord

2. Mother

Mother - can you hear me cry?
Mother - can you feel my pain?
Mother - why am I born?
Mother - your lonely cries burned in the night
Your worthless flesh will rise one day
You'll suffer for my lust
I'll burn your innocent bones
Your corpse will be reborn...

3. Chemical Experience

4. Plants Of The Bizarre

Whipering - from a part inside
Of you laughing in a dream
Which may be true
Plants - of - the - bizarre
You feel a act of misery
Those gluttonous
Are tasting lovely meat
This kind of evil was born
By sins - sins
You're damned
To suffering
In a world of
Horrible illusions
Disfigure me condemned
To pray
That what I see is
The expulsion of my soul
My flesh is burning still
My tears are falling hard
The tomb of love is
Psycho terror
My life is just a
Crippled error
So stand up and touch
My greens
My power will destroy
Your last human signs
Plants of the bizarre
Gastric juice comes out
Of you
You screaming
Loud I am laughing still
Oh, father see these doors
Are closed for me
I can't escape what shall I do
My loniest wish
Is to escape
This place is hot
And I shall burn
The - plants - of - the - bizarre

5. Nightmares From The Past

Our chase after criminals has
Been successfull
Here's just another outcast
Which wants to pay
Icy winds blow through the
Streets an voyager
Without an aim
Years ago there was an event
Which seems to be forgotten soon
Strange emotions climbing up
Deep inside out
So many times you hoped so much
These history will be lost
Empty eyes are staring at
You there's no escape
Your sins are chackled to
Your mind never forget
You've lost your self control
You feel your fate
All these uncountable victims
Are bleed to death
The charge
Now it's your turn
To leave your life
We sacrifice your body for all your games
We spread your worthless blood
Between our trash

6. Pseudo Call

Look at the morning sun
A thirteenth month was born
Who wants to play these game?
Answer your mission now
Reflection of your mind
Leads me to your grave
Silently your question will
Be answered
Could a existence be born
Which made dreams to mystic lies
You're buried in a cage of reality
To sell your soul, for a trip
To yourself
To life in a world of
Forbidden doors
Run away, leave your camp
Love and hate melt fast together
Leave a body of fear
Brainwork to forget
Your existance!!!
Meet the hangman, at the backdoor
Of your lost paradies!
Create your harmony
In shadow of the lie
Be a part of the forgotten
Faster - time stand still
Schizophrenia from day to day

7. Signs

A lost illusion - hides my dreams
Lay down the curse - of brutality
Darkness shines on filthy thoughts
Programmed to obey - mystic fear
Fear will tear a world a part
Build up by human errors
Forgotten love in a room without
Doors will lead you to the end!
Bestial lust - to destroy
Genetic power from hell
Unborn dreams to rape a natural sign
Horroble nightmares to sick to
Dream, a puppet without leader
Flesh is lovely, love is guilty
Blood is art
Dreams for children
A light without a lamp...

8. Symphonies Of Spiritual Cannibalism

Dreaming, living in
A world of horror
Sickness in your brain
Mirrors of agony
Show your own personality
No control about
Your feelings
Listen to a voice
Coming from inside
Symphonies of
Spiritual cannibalism
Ice cold winters
Desserts of ice
No emotions from yourself
It seems to fade away
Empty eyes staring
In your mind
Fear in every part
Of your mind
The clock runs faster
Time stand still
From day to day

9. Stop The Madness

Mistreated decay
Life is born in memories
Maids are buried by ashes
Headless preacher drinkin' their blood
Forget your disgrace
By selling souls to hell

Stop - the - madness

Murders ignored - pain fills my fear
Burning houses possessed by my curse
Sadistic creatures - torture my soul
An endless manipulation calls me god

10. You (The Death Ballad)

Psycholic feeling
Sorrow of society
Who made these world?
Destruction of me leads
In deep depressions
You left me help my will
I am just too young
Why must I go?
Get out of me
I want to change my ways
Made me higher
Treated me as your son
Reality turns to dust
I know reality turns to dust
And now I left my way
A dessert of ice
Where am I - am I a fool?
Or just a child
Now find my way
I'll go...
Good bye my world
Good bye!

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