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1. Ritual Slave

Sacred rituals granting their lives to a false redeemer
There is no Messiah neither empire, not god nor its reign
Demanding submission as a reward for being your god

Believing words of another mortal that looks after living in your ignorance
Proclaiming thousand words that they won’t even follow
Searching that they follow your damned will
Fake ritual that extracts people and puts them under your convenience

There rituals where slaves give homage to illusions in their minds
Believing in lies, believing in mortals that you view as gods
Believing in promises were eternal life your god will grant, ritual slave!

2. Slay The Damned Impostor

Hatred for the people that hurt and just forgiveness is what they seek across hypocrite and blind prayers
The game of damage and be withdraw absolved
This game will be over when your conscience
Ends up while it collapses

Through simple hypocrite prayers
Thinking just in a far beyond
Of the present willing to escape
Dreaming of a sky and joy

Dominating your mind with fake promises of immortality, dominating your life…
Dominating your soul, kneeling on the ground begging compassion
Dominating the masses, through the human will

3. God Or Imperialism

Land domain is what its mandate is looking for
To impose their regulation and to get the slavery of ignorant mortal beings
Making use of hypocrisy, taking away the autonomy and imposing in their lives just to live in their hierarchy

Camouflaged among fake gods, fill you up with repressions
With verses and psalms sinking you with their mandate
And leaving them to be submissive in fatalist cold doctrines…that have been created!

As a sign of humiliation they demand forgiveness because of the invented sins
And they put you on your knees just to prove your submission laughing at your agony
They will steal your life and won’t even give you a hand…God or imperialism

4. Incinerating Prophecies

Marks of a punishment built by words into a book of lies
Future of a destination suffering by visions into a corrupted mind

Promises are written now, lies of a false Christ, confusing a thousand lives
Business of buying souls, to an eternal life beyond
Selling the eternal peace, with false words of immortality

Acts of a putrid humanity under the name of god
Followers of blessed madness, sins are their visions of life

Incinerating the world of divine
Prophecies of a million crimes

Inhuman doctrine
False rituals

5. Clever Messiah

Clever messiah that time before deceived at his will
Of twelve servants, he disposed…
In order to devastate a kingdom at cost of deception and plenty of deceit

Messiah full of ambitions and much cruelty
Mad messiah the chosen one he thinks he is
Clever mortal, glares reality… there’s no far beyond!

Crucified he was and couldn’t be saved
Thousand excuses, invented
Claimed that he will free of sin, the humanity… Son of human he is

6. Utopia

A god with no reason and low deepness
Nonexistent be being that should not be worshiped
But when nothing is something that can be adored
Looking for that something to hold onto this world of misery
Were you’ll cry with blood… utopia

The affirmation of non real is the denial of the living
Satisfied masks… created utopias

Every single person will just regret as your life goes through, your god didn’t reach here!
What they look for is that you believe in a book full of lies that you’ll be saved by your god

I laugh at those who say there is superior being, imposing a lie to “enrich” their lives
Mocking at your eyes of your stupid naivety and with these lies you will be controlled

7. Blasphemy And Destruction

Plenty of deaths, caused in his name, each one in vain
Barbarian wars, manipulated by false erudite

The crusades were façade from the beings that long supremacy

Tackled million massacres annihilating supposing infidels
Threatens of cataclysm against the support of heresy

Horror god, causing deaths
Horror god… Blasphemy!
Horror god, causing deaths
Horror god… Destruction!

Using living flesh, to consummate their greed
Tortured none believers for not taking orders of an unreal god
Murdered massacred for not following the path that leads to an abysm

8. Deceived They Will Die

The love that you know, later blasting hatred will be
The fantasy that has been created, just in words will be remained
They will just regret when they realize, there’s no god, just pure lies
There’s no temple in which torment is absent

Praying will not be good, as much as you beg, he will not come
Salvation will lie within your hands

Having been submitted to divine slavery, absorbing the souls, annihilating lives
Kneeling over the altar, begging for holy mercy, deceived they will die!

Relying in the name of savior, they just mock within your face
They have them chained, using them without compassion
They have you enslaved, with a bandage over your eyes
Submitted to a mandate in which you are and will be held

Jim Angulo — Bass
John Carvajal — Drums
Billy Betancur — Vocals, Guitars
Jair Alexander — Guitars (rhythm)

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