Dark Lyrics


1. Inactive Messiah


2. Sing

Kneel down, kiss the floor
Come and lick my dirty soul
Your hands on the wall
Wait to taste my kiss off
See your flesh abused
Feel the whip that you were used
Hear the moans now dulled
Smell your blood out of your wounds

Sing my child, sing for me
Serenade your own dreams
This may be your swan song
I'm waiting for your requiem

Your wrists scared by chains
Blood is running of your veins
Now you'll taste the pain
Electricity, acid rain
Lust now turns to fear
Silted by your own fear
Sing for me now dear
What I whispered in your ear

3. All Your Dreams

Look at me, for a moment, you won't see
Never again, you'll never feel, you'll never see
You will pay, you will hate, all you've done
Now forever you will suffer in your heart

All your crimes
All your sins
All your lusts
All your dreams
All your thoughts
All your fears
All your nightmares
You thought that you weren't enough

Think about it, it's all over, now it' done
Do you like it, smell the death, above your dust
Tears of blood in your eyes, on your lips
Hypnotic poison, in your body, through your throat

Cutted veins
In your flesh
Destroyed brain
It's a mesh
Violated parts
Of your body
Clawd wrist
Bleeding neck

4. Be My Drug

Look into my eyes
What's burning down for you again
What's wrapped in ice
Make it melt
Look in these eyes
Dive in the deepest cells of mind
You crawl in my mind
I live in your dreams

Your tears like rain
It's in my blood, it's giving me pain
Just take me back
Know the way? Be my drug

Some pretty faces
And glowing colors
From crowded places
These violent strings
Are haunting my mind
Are haunting my dreams
Those hands that touched me
And burned my lips

5. Synthetic Snow

You see it getting down
You feel it makes you high
You taste it, it is fine
But now you feel fucked up
Illusional lights shine
And multiply again
Delusional sounds belt
In your ears again

White walls, plastic pipes
Green masks, cyber eyes

Fleshless world now is around you
So cold aura now surrounds you
Distorted virtual objects everywhere
Synthetic snow

So much pressure
And despair all over
This weird sense
Of insanity
Alone in the void
Everything is hostile
Lancinating sights
Full of humanity

It's burning within my soul

6. Beat It

[Michael Jackson cover]

7. Pain

Just appeared like rain
And fell from the sky
Dressed me with drops
And blew me like wind
Transformed my dreams to wings
Took me for a trip
Became her lover
Hidden in clouds

My words like sound
My thoughts like light
Turn your head up to the sky
Hear me tonight
Make you my lover
Make you a slave
Give you nothing more than pain

If only I could reign
Fall from the sky
Some dressing human with drops
Give you wings
Make me rain
Become fog
Just to cover you
Just hold my hand


8. Hear Me Tonight

Hear me tonight that I'm here and crying
Hear me tonight cause tonight I'm dying

Tried to find you
Like desert begging for rain
Seems you don't want to
But I still do
For I will keep wandering
And when the lights are out
Still you're everything for me
Still you are the whole world for me

If only I could see
Moon reflecting on your dark hair
In your eyes beautiful sea
I travel again my lover
Doesn't matter all the years
I'll still be living for you
The day I let my tears
Like the first time I saw you

9. Before The End

This cold air in my chest
This air that makes me breathless
This cold gun in my hand
This gun that won't stand restless
I'm standing here with you
Thinking six feet upon me
I'm looking now at you
Thinking of wood around me

I can't raise my hand
To blow me away in the air
I can't pull the trigger
To bury me down with despair
I can't release the bullet
To stuck inside my cells
These thoughts are haunting my mind
Just before the end

I'm staring at my hand
Staring at the shining steel
Trying to free the lid
Release the bullet to my head
I know I won't be missed
One more unobserved absence
Your life will go on
And nothing will have changed

10. Lord Of Lies

I shallow now your future
Into my twisted soul
Your escape is a fiction
In a theatric role

I am the lord of lies
The one you always trust
The one who never dies
And never becomes dust

I am the lord of lies
In my twisted soul
The one who never dies
In a theatric role

When I invade your palace
Your eyes will have no tears
Your words will never hunt me
I rule your silent fears

Now my duty is done
Before you set me on fire
Let my existence run within fields of desires

When fire becomes snow
And wings turn to flames
The blood drops will stain
Your masters' angels' dress

Thanks to morbidpete1776 for sending these lyrics.

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