Dark Lyrics


1. Hell

What the fuck is there to miss
A land of sorrow and worthless shit
Veins that flood from the needle
Or the daggers hiding in the back of love
Twisted tongues hiding behind crooked teeth
Or the fucked and broken dreams
I, the bastard child
Now the dead man
I, the bastard child
Now the dead man
My innocence has broken free
Vacant, entombed in agony
I can not foresee the future
For I am already dead
Disappointment overwhelms me
Floating face down without a sea
No one to love; no tears
There is nothing here.
This world is hell
Seduced; forever scorned
Born in ruins
Born in ruins
I can't fucking take this
I can't fucking take this
Rooted in the void, I begin to grow numb
Stripping my right, my right to happiness
Knowing nothing of what I once was
Just let me fucking die

2. Bodied

No worth, no hope
Raise your voice; choke
Submission of your free will, there are no equals
Unadulterated hatred of all people
Timeless hate; divided race
One sided debates, one two headed snake
Bullshit rhetoric, always changing face
A racist fucking liar
A fucking disgrace
Dragged through the street lifeless
Paraded for all the world to see
Nothing more than a spectacle
The media will make examples of us all
Our voices have no value
Step out of line and pay with your life
Black, red, white, and blue
Nothing but pawns forced to pick a side
If you protest someone will turn it into a riot
If you organize a movement someone will divide it
Speak your mind your peers will denounce it
Vote noone cares and noone will count it
Terrorized by the power they wield
Leveling the playing field
Crippled by excessive force
Skewed morality taking its deadly course
Blinded nation preaching eye for an eye
Social justice at a steady decline
Dragged through the street lifeless
Paraded for all the world to see
Nothing more than a spectacle
The media will make examples of us all
Castration of the common man
Systematically bastardized
Each and everyone of us fucked from very the beginning
Beaten to death in the name of the law

3. Pain

Death embrace me
Dispossess this pain
Plagued; eternally abandoned
Tortured by an overwhelming silence
Suffering forever
The cold touch of death
Beckons me; I gripe for the end beneath my breath
I'm choking. I'm unable to speak
I can't swallow my words
Incoherent thoughts
My vision is blurred
Why won't this stop
The lesson is learned
Help me
Kill me
This mental crucifixion
Has left me completely hollow
I can't find my way out, and even if I did
I'd have no path to follow
My dismembered thoughts are only getting worse
Death embrace me
Dispossess this pain
End my life and lift this curse
I whither within my hollow tomb
Scorned by pain. My sanity consumed

4. Two Piece

Desolated to a realm of destitute.
It's pathetic how this is all because of you
Gave up on sanity and peace of mind
Fantasies of suffering and violence is what's left behind
More baggage than I can carry at this point
So my thoughts spiral into this hateful void
Years of agonizing compromise
Wasted words giving way to dead eyes
Barren fields of memory; nothing will grow
Broken shards of empathy; your legacy bestowed
The tips of the daggers driven into my spine
It's the same as last and the time before that
Not enough of me left in tact
Disconnected from this shit world
Wasted words
Wasted breath
Nothing left
Gave up on sanity
Gave up on peace of mind
Making my fingers bleed
Digging up the strength to do what's right
Dirt under my nails
Adding more skeletons to my closet tonight
You wanted to find love hidden away
My heart is nothing but decay
My memories are dead
Shards broken further
When I exist in your head
Bite your fucking tongue
Shackled no longer,
I now live free.
Ties severed in two,
Free of memory.
Don't expect me to recognize you

5. Spitting Teeth

Revoking your abuse
Your defeat is absolute
Submerge yourself in what you deny
Self ruin blackens your eyes
Guilt shrouds your face
Knowing nothing but a bitter taste.
Compelled to an ever luring sickness
Adopting a new sight of weakness
You've lost yourself
Fantasizing empty aspirations
You've lost yourself
Penetrating your skin to fill the void
You've lost yourself
The queen of salt pawned her crown
Traded away her throne
For poison that buries within
The marrow of her bones
Corrupted mind, decaying flesh
Exhaling the chemicals you manifest
Corrupted mind, decaying flesh
Exhaling the chemicals you manifest
Feast until you bleed
Fulfill your selfish needs
Scar your body with the mark of salt
Captivated by substance
Lost in a sea of temptation
Your cries have peaked through the mountains
The scars are persistent
Why the fuck won't you listen
Denial of affliction
Torn by addiction
We will not salvage what we have lost
I have no patience for the your words
Your cries have been well heard
Just another plea to take
The damage is done
You hold your own fucking fate
Salt queen, you're just spitting teeth
Royalty exposed
Sickening; a junkies grin
Salt queen, you're rotting within
The echo of your deafening scream
Eternally haunts my dreams

6. Giving Up

Life hasn't found a way to kill me yet
Consumed in a way of constant dread
I give up
I can't find purpose
I remain alive with nothing to stand beside
Most find this as paradise
I don't see the twisted image that's in their eyes
I can't see the light
Hidden in a world of darkened clouds
I've grown tired of the torment
Pushing me to my limits
Pushing me
I can't see the light
Grey trees on rotting hills
Restless I falter
Pushed my limits
Unable to stand
On my own
Constantly losing sleep
No touch of sanity
I can't fucking think straight
I don't get it
I don't understand
I don't know why I even fucking try
I'm just fucked, I'm just waiting to die
No will to live
I'm giving, I've given up
No will to live
I've given up
I am the darkness
I am the negligence
Bound to my knees I've accepted my defeat
Chisle my name and inscribe the dates
Collect the rubble and build a monument of my life
Abolish me from this forsaken plane
My veins swell with anger
My focus fades, blood-lust and rage
My veins swell with anger
Sowing the seeds of violence
Sealing my coffin with my own tainted blood.
Once the bastard child, forever the dead man
Never rendering the emptiness
But slowly becoming the shadows
A man without salvation
Forever convicting myself
I stumble towards nothingness
I'm falling
I'm giving in
Witness my collapse
Watch my shadow disappear
I've grown tired
I'm tired of getting back up

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