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1. Holy City In Flames

The city of the three Gods is burning
Smoke rises from the Dome of the Rock
Church of the Holy Sepulchre is set on fire
The Western Wall is torn to pieces

Apocalyptic visions of the holy city
Getting rid of the pestilence
No trace is left of the fool
Who spoke in Aramaic tongues of his hallucinations

The five-pointed star shall triumph
Fight their holy war with war
Express your hate through violence
Let them feel your wrath

Burn the churches
Burn the synagogues
Burn the mosques
Eradicate all the poisonous weeds

For too long have their followers ruled
It is time to set the world on fire
And throw the veil of humanity aside
Chaos shall be the only law

2. Gates Have Opened

Inside my coffin I lay
Silent in slumber waiting
Waiting for the day of retribution
Waiting for the day of retaliation

I remember the dark past
I remember the cold altar
When human flesh was opened
And blood was let out

I remember the vortex before me
Gazing into the abyss
Gazing into the void
I remember now He called me

Visions of the dark past
Again I see the bloodstained altar
I feel the cold ice blade
Opening my veins

Overwhelming power
Pulsating black might
The gates have opened
Revealing the nothingness

Slowly I awake
Scratching the coffin lid

3. Lifeless Eyes

Blurred vision becoming clearer
Digging their own graves
With bare hands, bleeding fingers
Life will end today

Grave not deep enough
To cover the lifeless body
Will have to do for now
Life will end today

So many dead
So many will die
My flesh is strong
As is my will

Few are left alive
To spread the terror
Hands cut off
Eyes burnt blind

They shall be my disciples
They shall go forth
And spread the gospel
The genocide gospel

Lifeless eyes staring
Into the void inside
Women and children raped
Upon the dead

Cut open and left to bleed
Grotesque images
Screams of agony
Life will end today

They shall be my disciples
They shall go forth
And spread the gospel
The genocide gospel

4. Vivere Non Est Nescesse

Lost dogs of God
Wandering leashed
To the light of lies
To shadows of darkness

Leashed blind slaves with suppurate cadavers
With empty gazing eyes
They wander towards destruction
Vivere Non Est Necesse

Sheeps dare not to think
Tearing the odours of life
Damned ojnes embracing death
Quem Motuum Manu Miserat

Feeble-minded tremble with fear
Before their liberating death
Afraid to reach the other side
They march like slaves without destiny

Dominated, dethroned
Life harnessed for fear
Without warning
Like wolves they pray damnation

There was once light and God
And the kingdom of Heaven
Now there’s only death and darkness
Hell and no hope

5. Enter To The Pentagram

You who live in misery
You who grieve for past days of life
You whose heart is hard as rock
And wrath runs deep in your veins

Open your mind and find your innermost
Look deep inside the microcosm
See what your life really is
Sorrow, pain and misery

You who seek the black destiny
Free the howling beast from your heat
Cry out the spell of Black Gods
To get the answer from the God of Impurity

Come come join us
For we are the demons of eternal life
Pay the price with your life
And join us while you can

Emptiness in your heart
When life is bursting out of your veins
You’ll find a celestial netherworlds
Where infernal flames grow eternally

Pay the price with your life
And you’ll suffer nevermore
Enter to the pentagram
End your life

O glorious creature of the blackest night
Kneel down before the master’s throne
Offer your blood to Him
And suffer no more

Pay the price with your life
Strike down the ceremonial dagger
Open your eyes and see the light
Before you die

Come take my hand
Fly with me my child
See the world beyond the stars
To the dark endless

Lurk in the nocturnal shadows
And sacrifice onto me
That which I desire most
For you are mine

6. Unorthodox Incantation

There is place where blaze
He smiled and evil deeds appeared
We sing for flames
We sing for your glory

I remember the flames
In the kingdom of flesh
Those who saw, thought or heard
They know what we know

The cities were blazing
He smiled and evil deeds appeared
We sing for flames, for your glory
We preach love for those who saw

We are gathered here tonight
In the name of our Lord
In Nomine Dei Nistri Satanas
Luciferi Excelsis

O Great Lucifer
You are our mater
You and only you
You are our only God

We obey your will
We are your servants
We deny all other Gods
Churches and sacraments

Hic Est Jesus Christi
Hic Est Calix Volupatis Carnis
Ecce Corpus Jesus Christi
Dominus Humlin Et Pex Servorum

I am the whole who was borjn in empty cradle
I am the one whose becoming the stars predicted
I am the one whose heart is black as coal
I am the one who takes Satan’s unborn soul to its reeling aim

I am the one who will redeem
This world and send Christian souls
To their devastating destruction
I Demigod, Satan’s unbegotten son

Graveyards filled with blood
Churches in eternal fire
Blazing into the black night sky
Rising from graves and chambers

Priest crucified upside down
On the burning wall of sacharisty
Entrails spread into the burning flames
Portals straight to Hell

Darkness and suffering
There’s no salvation
No temple where to run and hide
The wrath-filled sermon

There’s no hope in light
No more love and peace
Forgiveness descends into oblivion
No remorse for the servants of light

Domine, Rex Infernus, Imperator Mundi
Introiso Ad Altare Domini Inferi
Domone Satanas, Rex Infernus, Imperator Omnipotens
Ego Vos Benedicto In Nomine Magni Dei Nostri Satanas!

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