Dark Lyrics


1. Seeds Of Pain

What matters the blood
That pours out of my wrists...
...if the sorrow that torments
My soul still consumes me?

I am own revenge, and behind the light
Where the shadows don't exist. I am
I am not an accursed poet anymore
Who fills up his mouth with blood, hate and blasphemy
Against everything and everyone
I just spread what's the truth in this world

The eternal pain

Severance madness revenge
Martyrium fear suicide
Suffering blood the death
All the hell of this world is contained
In the secrets of my mind
And it's not difficult for you
To try to disclose them
Cause what I say, is also destined four you...
And these severe words just confirm

My blood existence

2. Misery Of Existence

My blood dip very fast
Nothing I can do anymore
The act has been done already
Now only wait...

I start not fell my body
My hands sweating and cold
My body freeze fast
I try to move nothing else obey me...

What I did?
Only now I release
If I cold go back
Now come I left it happen
My life pass by my lays
Thoughts I can't even cry...

Everything is getting darker
I fell my last moment alive
My pain and agony not even...

3. Into Dark Ages

You try identify
Something inside
A dark abyss
But everything you
Perceive is the silence
Death and desolation

You try to question me
Mourning and sorrow?
There aren't answers four you
Cause only the ones that have got
The risen conscience
Can understand me

Illusion of your world isn't greater
Than my contempt four you
The falsehood that spurts out
Form your mouth
Will never be greater
Than the truth of my words

While you're still
Watching this black hole
You can't imagine the beginning
And the end are fixed in your mind
And now in the long cold nights
It's me who look at your image

And you can hear
My laughter and my cry

Maybe someday you'll understand
My pain but it won't be shared
Cause I'm an unique
Being in this universe

4. When The Ancient Come

5. Imperious Malevolence

An incandescent moon and dark clouds
Contemplate the earth whit harsh eyes
Reflexes of lightning in the sad skies
Are a proof of this severity

Beings dying in their stone cocoons
Trying to hide from the fury of the undefined
An earthquake that brings to the ground
Their mass of cocoons that no longer scrapes the skies
But crash the ones who built it
Whose belicist brains are splattered on the street

Cities swallowed by the fury of Neptune
Seas become deserts, deserts become glaciers
Glaciers melt

Humans face eternal martyrium
Dilution extermination of earthly races hunting genocide
Predators that don't kill induce to suicide
They've been sent to capture and kill
Homicide those who escape form the catastrophe
Destruction human race has no longer the right to live condemnation
A disinfection of the planet for a new civilization

Here's the rancor of death
Here's the eternal martyrium
Here's the gnashing of teeth
Here's the atonement in hell!!!!

6. No Return

Multiladed bodies
Deformed faces
Thousands agonizing
Claiming for the death
Many still trying
To find pieces
Of their own bodies
Spread everywhere, no return!!!

No body can act rational
There is no time for it anymore
Soon everything will restant again
Screams of pain and revolting all over

The only thing can be seen is the blood
The earth is red, no other color exist
The red dominate every side
The reason was lost in the middle of so many bodies
This time the destruction expected
Has been achieved, no return!!!

That's no way to stand up anymore
This war on everybody
Nobody will be stand up
To tell this history

7. The End Of Millennium

The end century is getting close
Many histories has been told
Taking us the end of the earth
What's true about it?
One thing is true
Everything is controlled

Millions delude themselves
In religions temples
Thinking that the salvation
Is in the bibles written by the man

Why everybody hide themselves behind
The histories and images pre-stablished
In step to believe in their own powers
No kind for politic power or religious

Can dominate the mind
You do the end of the earth
Is every action and thought of yours
The earth can be ended in the seconds
Only you can change this

8. Bloody Dawn

Fear devastate every body
Beasts hungry of blood attack again
Another victim of your madness
Does't breathe anymore
Everyday more bodies are found
Each time more awful death

In each dawn new ways of killing are found
Without knowing why
What makes these animals kill
Torture and lead their victims to the most deep pain

Agonizing until their last sigh
As their screams of pain were music
Music that conforts their blood thirsty souls
About to attack other victims

Faster than a lion who destroy it's prey
An endless way of slaughter
The nightmare doesn't stop
Tomorrow will be another survival day
There isn't mercy anymore
The route of death starts again

9. To Kill Or To Be Killed

Every instant happen disturbance
People degladiate themselves and kill the each other
Many times for no reason
Either for absurd motives
That's no way to stop it
It's a natural effect
From the self survivance
To kill or to be killed?

There is no more conscience left
Ignorance and hate dominate all
To kill or to be killed?
The death seems to be only way out

One way step to go no way
A trip without return
To kill or to be killed?
Would it be the solution?

10. A Complete Slavery

Crazy thing... Made in the name of your god
Manipulating... Ignorant people to abominable things
Looking only... For power and money

Temples have been build
To alienate the illusion
Controlling ever felling
Controlling ever thought

Absurd promises thought your mind
Your body and your soul
Religion the best way the man found
For his own alienation

Be careful... with your faith
Can take... you to a complete slavery!!!

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