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1. Burning

In feelings of pain and desolation
And with bitterness in my mouth
I say these mournful words
‘cause I don’t come here
As another one seer – I just see
The dead child gathering black
And radioactive flowers
In a black garden
And with the horizon so
Dark and without life

My future
Your future
Just me
Just you

Slowly – dying
For all the eternity of my existence
Burning – inside
In a black abyss, burn with me! Burn!!!

You had been damned
To the eternal solitude
Without witnesses
And this is your grief
Apocalyptic visions
Of the perpetual holocaust

But the situation turns upside down
Now you burn with my words
Forever and ever ...

[Lyrics Rafahell]

2. Nocturnal Confessor

Arising through the fire
The fire eyes that surround and condemn
Like a black thorn nailed in your heart
I see the grief painted in your eyes – staring

This time of war and sin
We abdicated light and love
On time of your suffering and sorrow
We execrate your decayed god

Kill me before betray me
Try and watch my victory

Arising through the storms
That in the means of his vortex
Reveal the secrets of death
This death that’s true and eternal life

Turning immortal sublime souls condemned
Which in cursed nights spreads the silence
Through the shine of the moon
Reflected in the blood of your carcass
Perception in ember – fainted by mystery

Kill me before betray me
Try and watch my victory

The weaks and cowards heritage
Is to be condemned to forgetfulness
Through Aeon
Is the confession of their suffering
Is their definitive karma

[Lyrics Rafahell]

3. Infernal Rites Of Terror

On the boundaries of loneliness
Where all my secrets are
Out of your reach
My thoughts confuse you
Making your reason blackened
Trapped in a gloomy atmosphere
I awake for death

Trapped in the ends of the inferno
Tragic and ghostly will of destiny

Infernal Rites of Terror

Opening the gateways of death
Dimension of sad memories
The Judgment Day is coming
Demonic spirits capture
Lives through death
Death through eternity
A black storm forever

That’s the beginning
Of an age of wrath
That’s the feeling
Of revenge and hate

Infernal Rites of Terror

Demonic spirits capture
Lives through death
Death through eternity
You’re trapped in a black storm

[Lyrics Rafahell]

4. Stained With Blood Again

Waiting for the end of your days
My world on fire will never be yours
‘Cause your promised land never was
And never will be this planet.

Understand, you can’t even see
The serpent that drags on Earth
Cursed is this path,
Where our black blood runs

We deny your dogma
We burn your symbols, Christ
In a unholy gathering
Surrounded by sulphur and blasphemy

Come to me, Nazarene
Your scourge will repeat again

Just like the centurions
That used powerful whips against you
We crown you with our hate
Leading the rebellious to madness
Denouncing lies upon your kingdom
Guiding souls to the path of temptation

Seeding the fury and insanity
Through Death Metal Attack

The sun that sets again
At the end of this evening
Tomorrow no more will raise
‘Cause once again nailed on the cross
you will see the Darkness Triumph!!!
Darkness Triumph!!!

[Lyrics Rafahell]

5. The Perverse Gods

Listen what I say
Lamentations and martyrium
Falling from the skies
Suffering and disease
Walking through this world
Is this promise of your god?
Black visions show me
The accursed day, the fall of heaven

Hell on earth
Fire in the sky
The opening of infernal gates
Peace? There is no peace
When your hypocrisy dominates you,
Pain and anguish.
My sorrow wasn’t created
To be understood, I suffer
But you will suffer too

Who are you???
Why so many suffering???
But my soul is immortal!!!
And your god is dead!!!

Now the ruins and the corpses
Aren’t yet only pale visions
Created by the shadow of death
The blood of your tears
Bathes the earth sphere
You’re blessed with forgetfulness
Here’s your Eternal Martyrium!

[Lyrics Rafahell]

6. Hell Hordes Attack

After years of complaisance in his dungeon
Here’s revealed your sentence
Wretched and harsh
Though fair for a weak
Into darkness
Where the Malevolence dominates

Guilty for your own actions
Charged by your own shadow
Now you scourge
Nourishes with blood
Spirits of a Dark Era

See the Nefheim gateways
Being opened
Legions of witches and demons
Now attack – Taking revenge with fire
On the persecution -In the inquisition

Feel the grudge that’s threw as anathema
Then heresy flows as chaos
Reaping lives – lewd dance
Desperated about Death

[Repeat 2nd verse]

Hell Hordes Attack!!

[Lyrics Rafahell]

7. When The Altars Fall

When the veil of the temple is torn
When darkness start to wrap the world
And all Christian altars fall
There will be the time

“There won’t be better days”

The star called misery
Hurls down unto the earth
You will can see the flaming skies
Now turns black
The sacred sign will be stained
With blood and tears

“There won’t be better days”

Despair and trouble
Come over us
That will be your time
Your world is lost.

[Lyrics Rafahell]

8. Seas Of Fire

Sometimes my thought goes by,
Without direction like me, but
With conviction in my heart
I have only lament and bitterness
And I observe you

And you still clamour and glorify
That one who doesn’t hear you
Perhaps for not wanting
To understand you
And the mankind suffers
Who are you Nazarene?

Only answers are not enough
Where not only damned
Are drowned into a Sea of Fire
And that truth be said
When you and I
Die in a Sea of Fire

Perhaps this world
is this tragic opus
That the author writes
it with his own blood
This blood that flows
infected with plagues
In his veins.

And does the man be born
Who in his dark cradle is breast-fed
By disease, and dreams about death
Under the shadow of despair
Now tell me,
Where are your Nazarene?

[Lyrics Rafahell]

9. Accursed Days

The black angel will fly
And leave until them
Ruins of sorrow
And a devastated land.

The sin is not our only crime
Just feel, you will suffer.
No mercy for the weaks
Just see, evil will prevail.

We are the supreme force
The immortal and invincible command
Made with brutal evil spirits
Playing the instruments of hell
And who lives in this desert?
It’s us, Dead Soul’s

Destroying everything
Killing everyone
Fucking everything and everyone!!!

We bring the shadows of war
We will reap your souls
Because if you wait the tempest comes
It will come to you and all after you
We have the salvation’s key
We have the condemnation’s hammer
Beware, your end is near

Kill, fuck and destroy [x4]

The virtual world around you
Gives only shit for your lives...

[Lyrics Antonio / Rafahell]

10. Friends Of Chaos Rule

Death gods, kings of chaos and madness
Transform me into a demon
Lead my souls wings
Towards your kingdom, of sin and fear

Once again the day is surrounded
By a Black Vulture
Banishing all the rays of the sun
That shines in the sky
Like it’s never really
Had a reason to exist
Demonic Dark Dimension
Satan’s Consciousness

Father of the bloody homicidal
Listen the grinding of teeth of a cursed soul
Father of the desperate suicidal
Embrace the soul of one castaway chosen

I still hear terrible screams
I am the true essence of horror
And in the delirium and spells of the night
The sea of disgrace goes on...

[Lyrics Rafahell]

11. A Titan Among The Giants

Beyond the gates of the horizon, I am
Where there is no light, neither
Life or lamentations, unluminous being
And the infinity is my time, in this place

Like a titan among the giants...

Then, reject your blindness, your armour
Because this was
Forget in your mind
And walk bound, for the fountain of death
Crossing the fields of sorrow and hate
Of solitude and bitterness
Of life and death
Gloomy and macabre, are the paths of life
My revenge, inherited by you

My words will be your words
Strong and sharp as the sword steel,

Where there is no light, neither
Life or lamentations, in this place
Beyond the gates of the horizon

[Lyrics Rafahell]

12. Arquiteto Da Destruição

Molestando seus filhos o bruxo conduz
Em sacrifícios almas ao inferno,
E negros espíritos assim rezam por Ele:

Pai Nosso e senhor deste mundo
Satanás será o teu nome
Venha queimar neste Inferno
(Onde) o seu tormento será eterno!

Assim, sem cristo, e pelo poder do diabo,
Mataremos em teu nome nesta maldita noite
E, do cálice envenenado cuspiremos
O sangue de cristo,
Sangue de cristo

Assim como massacramos os nossos inimigos
Nos deixei viver em tentação
E morrer em maldição!

Pai Nosso e senhor deste mundo
Satanás será o teu nome
Venha queimar neste Inferno
(Onde) o seu tormento será eterno!


13. From Eternal Vacuum Storms

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