Dark Lyrics


1. Abandoned


2. An Act of God

Pious, traitor, seducer of angels
Acts of sin committed under God
Unseen vile intrusion
While you bear your righteous cross
An acolyte's nightmare, perverted Holy See
Raping his angels beneath pontifical wings
Deceptive dark perversion
While you kiss the holy ring
Playing the holy
While feeding your demons
Pupil of God
Formed of a devil's soul
Acts of cruelty, acts of shame
Acts of torture, an act of God
Treachery within the house of God
Where the wicked hide amongst the saints
Stalking those of purest spirit
A predator's scheme of dark intent
Deceitful wolf adorned in cloths of faith
Ordain yourself in stolen souls
Pray for those you've preyed upon
While hidden away in secrecy
Acts of cruelty, acts of shame
Acts of torture, an act of God

3. The Age of No Light

Chaos breaks the silent air
A deadly threat upon us
Let fly your pernicious barbs
Initiate the bloodshed
This insane crusade
Tragedy of doomed faith
To violence we are slaves
Usurpers of this sacred realm
Shake the earth beneath us
Archangels stab with spears of hate
Our fragile world held hostage
Our foundation is frayed
Populace in disgrace
So blind to its disease
The dark you cast spreads slow and deep
Like God empowered kings at your feet
A furious maelstrom of fire and destruction will reign
Take us back to the age of no light once again
The death you bring runs far and wide
A God possessed, a world destroyed

4. Noose of Thorns

Black rays spew down from the heavens
Burning rampant through the flaws of man
Holy servants sworn to guide us towards salvation
Now fallen angels leading us to sin, leading us to sin
This fractured sect pierces through our conscience
Deliverance promised to stop our dark descent
This crowning vision, wrapped so tight around us
Chokes us all, as the thorns dig in, as the thorns dig in
Symbolic burden of pain
We wash our hands of your stain
This crown will fall and choke us all
A noose of thorns, a noose of scorn
When judgement calls
Will you be absolved?
Will you find your way?
Or be strangled by your faith forever
Constrict and tighten around our necks
Bleeding wounds, drown from within
Poisoned souls forever damned
A noose of thorns to keep us pure

5. Shed the Light

Monarch of useless ruin
Your fatal harvest grows nothing but human waste
With the blackest of tongues, like the power of the sun
You can give life or take it away
Conjurer of false illusion
Your tainted lies hold nothing but septic hopes
Wrapped in the trust of a shining cross
Will they ever shed this light and see
The truth
From your throne you've left us all to die
Inciting viscous whispers
Fall on willing ears
Sick obedience mastered
Strengthened by your fear
Wild and mindless furor
Your devout lash out in anger
Fierce relentless battles
Designed to make us suffer
Your promised light was the only way
But your path of myths brings darker days
Shed this light
Wake and rise
Shed this light
Wake or die
In the blinding glow of your craven prophets
They steal this precious life from within your veins
Peel away the rotten layers
And tear yourselves away from their torturous light

6. Blooded

Ritualistic urge
To dominate and purge
Sadistic rite of passage
Dissociate from all
Imbued with manic thoughts
Bring senseless terror so savage
Covered in their blood
Bask in primal rage
Drink deeply of their pain
Such willingness to taste
Cathartic throes of glory
The hunted will be slain
Unbridled acts of violence
Anointed in their blood
God's power you now hold as your own
Christened thief of chosen souls
Servant of death
Serving the highest
Emotionless spirit
Grants this trophy of pride
Harrowing visage, frozen in time, psychotic disdain
Creature of prey, the hunt goes on, now master of fate
Master of fate
Blood for the kill
Blood feeds desire
With rapturous fury
You take your first life

7. Overtures of the Wicked

Propaganda set ablaze
Shifting doubt and fear to rage
Antagonize our enemies into conflict
Another poison apple drops
We hate the taste yet eat it up
Death clears way for new acquisitions
Choking down disease and filth
Assassinations without guilt
Devolve into the devils wretched pawns
Discordant villains seed the earth
With famine, plague and war
Spiral downward, ever falling
Endless battles, hostility from which we cannot hide
Endless death, eradication brought down on us
Seething carnal masses awaiting night
Advancing closer, in somber hues of light
Poised and rabid, their armies thirst for life
Their venomous tongues numb us
With caustic hymns of glory
Our peaceful souls will slowly die
In their molten swells of fury
Conquer and divide
The weak and dispossessed
The ravaged flesh of apocalyptic quest
The wicked shall overcome us

8. Immoral Stain

We sleep eternal in our graves
Now all awaken to our screams
In ghostly winds our cries are heard
Our pain and suffering always known
Assimilate, exterminate
Pawns of Christ deny us life
We lie within cold folds of earth
The sky above us made of dirt
No light of day nor warmth of touch
Our severed bloodlines come to rest
Cleanse the world of our blood
Pawns of God steal our light
Invade their lives and rob their young
Wipe their minds and mother tongue
As cinders light the path ahead
Trickling down upon the dead
Flames of vengeance consume the night
Burn the devil's house for spite
Poisoned us with your disease
Raped of spirit, mind and body
Tortured, killed, to the ground we're fed
Bones to mark our hidden beds
In the darkened rays of holy light
We'll dig our graves before the dawn
Our mortal stain they will erase
Hide away in disgrace
Pawns of Christ dispatch your saints
One by one, until nothing remains

9. Incineration Procession

Towards the end we march
The flames call out to us
Unstoppable temptation
Our course forever locked
Chasing domination
Gave way to devastation
At a calming pace we've taken
All the steps to obliteration
A storm of immense cleansing flame
Incinerating all to blame
Screaming in pain as they burn
The crimes of man left in heaping piles of ash
Fire like rain will fall
Silence is given to all
Deities and demons no more
Innocence gone, shame on us all
From spark to flame to raging mass infernos
We lit the fuse and watched it grow to burn us
An ascending cloud of souls is all we've left
And with us goes a world of useless suffering
Marching on, ignore the signs
Thick ash above, blot out the sun
Marching on until extinction comes
Incineration procession

10. Broken Prey

Converging on us
With blood-soaked greed
Scouring the wastelands
On suffering they feed
The scent of death
Draws them near
The leeches take hold
Pick our bones clean
In a sea of human wreckage
Unfortunate souls
Left victim to the plight of man
As the tyranny of man is unleashed upon us all
We're cast into its dismal aftermath
A symptom of our gradual decline
Devouring all these broken lives have left
Beaten and ravaged they lay
The vultures circle their prey
Descending through smoke filled fires
The vulnerable will not survive
Revel in misery
To bleed us dry
The vermin strike at will
Swift in their attack

11. Derelict of Spirit

Penitent ones, self-righteous ones
Feigning remorse, yet persistent in sin
Obstinate ones, faithful to none
Displaying devotion, yet abandoning your god
Deceivers, deserters
Betrayers of light unfaithful in your hearts
Chasing old ghosts for your redemption
Sinful minds absorbed in self-desires
A dereliction of your spirit
Angelic ones, envious ones
Promising love, yet spreading their wings of hate
Liars, tempters
Betrayers of light unfaithful in your minds
Chasing old ghosts for your redemption
Driving the stakes into your savior's heart
A dereliction of your spirit
Superior, infallible, your arrogance disgusts us all
Mighty, high, above the rest, but no stones will you ever cast
Transgressors of sanctity, who are you to judge us
We abominate your holy faith until you prove us wrong
Blessed ones, holiest ones
Obsessive ones, devious ones
Malicious ones, destructive ones
Frightening ones, deadliest ones
Betrayers will burn

12. When Halos Burn

Grand majesty in full control
A perfect plan for us all
A balance kept throughout all time
Burning through every soul divine
Willing souls serve up to you
And the sainted ones will feast
In service to their gilded gods
Whose thrones they seek to reach
Take of the body, take of the blood
These sacraments of your lord
Focus on our flaws and shame
Intimidate, terrorize for gain
Crippled minds to warp and bend
To eternal fire the heretics we'll send
Hark, your hateful angels sing
Of pain, death and suffering
Awaiting signs of your sanctity
Forever pray on broken knees
Fed your bread, served your wine
These sacraments spit out in vain
In the darkened rays of your holy light
Scorching us all as your touch ignites
We pray, we fight, we die
We hold your sacred sigils high
Upon our backs your cross we bear
Upon your heads these halos burn
In the darkened rays of your holy light
Scorching us all as your touch ignites
Oh, sainted ones, oh blessed sons
Cast down in flame when halos burn

13. Let the Darkness In

I've known true anguish
I've once felt light
A broken spirit, I stand alone
My fortress of one
The past has brought me back to this place
I'm drifting lifeless once again
Lost beneath a shroud of night
The sun's warm rays never in my sight
This taste of black on my tongue
Can't erase the things I've done
My fortress of guilt
I hate what I am
No pain is greater than the truth
This pounding, pounding in my head
I cannot let them in
My inner demons taunting me
I must not lead them here
Lead me out of the light
Bring me into the
Darkness creeping close to me
I feel its numbing grasp
I know its cold emphatic call
I cannot break its spell
Lead me into the dark
Bring me closer to
Malignant spirits have entered my soul
Let the darkness come inside again
Departing life
My tormented soul
Submit and die
Let the darkness in

14. And the Flames Wept


15. Apostle

From the bloodied altars
Of the wicked king
Come poison doctrines
Of Godless rage
From the fetid gutters
Of sickened minds
Come corrosive diatribes
Aimed to destroy
Lead them to madness
Let me haunt you with these words
This chorus of evil
Resounding, dark, triumphant
Worship and trust, devote yourselves to us
Murderous lust, follow through you must
In flashing scenes of horror
Come pestilential storms
Piercing placid dreams
Awoken by our thunder
Explosive bursts of death
Bring coffins to the earth
In chaotic waves of hate
The skies rain down our venom
Sacrifice, the hounds will bleed
Crippling fear, bait them with terror
Growing beneath, our roots, so far will reach
Programmed to destroy, our perfect soldier
Forever the monster
Our secrets held deep
After the purge
Their silence will keep
Lead them to sorrow
Through taunting cryptic verse
This chorus of pain
Resounding, dark, triumphant

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