Dark Lyrics


1. Crosses In The Sand

Drowning in water where no one ever hopes to sail
Visions growing darker every day
When we look at where we are
We're sinking fast between the ocean and the sand

Drowning in a metaphor the quicksand pulls you under
There we see a soul that never lived to cry… why?

Living everyday only to regret, but you were given a choice
Something you cannot forget
All for one, for nothing, you are not to blame
It never saw the world… there was never life to hate

Playing God today, giving life a second chance
Why do you pity what was never born to be?
Living in shame is not what he would wish to see
“’Tis better to give than to take away.”

Forgive yourself today, let’s embrace tomorrow hand in hand
No lives were ever taken, they're all crosses in the sand
Let the waves wash them away, here and all across the land
In your new Independence Day, pray for the crosses in the sand

Maybe ten, twenty, even thirty years
He'd be another dead man walking
Stepping off the ledge "never to be saved"
If God so forgiving, then he would understand
Sometimes a "choice" is better to be made

2. Human Angels

Meditating in the morning rain at the center of the storm
Safe and sound at the beginning of our new world
Surrounded by Earth, water and bright eternal light
Another chapter in this man-made paradise

A burning sun heals the wounds we bled for so long yesterday
Falling tears from above, cleansing the bright blue sky
Surrounded by tranquil waters leading from infinity
Savoring this moment so reborn in time

Meditating without pain...
Healing the wounds we've suffered for so long

Breathing celestial air I have drifted so far away from home
Fate has carried me away onto distant shores
I cannot foresee what the future will bring for me
Time will tell, for now God only knows

Meditating without pain...
Healing the wounds we've suffered for so long
And today... comes the rain
Sailing through oceans of lifelong memories

Holding on with no will to fight
Tomorrow is just a dream away
Praying for that guiding light (no will to fight)
Rising above and to lift them away
Human angels, reflections from beyond
Bringing new life to those long gone

Remember, you are never alone
I am here to carry you when you fall
For we have seen the errors in our ways
Rewarded with tomorrow and another day

Meditating without pain...
Healing the wounds we've carried so long
And again... comes the rain
Sailing through oceans of lifelong memories

Forever is just a dream away, but…
...the dream is still alive

3. Tribal Scars

The red sun is still burning
War paint is drying
Warm rain is falling from a cloudless sky
War dance under moonlight
Great Spirit, give us sight
Until the morning sun ignites

Dance with me and the rain will fall
Around the fire, we'll pray ‘til dawn
Heal your wounds and breathe new life
Now your war is over… inside

Moonlight is fading
Now dawn is breaking
Can you feel the scars through my words?
In a tribe where I never wanted to be
In a tribe where I never want to leave

Blood still flows from our scars

Twilight skies ablaze- turning dusk into dawn
Moonlight seas of haze- crying through song

I’m just a feather in the Great Spirit's hand
The poet- write your words through me
I’m still holding on by a thread so thin
All that remains is my one and only dream

Twilight skies ablaze- turning dusk into dawn
Moonlight seas of haze- prophecy through song
Twilight skies ablaze- rain dance under starlight
Moonlight seas of haze- life begins at daylight

4. Dreams Unbroken

It seems like forever since I last heard your voice
I'd dreamed of it so many times only to awaken
Now time has healed the pain, again I see you
As I did when I was young

And I prayed the silence would end

You have more life in you now
More than I'd ever seen before
Now the years have passed and the wounds have healed
But we never said we were sorry until today

Let time forget the sadness
Put the past behind, carry on with our lives
Let time forget our pride
It took years for me to say…
You are the one I always wanted to be, now I am

I see you as the one I always remembered
You were there
The tide carried us back home

I cry... just like you
I feel pain... just like you
I laugh... just like you
Why did I carry this weight for so long?

So many years of words unspoken
Today, all dreams are unbroken

5. Sorrow's End

She dreams of visions that come to be
She hears the voices of pending reality

Waiting for silence, the whispers so consuming
She awakens in tears, but the images remain
(Then) fade away, fade to gray, to return another day

Premonitions of our fate, so burned within her mind
To escape would change the course
Of our future and our past

She'll tear the stars from the sky and hold them in her hand
For the day when her sorrow will end
… Sorrow shall end

“Listen now, listen well, listen to what you fear…
“Listen now, listen well, listen to you cannot hear”

The sight is changing
If I could change what is to be…
Then why can’t I hold you next to me?
I don’t want to hear them anymore…
Please take them away… the “voices”

She'll tear the stars from the sky and hold them in her hand
But no one would understand...
… Sorrow shall end

But I will never see her, never see her again
I will never hold her, never know her again
Never see her, never feel her again
I will never touch her, never love her again

6. Rebuilding The Ruins

"Temples and ivory towers that once stood tall
Now lie in ruin
With shattered icons and broken dreams
Here they are... the servants"

On this day when all our heroes have fallen
Justice has become a fading memory
One day our stones will shatter your glass castle walls
When time and the elements have taken their toll

Frozen hearts, so enslaved
A dying wish only to be free
Blood of the life forsaken

Mutiny breeds as we awaken from this dream
But the usurpers are still playing God
Justice will soon end their reign over our world
Dreaming through the years our voices would be heard...

Tell me who will wear my crown of thorns today?
Will we ever be saved or…
Are we destined to drown in our own misery?
Don't let go, never let go
I'm not sorry for dying

Prayer brought another hero
With strength beyond our years
Putting faith in his name
Will end the tyranny today

Rebuilding the ruins

Fallen sand castles and broken clay soldiers
Lie before me on this warm spring day
Now tables are turned, and life is breeding justice
Retribution only a heartbeat away

What once were ruins are again towers standing tall
Rebirth for the ones who deserve
Time will heal all wounds
But only faith can rebuild our ruins
Rebuilding the ruins

7. My Stigmata

You cry my wounds, I bleed your tears
Thorns in my soul, wearing your crown for years
You are my brightest night, I am your darkest day
We are tomorrow, bonded by blood today

I am the only one that you have seen, that you believe in
You are the only one- I let you see inside my dreams
We have nothing to grieve

You see me how I wanted you to see
And you’ve become what I intended you to be
We are so different yet one in the same
But I never wrote the rules to this game

You are the only one- I let you see what I can conceive...
In the end we stand alone and you still choose to believe
We have the only means to shine our light and rid the disease
In a dying world we are the holy trinity

If I would ever let go, would you still believe?

Now I am wearing the crown of thorns so invisible to me
I bleed the wounds from my hands and feet for you
Open every day of my life

My stigmata... wounds I've never bled, scars of humility that yearn
My stigmata... chasing the dragon, just to watch him burn
My stigmata... tears I've never shed, cries of serenity have won
My stigmata... trinity blood red, another hero unsung.

"Help me to remember... to find the place that I once knew
Renew my hope, mend my faith
I see myself in you as I see you so much in me
My wounds are so open, my soul filled with uncertainty

When will I bear my cross or is that something I haven't deserved?
Humility so subdued- my imperfections show through
It seems the day has come for you to carry me once again
Now one set of footprints now appear in the sand."

"I have carried you in times when you knew not what to do
I have watched you from the day when you first opened your eyes
I let you make mistakes, learn so you would grow
I will carry you once again, for your one last lesson learned

It will not be long before I see you again
It will not be long before you will carry another
Now return to the place you once knew
Today there are 2 sets of footprints in the sand
Welcome home again..."

[MAN:] "I’m so afraid… I can’t carry on.”
[ANGEL:] “I will be here to guide you until the end.”
[MAN:] "But why must I hold the weight of the world?”
[ANGEL:] “Soon you will know, so never give in.”
[MAN:] "My heart is with you.”
[ANGEL:] “And mine is with you.”
[MAN:] “All of my dreams and all that I’ve seen shall become what I am soon to be.”
[ANGEL:] “Hold onto me my child, and never let go.”
[MAN:] "We are one."
[BOTH VOICES:] "We are one in the same"

8. Native To His Land

We shall not cease from exploration
And at the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
[--T.S. Elliot]

Back to a place and time when I was young
In a simple world so far away
All the memories coming back to me
Made me what I am

The land I knew for so very long
I had to leave but never let go
Time has passed again here I am
Where the story began

Life had taken this world away from me
Through wiser eyes I see
Home to my new native land
But so foreign to me

Where I roam, where I cry
Where I sleep, where I will lie
Where I dream, where I survive
Where I believe, where I'm alive

This land- my native land, once upon a dream
I saw your towers standing so tall
This land- my native land, ruined remains
Fallen before me, lying at my feet

Full circle, here I stand
Once a boy, now a man
I returned to a new native land
Now I can move on

This land- my native land, once upon a dream
I saw your towers standing so tall
This land- my native land, and today I know
My time has come to let go

9. Children Of Autumn

Small, fragile hands wielding heavy stones
Trying to break the glass cages that surround them
With no one to comfort and no one to protect them
Their loneliness carries a heavy weight

Are we so tired that we refuse to run the course?
And are we so blind that we forget what is in our hearts?

Autumn brings dusk to life, the endless night
But there is still time to mend the wounds you bear
Why haven't I fought for you, my one and only regret
Time cries for you, my tears will never forget

Are we so cold that we ignore helpless life?
And are we so naive to think someone else will save them?

The days are gone when I believed that man…
Would keep the flame alive
A cold heart will never warm
The children for another night

A “man”, lifting the weight of the world
Never to see it all again
Shining our warm light
Onto a cold, desolate night

We cannot bring back what is gone
But we can save all that remains

How can you face the day
When you can live unseen at night
And hide behind your selfish pride
While the children of autumn cry

Today I shed my human skin
And spill my blood for the animals I live among
For the animal I have become
On this judgment day of my brothers, I am their keeper

10. On Elevated Ground

Last night I had another dream
Again at the edge of eternity
Looking down below at our world
A new sight overwhelming me

If I could play God, then I would create a different world

You call me a hero but I'm only a man
And I still bleed the same as you, for you... who knew?
Sometimes when you see me smile, it's only a facade
Holding it in but crying so deep inside

I know I can never be what you think you see... but I try
If I could play God, I would create a world...

…Where tears become laughter
…Where sadness is no more
…Where peace conquers fear
…Where sounds of war are silenced
…Where feast will end famine
…Where love will fill the world
…Where summer skies are never gray
…Where autumn leaves will never fall
…Where we will live eternally

Here, on elevated ground we walk
Through valleys of the shadows of life
Where love will be all and love will end all

Through Utopian skies we pray
Over the cloudscape above the rain
We can watch the world from miles away

11. Images Of Eden (Sunlight Of The Spirit - Part IV)

In this ethereal light we meet again
It must be forever
So welcoming but it is not my time
I must return

So many visions I see of tomorrow
What is lost is never gone
Questions we have, answers we'll find

I believe the end is never really the end
I believe this life is not the only one
I believe there is another world for me (I've been there before)
I have seen eternity

Somewhere far away angels are dreaming (waiting to see us again)
Somewhere far away angels are flying (on their way home)

I've learned all that I will know
Given all there is for me to give
I guided the way, I bore the truth
Given life back to what was gone
You gave me the world
Now the time has come for me to see you again
Now I now know where I am to go
Today God is playing God

This is goodbye but not farewell
For the end is never really "the end"
We will one day meet again
And fly together hand in hand
After the show when we take a bow
And walk away from this world,
Without a tear, regret or fight
We'll exit this grand stage we call "LIFE"

"I watched you from the day that you were born
Now it is time to see you again
From the first emerald rain
To the embrace of our spirits
Your message there is done
Your time at last has come."

Warming light surrounding me
The astral sun is blinding my eyes
Vertigo consuming me
My soul is beginning to lift away...

I hear my angels from Heaven calling me
Ready to take me away to their islands in the sky
I once feared this moment as a child
But eternal life is before me

Here I am standing tall...
Reaching for the clouds, staring at the sky
I have spread my wings ready to fly
With my very last breath of life I cry...


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