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1. Cold Summer

The month has passed, temptation is strong.
Will I see your face again?
The screen is an illusion.
I’ve missed you more than ever before.
This distance is eternal.
My return is evermore.

…And I will wait for the night.
An everlasting sleep…
When you are here with me…
When you are in my dreams…

…And I will wait for the day.
An evanescent heat...
Out of the cold summer…
Once again we’ll meet.

2. Temptation

Mother - Put the blade down.
Don't take us with you.
We're not alone.
The state of psychosis…
We will overcome.
Mother - Put the blade down.

Father - Look what you've done.
Why did you leave us?
We're dying tonight.
She gave into temptation.
She lost all love.
She lost all hope.
She took our lives.

3. Sarim

In these harsh lands, we envision - a place where we can fulfill our dreams.
And after all these long, harsh years – we embark our Westward journey finally.

And I want to see. I want to believe.
And I want to feel the land touch the seas.

4. Into The Pleiades

A place in time where one was two.
The night reveals the silhouette of you.
The stars above shine in the skies, the lunar light glows in your eyes.
When will we find graceful solitude?

All I want now is your love and now we have to drift apart.

The road’s been long.
These past two months.
Though I shall wait – the time will come.

5. Wonder

I wonder what we could have been.
I can’t believe that we just let it go.
We could have fulfilled it all.
We were so close to reaching our destiny.
We all shared the same dream, right from the start.
We’re all disillusioned – it all fell apart.

6. Grandeur

Climbing your way back through
the distance, the cold, it’s pressuring you.
Icicles pierce through the skin. The rope it’s twisting.
You’re falling.
Who can hear your cries for help?
No one
You are alone - isolated.
You are alone but not trapped forever,
Light is above, arms reach for the skies.
Underground is your past full of lies.
…A new beginning, a youthful life.
Time weeps slowly preparing your sacrifice.
You’re conscious – slowly fading.
The sands of time are breaking.
Your face is masquerading,
A grandeur transformation.

Revive the worlds lost nations.
Left only for the sacred,
Left for the one true master.
You are now immortal.

7. Origins

Our lives were spent recluse from the outer world –
forging your ambitions, funding your decisions against our own intentions.
Does the gold help you now?
My land is now in ruins, a pillaged inquisition.
I’ve witnessed and I’ve lost it all – What curse is upon me to bring such dread to this place?
Saradomin, Saradomin - answer my prayers.
Guthix, Guthix - find me balance.
Zamorak, Zamorak – I’m desperate for strength.
Oh, I call to you Gods - I beg of thee
for the darkness and the light to protect me…
An Imcando dwarf - a servant I shall be.
You gave me life.
I found a purpose to serve and create.
I found my reason, I found my fate.
…A time for new beginnings.
…The end of an era.

8. Anthropos


9. God Of Chaos

Let them bathe in blood.
High above, they’ve been there too long.
In given time, my reign shall come.
The bringer of chaos has now returned.
The stronghold of Lumbridge shall perish and burn.

The flag of horns shall rise today.
The price of light now has to pay.
Justice: I have daunted this day.
The darkness now brought forth, before my eyes.

Devour the day. We conquer tonight.

[Both:] Now is the end of your life.

The flag of horns shall rise today.
The price of light now has to pay.

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