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1. Going Down

I'm going down, just needed to say
With the feeling over, all out of the way
And I can see you're hurting
Even more than me
When the system tatters, trying to break free
Let's go

You simplify, all of my lies
When you tell our friends, that I'm dead

Going down, sing again
When the price is in
As I feel the pressure
Pumping through the veins

Going down, sing again
And without a friend
You will have me crawling
Through the streets tonight

I'm going down, in every way
As a slave to your hand, let me pray
And I can see you're smiling
Laughing over me
Let's go undecided

2. The Way We Choose

With a hunger to see
To find out, what you heard about
We move, just you and me
We go to places out of reach
Finding what others left for weeks

And we will share within ourselves
Come let us join another fool
The evening wearing as we melt
Into mirrors of a ghoul

The darkness hanging all the time
Above our faces turned away
Existing only in our minds
Then again, that's where we hide


And we will share within ourselves
Come let us join another fool
The evening wearing as we melt
Into the way we choose

3. Light In The Dark

In every sad way
I still look at your name
Why won't you join us?
How could you leave?

When will you see, when will you find out
Stop asking where we should be
I lost my place in life
When will you find out, if I am the one
Just set me free
Be my light in the dark

You're such a mess now

At my grave, you will kneel
Come to rest, but feel no loss
You share no wish to be
Set me free and I'll leave
Pending, never look back
I need you to stay

You forget who I am

Invading in my way
And forgetting your name
Never to join us
How could you leave?

4. I Am What I Am

[spoken words in Danish]

Another part of me, waits inside that room
Forever held against my own way to live
My body shakes the head, and thoughts are dripping out
Inspire you to take them in or throw them out

Help me, to be
Chase away my fear and despair
Order, to see
Look into my eyes, set them free

Let not my mind go astray
Do recall the way we should play

Think how the magic would be

In different times I could have waited for you
I would be willing to evolve
But now it seems no matter how I try
Progression stops and I resign, to fall

Fear not what others dismay
I am what I am

Decisions lead to pain
Like all the others we gain from this
Hell, take it down, children of hate
From me you spawn, it's not too late
And all the others are to blame
Look for truth in your domain
Take it like a man
To be honest, all you can

5. Tugging At Your Heart

For nothing at all
I will join in your life
Put together the pieces
You have puzzling my mind

I drink to your soul
I live in the night
An essence of evil
Preparing to fight

So let go
Feel the way we move
Tugging at your heart
Like I always do

To be at my will
Not feeling so tall
Defining the way
Avoiding to fall

Sentence the dead
To stay in the dark
You need to accept
And carry the mark


My final goal
Not to go back
The mind of a fool
Racing in my head


6. A Dreaded Pursuer

This is not a game - I've already lost
I'm being followed in the dark

In my domain, will not return
And harmony, won't let me win
Your silent scream
Feed off my heart
The heating sun
I burn along

Don't come for me
I won't be here - anymore

I tried to discover
I went to another, soul taker

We will save, what will not die
In charity, my end completes
This lullaby, I sing for you
This heating sun
Will burn my love

Don't come for me, I won't be here
My victory, nobody cares

Giving time, for what it is
Doing less, my innocence
Lost love, lead the blind
Bury dreams, in your mind

7. To Be Dealt With

Enjoying private time
Sent away to explore this hole
In which we're digging hard
Only finding evidence, that you're away

And so her brothers came
Suddenly, we could feel again

Posing not just as a threat
Also a way to regret now
Keeping us all within your reach
To be dealt with quickly

In god we trust
To come and save all of us
Will shine for you
Will tell the whole world what to do


With the love I have for you
Will go insane
There is no difference
In the way, we feel the same

Stop running, turn around
Play the game - do it now

8. On A Clouded Morning

The thought of denying
Never crossed my mind
Of people crucifying
I feel you all the time

Because you are my hate
Refusing the ring
I can't even argue
On a clouded morning

A slowly acceptance
Now closer to god
The parting of angels
My kind has no blood


You'll have me dead
It's not like, you'll fight
There's a sight, I'd love to see

I see you coming
Leaving me, violently
Dare to be, on your way

The faith of your hand
Controlling the game
And acting a man
Will have my revenge


9. No More Devil To Show

This is how we rule purely
Riding again
And to fail we are sure
There is no end

No more devil to show
Knowing what we repent
In the light of our dark
Will be no giving in

Be the might of my sword
Killing again
To deliver the fight
And to win

Rising in your eyes, the fear I know
You are in the dark, acceptingly over


I can see that you're waiting
Begging again
Taking over your heart
Freeing the pain

10. The Plan

Uncertainty - belongs to me
The way it feels - confirming it
Inspired mist - enfolds the land
The devils plan - now unveiled

Fire, burning down our souls, we crumble
Evil, starting to take toll, on me
Mortal, will forever die, tonight
You show, a hellish force of might, seance

The poles have been reversed, you look alive

Liar, you deserve my worst, beating
Crying, empty out your heart, dripping
Make out, tell me how I feel, endless
Remain, stay here in the light, forever

Talking, spitting out my words, hurtful
Inner, visions left for god, anger
Army, fighting on my side, battle
Calling, cutting through my sight, simple

I have no feelings here at all, you feel alive
No one remembers my embrace, not at this time

Seeking words of wisdom, joining minds
Expiring system, hands of time


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