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1. Your Own Best Companion

In control I never was
That would take another year - with you
But I don't have any more time
I'm on my way out your door - it'll never last

And I'm going down
Don't care at all
I see you burn in hell
Burn - I'll see you burn

It's like a fantasy outlived
Burn your way alone
Your own best companion
It's all you where

Take care
Take care and burn

To smart to notice anyone else
Involved in nothing but yourself
And yet again so short on knowledge
Guess your brain went away with apathy

Burn Burn Burn Burn

And I'm going down
Don't care at all
I see you burn in hell
Burn - I see you burn burn

2. Heaven Forbid

Teach me, plant the flowers
Embed the dream of you and I
Shower me for hours
My mind has so many things I wanna see
I can't deny my feelings - but I will deny the cross
My path of solitude
Are spoken by the few
Who'll never come to terms
With what happened here tonight

Heaven Forbid
Denial is decay
Suffer loneliness
Suffer, Souls, closer - to God
Flesh, burn, control - by God
And his flock
They can all rot

Feel me - break the chain
Important feelings are dead
Then again, Heaven Forbid

3. Our Words Betrayed

You call my name
It sounds like Summer
My feelings are uptight
But they'll survive

We speak again
Not with each other
Though I must admit
We shared good times

Good, times, Rome were built
Words, thrown, fall betrayed
Our, faith, just collided
We, feel, so alone

Our words betrayed
A constant nightmare
All feeling are exposed
We stay alive

I need your help
Confirm you're frightened
Bring down the barrier
Of broken dreams

4. The Taste Of You

And when we dream
Converted nightmare
Words are shallow
You never cared
And when we touch
I'm never frightened
I need the taste - the taste of you

When I submit
You are my master
This is no game
We never play
I'm so lost
Have you noticed?
All for the taste - the taste of you

There is no love
In your heart
Forceful emotions
I am betrayed
And I feel sick
There is a cure
Inject the taste - the taste of you

Let me home
Between your legs
Where I belong
Where I provide
No more rejection
Never alone
I miss the taste - the taste of you

5. As The Day Rottens

Feel me, flirting
Soulless, searching
In chaos, hatred
Finding only God
And nothing remains
In my despicable life
As I reach for the cross
Carry my name

Satan, follow
Peaceful, hollow
Addiction, needy
Housing only me

All my pitifulness

We are exposed
Another ingredient
Rotten my day

Heal me, structure
Shameful, burning
Instructions, whisper
Tearing up my flesh
Pouring all my will
Into your will
Now cease to exist
Rot and decay

6. Reality To Fall


7. Step Into My Winter


My footprints are bigger than yours
In all aspects of life
To follow, to feel, to be one
I need you to be more than this

I need your promise
That you will try
To see the world
Out of my eyes

This is my winter - I'm all depressed
Be a witness to my decay
Don't need to promise me anything
Just do this- you shouldn't think

Of evil destruction - you feed from my veins
I see that you soon are learning
The sentence is above your head
Just close your eyes - and fly away

8. Rape

When a girl who never lies
Start spilling from her eyes
You better listen in respect
Could be the worst one yet
And this girl who've never done
Other people any wrong
Are led to her defeat
Revenge what he did

From what she said, and all you know,
don't turn the cheek
He can't escape - revenge, revenge
Is all you can bring, - is all you can

You need to take a life
When no means no
And the barrier broken
Your time to heal
All the pain - don't throw it away
And the pig will scream
Carry out the plan

You shouldn't go
Where has been denied
And the barrier broken
The time will tell
Do I let you live
Prepare to be - Castrated

9. Sunday Black

15 years ago I saw it coming
The end of things that were - what are we coming to?
I saw the evil, lurking in the shadows
Protecting me so violently - killing on a Sunday

And in this place of mine, you're coming through
Laughing, teasing, spitting, biting - all for you
To sail away in darkness, is what we do
Never cared what others said - killing on a Sunday

And when we laugh - we laugh at you
Our minds are black - shining through
Always together
Now and forever

You'll never sail this boat of evil will
Twisting, turning, slave of me (I pay the bill)
And you depend on me - it's what you can
Of innocence and mockery

15 years ago I saw my love
The end of me, but hard to see - it wasn't all my fault
But here came evil - follow my path
Sleep with me endlessly

10. We

Music never stopped knowing the way
If lies are planted we weed it out in the
Music all we had - all we feared
Cigarettes are burning, at night we look so pale

So pale as we inhale
We care not, better look away
This represents all that you hate

We - it won't be long
This is all we lust
The circle starts and ends with us
We - we sacrifice
All of your normal lives
In the need to be together - We

Hateful, control undeniable
We reap the fruit of what we saw, it's coming back
Hateful in silence spoken the words
Meant to hurt - and do nothing else

To plant the seed of disbelief
To implode
Where feelings rule - where we take over

11. Alone

[Bonus Track]

Soon the sick part is here
The part where I must feel
Awakened by my thoughts
Of the impending end
Alone - I face the cross
I have no friends - not here

Carry on - you die alone

My desperation grows - It's showing
Ill tempered, Ill disposed - of the forgotten
Temptation has no fear
Decisions all come near

Carry on - all by yourself

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