Dark Lyrics


1. Purity Of Sadness

I sense the darkness
To me it's real
And so the purity of sadness
For me a better deal

When you think of the devil
You better think of me
Your own best companion
The only way to be

The gods pause
To contemplate your fate

Take a look at the horizon
Tell me what you see
The sun may never rise
Should have got a tan

A rush in your commitments
A tale to leave untold
My strength will only witness
Heartstrings turning cold

Fading light through your windows
And the passage far beyond
Be truly as your mind goes
Be truly when you're gone

2. A Frame Of Mind

As the man I am, I dislike
More purities and feelings send
Into the extacy I hate
Nobody controls me
Maybe it's because nobody wants to

They watch the terror
In a maze full of gray we shall rest
Incomplete, fictive mirror
Enchanting the way, I do at my best

When a man disconnects, he will lie
A tale telling meyhem inquiries leading
The poor suckers brain
I'm one of those men
But hey then again: Who's to say

Grey is coming, a broken frame

On the cross, my mirror
Unattended my body decays
A future loss, aching nearer
Soon I'll meet the boss

[The band is talking:]
- Der var et eller andet, jeg syntes der var et eller andet med...
jeg spillede helt ved siden af, jeg tunkte kun på den dukke der
- tihi
- Jeg syn... lagde du ikke mærke til hvor mange riffs jeg spillede forkert?
- Jojo

[which translates to something like:]

[- There was something, I thought there was something about... I was]
[playing all wrong... I was only thinking about that doll, you know]
[- (laughing) Teehee]
[- I thin... Didn't you notice how many riffs I played wrong?]
[- Yeah, sure]

3. Vesuvio

Vesuvio, Mafioso, IllDisposo: Cosa nostra
Fantasia uno bandito, mava fan colo
Don stattU: Tu esi grosso

[Is said in Danish: "Her, det er en meget, meget stærk ost"]
[which translates to: "Here, it's a very, very potent cheese"]

4. The Hidden Ache

Bitter modern child, with your dreams tugged around you
The dreams so cold, they are mine
With the prospects they haunt you
My ache is hidden
In read lights I see you, and your hate

About time you found me
Your hand in mine
In dark rooms we're hurting
Through hidden times

All hail to the forgotten past
They took me equally with kings
So you're learning, soon becoming my pupil
In the darkness I'll teach you
I'll make you man

In moistful mornings through the only path
Stating I never want your wings
Never argue, never compromise
Wide from mine the hidden ache

Do wonders to realize all the questions you may have

5. Memories Expanded

Grey sky over black town
The rain, has set me wondering from here
Through pain, slowly watching the decay

A timeless victim of inner strength
With memories expanded

Into the graves my friend
(they are meeting at the graves tonight)
Just decay

And new rising enters my eyes
Faded passions unlimited:
You're much to grim
But I'll slæve you I seng

[Note from JP and OW: "Slæve you I seng" means "drag you to bed" said (and]
[spelled) in the dreary dialect that is spoken in rhus (well, Stilling, a]
[village outside rhus) where the singer of IllDisposed is from. Grim (which]
[is spoken in Danish) means "ugly"]

Now that my love is gone

6. Slow Death Factory

Buying time too blind to see
My figure staring back at me
I wish my death would crack my shell
I wish to God, I wish to Hell

All this time I swore my faith
To what was bad, I contemplate
A session made, a circle hard
A ring of evil taking part

Too unlikely I will live
Another day nothing to get
I wish my death would crack my shell
I wish to God, I wish to Hell

Too unlikely I will live
But who gives a fuck anyway

The darkness: Mine
Forever: Time
The pain is: My game
The game is: My pain

Come with me I'll show you all the wonderful sights
Blessed are thee, who ask not about the blinding
White lights
Join and you will, all that you will, and you will
In the sentence I'll give you, you'll find me

7. Submit

I've climbed your mountains
Sailed down your seas
I've seen the sunlight set in your eyes
I filled with lies

Now, can you help me?
Regain my sights
Fill me with what I need
To make my life complete

Strange follows
Strange follows me
Plain and hollow
The strange that you see

I'm pushing
Pushing harder, pushing

Nobody told me
Led my own life
Nobody said a word
as silence became my friend

No fertile future
You better submit
Stop praying, the infinite saying
That God is bigger than me

8. Flogging A Dead Horse

Head thunder lights
My feelings distorted
I sense the pleasure, the goat in me


Start flogging the fuckin' dead horse
You know you want to
Start fuckin' the flogged dead horse
You know you've got to

Stare, smile, beat the tradition up
Back to basics a time full of me
Still, smile, return to the wombs
A nineties' caveman to be

Back to basics, the heavy basics

9. Die Kingdom

Lost inside, false memories
Of feeling Hades
You'll feel in vain

Atrocities yet awake
Die kingdom
Die all that's fake

You all forget what they are here about
Long awaiting life that second time
You lie
Maybe wrong, but will never quit
Descend in time to enaqued
And mainly sentimental

1996 Pavement Records

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