Dark Lyrics


1. Sense The Darkness

They find a pleasure in killing
The things we love
They torture
I sense the darkness
I sense the pain

And we are innocent - again
Our lust for life is at an end

Inside the church we're hiding
Seeking revenge but do not say
No one will challenge the cross
Unless I make a stand

I am the SUMMER forgive me
Forget the lies that you've been told
The fields are open there is light
In this we satisfy

2. Eyes Popping Out

Slay them, retrieve their souls
Make them bleed, internally and out
Suffer slow, let nothing remain
Harvest the wrath, emphasize pain

Apply the pressure
Crank it up
Look at the eyes
Think they're popping out

And with a gentle hand
You will sweep them away
Don't let them take you

Keep the pressure
Keep it up
Dude, look at the eyes
They're coming out

Sometimes I feel like
Going just a little insane
Stay away - else I will bite
The skin on your neck

In control, mine in fact
Plant a seed, harvest the wrath
I am simple, I am black
Never deny violence

3. Time To Dominate

Let me bare witness to your end
To your defeat
It's time to dominate
No one can, no one will
Assist your every need

I am a devil dealing black
Knowing you're alone
And all of this I will attack
Memories will flow

It's time to dominate
Look who fell behind

Your kingdom falls
I'm awake
The second time, I will prevail
All your thoughts including us
Don't stand a chance
I'll rather die

And when I kiss her lips
It's time to dominate
A broken hope, a tired fling
A very very dead thing

4. Never Compromise

A silent dream
A memory forgotten
Just as weird as you and me
A ship well built, without a sea
In this phase I face you all
SUMMER - is my name
But no such thing as sun in my life

All things rotten
The hate in your eyes
A new thing fallen
Never compromise

No shame in starting over again
With a knife I carve my life
Sudden state of failure noticed
Same song, sing the process

And as they say:
You win or lose a game
You all will share my name
Only forward, break not for a soul
It's the life that we've been told
By people meaning well

5. Stop Running

Change the pace, move away
Breathing down your neck
My eyes are set on your defeat
No chance to escape

Stop running - turn around
Stop running - turn around
Stop running - better let me win
Return, best give in
Stop running - turn around

Now it's time, live in fear
Fatal as the end is near
The flashing of a life
Appears within your eyes

6. I Am Possessed

The sun will never rise again
And SATAN is my only friend
In freedom I will never trust
Humanity forever lost
The circle spins, around we go
Where it ends, I don't know
In evil you cannot rely
All my needs I'll satisfy

Possessed - I am possessed
In me we trust
I am possessed
Don't give a fuck

My anger shouldn't make you cry
You and I will never die
It's just you - at least for now
I need to stay, make others bow
This story, will it ever end?
Around we go and then again
The truth has found my energy
But lies are all the same to me

7. Too Blind To See

Tell all you've learned
Pass it onto your friends
Demons, pleasure
Eyes shut, but still open
Too blind to see me

By calling out your name
I will make you hear or feel

It wasn't always so
We worked together
Breaking your trust
Broke also us

Too blind to see me
You're too blind to see me

Forget about the past
Focus on the future and me

8. The Poison

I drank the poison
My fear of it has been admitted
They're singing a song of my lost love
They are soon to discover my true soul

Keep on digging
Drank the poison
Keep on digging

Pushing me

Keep on digging
Drank the poison

9. Another Kingdom Dead


When I speak free you hurt me
And not all innocent
Just try and I'll hang on
We're another kingdom dead


A while for you to notice
We cannot live this way
I will no longer play
My love has died today


10. She's Undressed

Move your ass, clear the way
I need to pass without delay
Remove my clothes as I run
I hope the act has not begun

I run along this open road
My goal is set: a rocking boat
In which she lives and has her way
With boys like me - except they pay

I try to pace my hungry soul
But demons take another toll
At thoughts I have of her undressed
I never saw it live in fact

I reach her place just in time
To see what's on my mind

She's - she's undressed
Cannot believe the way it feels
She's - she's undressed
Kick in the door, as we both scream

11. We Do This Alone

To see the final sail
We go into this alone
A misty morning will prevail
We come to take your land

Sword swinging, blood bringing
All winning
Out of Scandinavia
We do this alone

And in the early morning light
Vikings come to your town

Sword swinging, blood bringing
All winning
Gut ripping, blood dripping horde

Too slow to follow us
That would be as a slave
We awake your disgust
So what? We do this alone

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