Dark Lyrics


1. Again

The pill will find its way
We care for new beginnings
It's time to let it go
The road is painted red

In blood
We shall overcome
Du kennst die Liebe nicht
Don't let me down again

I'm not low all will see
Calling me
Game has changed and of time
All your lies

Who stand in front of me?
Begin to serve me right
A lift to higher ground
Going down now

The trade of vote
And no lost love
Move to consume
My buried dreams
This is the toll
We meet again

In pain
We will redefine
Du hast mein Herz noch nicht
Don't let me down again

2. Your Darkest Son

Pushing my way to the end
Gain nothing less then a smile
All the depressive and sick
Completing your lies

Burning the face of your hate
Placing the coffin at hand
All you can do is to dig
Eating away

You turned the lights out?
Unholy ways to fall
Your darkest son i am

Ripping the evil inside
Those who will walk behind
Moving ahead to decline
Helpless & Lost

Leading the way of the weak
Taking your will by my hand
Taker of innocent life
Spilling the blood

Who turned the lights out?
Unholy ways to fall
Your darkest son i am

3. In Light Of The Moon

this view our castle burnt
Feels so strange abnormally
Take 'em all and feel decay
In the woods we hide for days

There's no reliving forever lost
I shall not feel nor will I live
Step up the system release the edge
And all you dread be realized

As you dispose of personal pain
The fight will end and an angel fly in
Eat it for lunch whatever you think
Your nightmares dies in light of your thrill

In light of the moon
Will charge my life
The fight is dead
Gone killed itself

Enlight me soul be forever mine
The case is closed sealing all my dreams
Locked in the unknown sinking all the time

Will crack your skull thinking is divine
The lost control handing over pride
Fuel my only hope staying at your side

4. I Tried To Live

It's time to spill the wrath
Take care of ends that meet
In silence overcome
The fragile won't stay long
To stay will matter much
Alone I pray

Burn the right faith now

Silent time
Eating up
Face the grey
In the night
Coming down

Feel this antidote
Louder than all we know
Pulling away
Shifting me gear

Let's go

You see me pick up
The pace where you left off
The sirens screaming
My hands are steady rocks
The fire burns
They want what we all got
Into my crusade
Won't let you drown now

Like suicide
Black day
Heading down
Black hole
Slipping in
Tried to live

5. The After All

It starts so slowly
The hurting end
Given no way to escape
We face the nothingness
To unwind in our time
To see the the other place
In my prints you will walk
Take cover now

Please try to hide
No second life
All innocent
The summers and

Wake up
It's time to face the truth
No intention to talk
Just give your mind a rest
In with the new we are few
In our right to be
Having no choice but to lie
We dedicate

All we found
Worn and thrown away
In it for the win
Kneeling not to pray

Your blood is wine
Just close your eyes
We lead you in
The after all

Please try to hide
No second life
All innocent
The summers and

The after all

6. My Flesh Is Sealed

Infected dream
Awake bur holding back at me
In twisted terms
From silence we must learn
A force of might
protecting the church
With all your tears
Will heal the winter
Created plans are yet to fall

Protect the children
Living on the edge
Am scared bur will not listen
Slipping in your blood now

The heavens will
The wasted night is at an end
I saw my life
Ending with the dust

A day vision
moving for the kill
For clouded tension
Gathering the dead

For all the public my flesh is sealed
We link our progress the unreal
The sky so grey this is the force
A fallen angel with no remorse
Not gonna save my crazy soul
A place of fear the world run cold

7. You're An Angel Of The Light

Where have the searching led to
Can no one point my way?
The wind is blowing hard now
To admit would be too hard so we proceed

You're an angel of the light
For a moment you left my sight
No excuse will heal her back to life
Death is not the end we carry on

Move on
In line with what has been told
We strive to be on the top
And the motion will not stop
We drive ahead

You're the owner of our might
For a while my only guarding light
In the dark will never find a care
To begin is to withhold

On the second floor
Elevate my soul
Coming back for more
Seducted to
We are alive
Another time
Having it all

8. Setting Sail

I'm sorry honey
Our ships are about to leave
Not waiting for funny
Battle awaits sword in my hand
In my heart

We wait
Then land
Now screaming
Battle planned

Invited to see
Climb to the top
the taking of land
Never enough

It's never enough
The things we must gain
A plague from the north
We arrive

Too late
Don't pray
Your illusions
Has to and

On purest form I'll reinstate
Never again
Season to come
Help me convince
Victory mine

Your fate
In my hand
Take away
But my plan

9. I'm Not One

When we visit at the grave
There's no telling what was you
And the light takes us away

The stormy tension
The ill advise
A bringer not of truth only lies
The necromancer
Is not a dancer
Too long I've been withhold
Crack the shell

Flee the church
Face the pope
But mind his robe
Jesus side (only he died)
With people who forgives

I'm not one of those
I make me own high

Still abide
Though the law is not inside

With much sensation
I close my eyes
And wander to
Where we may hide

From the church
And from the pope
Well in mind his robe
Jesus hide from all their crimes
And the people he forgets

I'm not one of those
I make me own high

10. From The Rain

We are the children
Can see to our might
With possible hate
We joint in the fight

And so the end
We align
Our innocent souls
Come let us go
In from the rain

Under a sky
We will survive
Born in the cold
Planning our fall

Swarming in heat
To consume

Still hear the dripping
Tired of you

Like the one she knows
Now ending my soul

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