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1. Forbidden Summer Poetry

A change of seasons is upon the lands
Though summer warmth is lingering
My heart is cold, my soul has died

In this psychotic maze dies my wishsong
And heaven's well has just dried out
Forbidden poetry

Led to depressions by winds
Blowing summer into fall
Those who whispered once tenderly
Now deceive me with their calls


The leaves of life begin to turn
Despite I'm young I want to leave the earth
Being nothing but a home
For the mentally defective

2. Reversed

He drained the life of my haunted soul
Pretended to be my friend
Acted like my brother
Who currently lives in Hell

Sacrificed I am by the devil who I once believed
Hail Satan, praise the lord and be deceived

Strength in moral man lays in the part of denial
Feeds throughout the lands, misled by evil hands

"Lost sons, follow me on the final ride!"

What a rush, I feel like I'm a born again Christian
"So you are my friend with the Cross reversed...

...But so what, you look like a million laughs!"

3. Weeping Souls Of Autumn Desires

The autumn intimidates your soul

My soul has a file in Hell's computer
Tapped by another twisted black creation
I know because I've seen the third dimension
I have seen what this autumn will bring us

Why, hear my scream as I fade away
The fertile race is so ashamed of me
Of course I know there is a morbid sorrow
Deep below
As if I could disencumber mortal man
From his own deeds

Man lives only for one thing:


Unwrapping carefully
A truth that no one greets
Faithful are the ones
Who are accepting their defeat

Noxious penetrations of my godforsaken body
The autumn of my life just never seems to end
Confiscated lustfulness, I'm living by my sins
God of mine, where are you now?
I want to step behind

I pray

Like predeterminated My autumn turns to discontempt
Often devastated is the life
I live in scorn
It's hard to feel anything at all
The possession of my haunted soul
Tugs at my heart strings

4. Life Equals Zero (A Love Song)

Together now we celebrate
The nights when we're alone
We pray for the world to go away
That world which was grown into tormention and hate
Life equals power in shaking old hands
Patting their baby, the atomic power plant
As we stand by and watch this cretinism
I reach for my gun and scream at the system
"Come on, I can take you all tonight!"
And growl like an ancient hero
"Life equals zero!"

Their lies, the future, it's all an occasion to die
But when you look into my pale blue eyes
I'm looking at paradise

All my thoughts
Breath in me
Control my life
And set me free

5. A Deathwork Orange... The Winter Of Our Discontempt

Unborn children, follow me
Empty graveyards you will see
Tonight the world will be my castle
Eternal power obeys the only master
Breaks the sun against black skies
Spills the darkness in synthetic man's eyes
You are blinded by my pernicious work
You are blinded and you will never live to see

I'm the goat
Injected to your veins, make your blood decay
Forever decay

Born of frustration with a puzzle in your head
He's your pet aversion, he's the only one you dread

My fear is of the winter that waits at journey's end
Who will walk upon my grave
When I'm a faceless shadow?
South is sorrow, so says my intuition
But I welcome the world I'll meet beyond

On the verge of tears you'll find me
Searching for truth ans innocence
Led by the cold winds of a child
Who's been denied
But still born in the year of One
The evil himself who no one betrays
At least you don't if you're a friend of mine

The paranoid disillusion catch my eyes
But "treason" and "god deception"
That's all just lies - they all just lie

6. Wardance Of The Technocracy

In times of great depression
Leaders are chosen in panic
But why one without emotions?

Machine has taken over man
Technicians rule our land
Together we must stay against the wardance

Keep your faith within your mind
The safest place it can be
Betrayal in shape of your family
You see it every day
We must create democracy
Destroy the machines!

7. Never Ceasing Melancholic Spring

He will lead you to the end
Like you lead a horse to water
I myself was gluttonous man
Disembodied by the Lord
Spring my life is led astray
Forced by melancholy and hate
I've got my soul misplaced
But I know who seals my fate

He tells me poetry
And lets me spread the omen

I am blind but yet alive
Slowly I'm reborn, servant of an instant call
Serving only for the Lord

Some say I'm vicious, but they don't know him at all
It's just an issuance of those who envy me
Take my hand and I will show you
Relations to weakness make you wanna cry

My addiction to nothingness I aggravate
The persecution of innocence is now at stake
A simulation of consciousness believes in me
Other species of a dying race are kneeling to pray

8. Inherit The Wind

You're obsessed with this breeze of mine
You'll sell your soul to the other side
Without asking the price

To share his inheritance
You gotta remember man proposes (God disposes)
What shall it profit a man
If he should gain the whole world
And lose his own soul?

Mortify the flesh
Sitting on those among you
Earn my confidence next
Show me that you're true

I'll take you to a state of sublimity
He who is not with you is against me
When you talk of angels
You will hear the flutter of their wings

Place the matter in the hands of Death's solicitor
Seek the heartstone of the land you wanna rule

9. With The Lost Souls On Our Side

From the unknown we've arrived
With the lost souls on our side
Wanna tell you about your lives
That we've conquered from behind
Join us if you like - down under

Have you ever danced with the shadows
Of your past life in the moonlight?

Depart this life, dawn is breaking
You're witless inside, but you'll learn

Don't mind my cadaverous face
I'm truly unlike the human race
The only one who speaks veracious
Is me, your eternal friend

Like a sacred prophecy
Or a tale you've heard

You're leaving upper monstrosity
Reveal your soul for the dead

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