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1. Indoctrination Of The Lost

It comes in tidal waves
Soothing and cold
Hypothermia of the minds
Sets me free, releases me

Vows of grandeur
Sincerely spoken
Naively believed

This is what I sell
Promise of ecstasy
Swallowed by the masses
Cherished by we all

Devastating birth pains of bliss
Will bring you down to your knees
Necessary purification
Before paradise

Vows of supremacy
Of the lost

I will buy your life
Pay my debts with strife
This is for
Your own good

Fear of tomorrow
Through the yesterday
Praying for the absolution
Before the judging eyes

The fear of ourselves
What have I become
No hope for the absolution
Behold, the judgment is here

Icon of pure deception
My words are of acid
Now the boiling blisters
Cover you all over

Benevolence is gone
Compulsions left
Dead end existence
That I forced you to

And this I swear
I will lay your
World to waste
The realm in my shade
Oblivion is nigh
So very nigh

2. Statues

Welcome to the
Devolution of man
Regression to a primate
Descent to the turmoil of cruelty

Eruption of pure cold hate
Sweeps trough our heads
Like a blastwave
Common sense all wiped out

Fighting for the ignorance
Desperate to be blind
So reluctant to see
So eager to make a fist

The sound of enragement
Too intoxicating to forget
No shame, no regrets

Smoke filled lungs
Mist filled minds
Lives build on false ideals
Lead by dead morals

Fragile bones
Fragile souls
All that we ever wanted
Scapegoats to the slaughter

It will all go down in flames

Pour the gasoline
Set the world ablaze
With your righteousness
The memorial for compassion

Again the words are futile
Not a thing will be changed
Paralyzed into a sculpture
Statues of blackened wrath

Loathing of life
Doctrines of death
So cold, so right
The new breed of fools
Vicious circle
Of rightful vendetta
Never changing statues

Time to fall from grace
Time to bring the end
Time to descent
Time to pray for the end

By the end we had accomplished nothing

3. In Ruins

He sits in a corner
Awaiting for his second death
Life is just a phantasmagoria

Failing gods
Emerging scars
He is still waiting for the dawn

Ghastly shapes in the ceiling
Enduring visions of torment
Burned to retinas

Cacophony behind the eyes
Never ceases its song
Hell is all about repetition
Eternity in seconds

And for a brief moment
Purgatory around him was silent
Calm before the storm
She ascends

Her laughter is a rope
An iconoclast
Suffocating truth
Happiness was the cyanide

She grabs him
Holds him tight
Like he did
Whispers his sentence

Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Face the judgement
Embrace the cold

He quenches his thirst with pain
By a cold blade to the gut
Grabs the handle with a smile
A twist of a knife
Nothing was lost here

4. Condemned

The path grows wild behind me
Something stalking
Stalking around me
You have found me

I'll break the hour glass
To free the sands
That I gathered
For nothing

Carve your name under my skin
The mark of the beast, the mark of the divine
Swallow my soul, swallow me whole
Consume my existence

I cut myself open
Bury you inside me
I pour the filth out
Bury you underneath

You reach from the depths
Hands around my throat, around my mind
Hold on tight
With a grip that devours my life

We have reached the point
Of inevitable solution
An ugly sight
Still our eyes are gazed on upon it
Then we act

5. Apart

Repentance knocks
At the door
He smiles with his
Rotten black smile

“Hurry up, no time to waste”
“All that you miss is there”

Finally we arrive
In the mansion of guilt
“You are already late”
He says with a grin

Guide me
To the field of solitude

“They are all alone”
When I walk behind the rows
They are watching
I hide

I didn't want this
The insanity, the burden
My shoulders weren't strong enough
Oh God, Don't lay this upon me

They are all alone
I stand behind the rows
Then I wake up
To the sound of..

A distant echo
Ringing in my ear
The dream that went stale
Tear through the canvas of all these years
Through the painting of my mourning

The aisles are getting narrower
Crushing me
Pushing me away
Towards the altar of sleep
Towards the despair

I rise, I walk
Step by step
Closer to the mirror of anguish
Too scared to look
Too guilty to turn away

I stare the tree
Beside me
Lay down the words
That were meant to be
Prepare myself
I slip away

This is the final song as a reminder
Of a distinguished light
The final hymn for a house
That was burned down all too soon


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