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1. Eve, Rule Over Him


2. Song Of Deborah

You can do something
Read between the lines
Strong, Painful, Honest
Nakedly candid
The story of desperate
On Drugs, on the run
The girl almost made it
You can't ask Alice, questions no more
A smile and a dishrag
Questions no more
The story is awful
Divorced by a gun
The girl almost made it
The girl almost won
Los Angeles

She won love
Say it again
When you walk amongst the dead
Everybody knows
You can't talk about yourself
Everything shows

3. Hannah Hannah

Momma I'm sorry you're crying
Triggers are built to pull
Gut wrenching heart felt is love
Blasting this guilt
Digging the trenches of pity
Knee deep in a pile of shit
Light up these torches and stand
Fight make believe

Lights out mister

Sorry that I feel so angry
Crawl to the bottle shop
Reach into my situations
Oblivious unluck

Bury the guilt, I'm free
Sorry It's all right now

4. Martha Served

Hollywood Underground
No cash, lonely in the night
Stranded, tied, stiletto heels
Tying Up, no regrets
Living high, stay low
Kicking it out in style
Another day, another dollar, another notch in the belt
Kick it out
Fallen down

Where the day goes
Where the day
Where the day takes your underground uplifting
Where the day eludes truth, lies, opinion
Where the day takes you

Running red, sorry for humanity
Say you're lovesick in her world
Turning tricks
Another angel gets her wings
Clipped away
Old soul of love words of lovesick
Sad parade gone by
Gone by
Locked and settled down
They prey the proud, the proud
Don't you want love
Save your lungs, your shit, your life
Make a bad choice

5. Iscah's Life

Burnt toast and alcohol
Your blood thin and cold
Light up another cigarette
Burned out, last degree
Suburban homes and ecstasy
Light up another cigarette
Don't you know it's the birth of the counter culture?
Upper class is feeding fat
Well-being meets heart attacks
Light up another cigarette
Day one

Liar, Liar
One up
Do they fall?
Two down lest they know
Three when you're buried deep in lies

Hey, this isn't about me and you and you and me
This isn't a round about to milk feed the pitiful

Rather slit my wrists
Getting old like this
Round and round we are
Fistful lit to go
Let's go

This isn't about you and me and me and you
This isn't a round, a round about to spread disease
You lost your dream, lost your friends, tears of un-bred
Admitting the evil
A bed of evil
I lay
One down

As I watch the world exploding
Tracks of every weathered whore
The gun dust staring at the cross
Afraid it all went black
Afraid in heart attacks
Sorry for your love
Rest in peace
"We drown"

I didn't want this
I didn't even know
Scared for what you are
Ashamed of who you are
Ashamed of where you're from
Ashamed you like it hot
Big black hearts

6. Iscah's Cancer


7. Bathsheba Of Seven

Passing through the radio
Time was talking, time was pointless
Time was in a paper bag
My hands are tied
Unity recognizing free fall religion

Plant the seed, watch and grow
Love hero the dare
Take the shame upon yourself
Dancing in the slow dance flame
Lost hero's to blame
My hands are tied in faith
My body soul sucking

Drown the seed
Watch it slow
Love hero to blame
Take the pain all myself
Dancing in the heated flame
Love hero the dare

Don't you think we shall become elated?
Bridging gaps between the sane/insane
Dropping to my knees in the middle of the room
Forcing all the words from my dry sarcastic mouth
Shouting at the demons who stand tall in control
Forcing out the diaries, opening up the journals
All hands are tied
All hands will bind

8. Mary! Mary!

Coloured by the television set
Listen while everything fades to grey

Traded for the life of love in hearts
Downing while everything comes up ace

Coloured by a black leather belt
Taking back the years of consciousness

Traded for the gift of happiness
Listen while everything fades to grey
I'll listen
Listen to stories caught up in a feverish nightmare
I'm not a fish
Unable to swim
Downing faster, twirling in
Through the sand
Waves to the enemy
Crash course in surviving perjury

Traded for the gift of happiness
Listen while everything fades to grey

9. Anna's Empty Conscious For The Blessed

I could not stop for death
So death grabbed onto me, picked me up by the throat
Dropped down, last time to see
Did you walk left or right
At the country forks crossroad of life?

Not me, not me
These can't be my words
How could, how could
Heaven forget and hell be so sure
My old school yards passed
By the churches I'd prayed
By a prison wall sign
Who'll come visit these graves?

Dust, wait cause everything is fine down here I swear I'll fear and
Pay more, pay more
Yeah but the time has come, your sales were good you sold your soul and
Had more, had more
Hold on it isn't fair you conned us all, you were not real
We rejoiced and rejoiced
You are the stupid ones with epitaphs that don't mean anything at all

I'm not the anti-christ nor angel
Scorpion or saint
But I bet you can relate
You laughed a lot
You cried a lot
You had enough

Raise your cup
Safe from sins
Burn the cross, bury the dead
Raise your cup
Saved from sins, blessed heart
Blessed, blessed
Left for dead

10. Eve, Be Dear To Him

Hey, there's blood in your veins
Shoot, now the blood on your face hunting for the hunter's chemical cure
Borne intellect

Said you, said you, said you
Said you wanna live it up
Said you, said you, said you

End of game
Life, raised in a cell
Caged, from these streets of hell
Hunted, like the drug addicts before
Borne Innocence

Grief, bullet belts will pour spilling in the streets
Lost all rights
Lock your door
Lost all rights
Get up or you're done
Just sit back, represent
Lost all rights
Lost all rights
Get lost or you're gone

Raise your stakes to guns
Playground, circles of fun
Hunt, the innocent down
Borne intellect

Get your gun ready to go
Get up, get action
Get your gun ready to go
Sit up relax some
Get your gun ready

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