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1. Winters End

Turn back where I once lay, the Earth it longs for me. Waited so long for the winters end into the new world my vessel decends. Under red sky I'll burn hope to alight the sea. That winds are good to me, yeah slay those who will not abide. Swords clash as men collide.

2. Ghost Of A King

Monarch of the continents presenting himself, the ghost of a king. Trapped somewhere between alive and deceased, left alone to his wailing and crying. Forever chained to a debt, restrained in the way of a spell, for shredding the flesh of a warlock. Was cast into eternal hell, i might be confined to a poltergeist. You are both mortal and soul the one who will conquer the planet and follow the way of the scrolls. But my liege i'm not a nobel man. I drink and smoke and like to fight. I slaughter souls and the enjoy the taste. I fear i'll never see the light. But he says take a look into my eyes you'll find these aren't a cowards scars. I expect you'll murder everything that wrongfully crosses your path. Judgement day has come for the earth. I'll put the whole damn world on trial, with ancient scrolls ill find a wizard who protects a magic sword with which ill behead any rivals. Uphold the wishes of the lord.

3. Wyverns Keep

Beneath the ridges of the valley entwines a path which i must take, crusades beset by wicked menace. Pursue the task i can't forsake. But a Wyvern guards the trail. A road of broken stone withstands the endless onslaught, defends the passage to the throne. Countless bordies he has wasted, not even god could save embarks upon the beasts inferno, sending champions to their graves. Yeah summon the lizards eye, swallow my fears, before the sun can arise. Battle the creature and ensure its demise. A heated battle between reptile and man. A cornered beast beams thoughts to me. For years i waited for deserving man. Unchained from agelessness, set free. The Wyvern looks into my heart, it sees the purity i hold. Send the beast into the spirit world and thats the way the story goes.

4. Blades Ruin

I travel on the lizards tale to find a soul not seen in flesh. Onwards i fly to the narrows veil to find a quest unlike the rest. casting a spell to the sky. Protecting his wisdom, thrown into hell. Isolate. Exile from the kingdom. Darkness lives in shadows cast to play tricks on my mind for only spirits in this cave could live without sunshine. Descend, deeper i forge on, i near the glow. Between the cracks a draft comes, howling up the pass. I fear nothing anymore. Light from my torch that i bare is nothing compared to the glow up ahead. I converge upon the majestic tomb which holds a magic stone into a sword is thrust, encrusted with gold and gem and not a touch of dust. Pull out the sacred blade and all my strength it takes. The ground rumbles beneath, begins the caverns quake. Passage from which i cam cut off by large debris i shield. A blinding light, wizard appears to me. Take the sword you have discovered here only the chosen may wiled its blade. Let it lead you to your destiny. Use its powers in your crusade.

5. Black Unicorn

Slowing my heart as your touch sets in, i don't mean to complain. Though you're nothing but sin, i savor the taste, hope it ain't my last taste of your sweet, intoxicating blast. White girl, black unicorn. White girl, black unicorn. White girl, black unicorn. White girl, black unicorn. Winged beast, its every time we go flying i know i must be growing closer to dying. Can't extricate myself because I'm addicted to your buzz. Come on. Let's go. There is death at everybody's end. I'll ride the highway on a heavy blend. Decisions made are a hard thing to change. I find thoughts of a man who's deranged. White girl, black unicorn. White girl, black unicorn. White girl, black unicorn. White girl, black unicorn. I think my heart quit.

6. The Riders Ode

7. Acid Strain

In the wastelands of the gloomy south, arises high the strongest breed. When the sun loomed again, radiation modified the seed. The seeds they seemed to proliferate with deadly solar flares, multiplying cells at near light speed. The growth atones for the years of darkness and the sun appears. So arise, apocalyptic weed. Along comes a man with his meaningless spans, not sure whats lying ahead. Discovers the weed and his pipe he will feed. Figures, might as well smoke himself dead. Unlike anything that he's torched before. More smoke is drawn past his throat, the ultimate stone. The adventurers own harvested into his tote as he picks his finals gem, comes creeping from the leaves. Stems restrains his jugular, brings him to his knees. Blood turns blue, he needs to breath. Restricted by the noose, one last try to reach his sword. Succeeds, beheads, set free.

8. Lungs Of Mire

Splinter through the filth, i dive head first, tension breaks. Rest crown against a cold dead lake, nothing to fear, nothing holding me back. I soar through the air, through the sky, gazing into the deep and darkness. A freezing hell, i'll defy. A place where the evil has hid from the world, a depth where the wicked have slept. Eternal constriction to gloom to wait out the length of their depths. The currents tearing against me, away from the darkness ahead, but the itch of the sea has convinced me i'll breath again when i'm dead. Thrashing to get to the surface, put the world back into my lungs. Slip the arms of a bastard lake and scream til i bleed from my tongue. I sense the satanical creature that looms in the lurid retreat, squeezing my limbs with its own submarinal death. I must cheat. Battle the underbelly. The ocean fills up my chest. Dragged towards the floor of the sea. My mind starts wasting away, flames of hell where my eyes used to be. Fight off the tentacles. I can breathe and water starts to fill my chest.

9. Fleshold

Now just a ghost of his former appearance, the deity hangs by a thread. The cancer which grows and spreads in his cells. The bishop's already dead. An outcast among the waste if the world who preys on those who will seek. A dying voice, is nothing at all. His stories are broken and weak. Tearing and ripping the flesh from his bones, muscle contorting, reaching thresholds. Dissolving away his body bleeds slow. Surrounded by flames but his heart is cold. The end of the pope, it reaches his eyes. His vision it blurs, the father is blind. Injuring his touch as five turns to four. He swallows fate, a world without law. Now to his toes the illness has spread. Infects his brain, destroys all his cells. Eating his blood, the sickness sets in. Nuclear poison feeds on his skin. Praying for something to make the pain cease. The reaper grows closer, to taking the priest. Weakness restrains, nothing but pain. In death there is peace, so death he seeks. With nothin but fear, the priest digs a hole six feet under the road. He searches for it, but the world is destroyed, searches for it below. His throat starts to burn as he kneels in the ditch, hoping the reaper descends. For not even god could rebuild the world, the monarch squeezes his end. Cold steel pressing furrowed brow. The priest cries for forgiveness now. Weep as you bleed you cannot save. End existence. Fall to your grave.

10. Mammoth Falls

Winding through the bloodline, handing life to the land. Flowing over the bedroot and stone over flora and sand. Passing through the oak and fir, the viking pushes on. Conversion of a continent that cannot wait til dawn. With branches broken from the skulls of caribou and deer. The vessel made from blood and bone holds life for domineer. Prepare brave men of valour for today our bow hails. Farewell fair maiden, we may not return to promised course. We must sail. A callous fortress takes the sea with holy wind in sails. Heading for the border loam. The viking must impale. Everyone who stands amid the monarch and the tears, cried down from the magic mammoth falls to aid the pioneers. Vikings vikings vikings of doom. Elimination domination glorification for hydration. Peasant doom on the shores, blood and iron. Mammoth falls.

11. Immortal Mare

Broke through the heavens worst escaped the reapers laid on emerald trail with wind in tail. I ride immortal mare. Conquest for greed from fertile soils. You're raisen the most magical seed. Baby i'm blazin, not smith to tend my sword, ride prey to mountains wrath but on the anum eve no curse shall shift my path. Wear thin the horses shoe but not the pony's speed. Power hungry as my gift grows weak and so the holy plant i seek. I ride forboding nights with discontent. Weary eyes unrest is my lament. Nine moons i've gazed at the starts in the sky, unsure of my resupply. I dream of dope worth its weight in gold, i dream of power, but i'm growing old.

12. Wretched Earth

Life unenjoyable passing and wasting such precious time. Greed, found a weakness in me when i sampled tee taste of divine. Traded my cosmic distant paradise for a chance at repairing the world. I was looking for pleasure and only found pain in the hell broken earth. I was sold. Turn to the mountain becoming a smoldering lava pit. There you may flee from the cruelty, immersing yourself into it. My power. My greed. Destroyed the world. But i tried to take another path. Follow the way of the lord. Battled creatures that tower my height from the desert to the shores. Wielded blade til my fingers ache. from the dawn through the night. Served this land more than any man, this place will never see light.

13. Return To Cosmos

Aaron Osborne ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Simon Murphy ‒ Drums, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Keyboard
Jake Willoughby ‒ Vocals
Alex Young ‒ Bass, Vocals
Sam Provost ‒ Guitar, Vocals
Josh Nixon ‒ Guitar, Wah, Acoustic Guitar, Smoke
Adrian Kelly ‒ Spiritual Presence, Live Guitar

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