Dark Lyrics


1. Purgatory

Lying in a bed of nails, fear wakes me up
Suffering until the end of my days, for the things I had done
Gave in to temptation, an empty promise of prosperity
Sold myself to the darkness, let the shadows take me
Offered a deal,
I could not deny
No longer bearing the burden pressing me down
An end to the conflict that struck me day after day
Didn't know the turns it would take, extinguished the flame of life
Point of no return
Frail visions of myself, times I hope not to witness
Memories of the past, a reality attached to my brain
My mind is broken, damaged, corrupted I was blind for too long
Evil tongues whispering to me until I let them reside in my throat
Shed a piece of my soul with every second passing by
War to the unbelieving and the divine
I took a fate that can't be undone
Haunted memories, dreams and visions
Freed me from my anger, gripped me out of the dark
Shown a new purpose, a path guiding into the light
All felt so real, the cold days have ended
Yet it was all just a lie, heart and soul infected
Dark deeds caught up on me, the light is fading
Mist clears, evil shows its nature
Ancient evil lived within me, left me trapped
Judgement's day rose upon me
Purgatory finally has me in its grip

2. Blurred Visions And Silent Echoes

[feat. Ben Duerr]

After months in darkness
I can see the light again
From the ashes
I return into the living realm
My journey took an end and my soul collapsed
I shattered into fragments with no time to adapt
The head full of voices, the body drowning in silence
A victim to the mind games that kept me off balance
I was a crusader and my fate had been shaped
My nihilistic choices made my hope drift away
Sailed the wrong course,
I was sentenced to death
No views, no path I got laid to rest
Show me the way
Reborn, reformed, clear vision and thirsting for more
Be free, of the grief, relinquish sorrow and strike down remorse
All I see is judgement in a raiment of lies
Truth will always be the last thing to cross someones mind
Fueled I am with anger
The warmest hearts are overtaken by hate
Of all the real eyes that don't realise the real lies
I can see the light in darkness but only feel the dark in light
Deception crawling through your mind to hide what's left inside
Everything will be forgotten, innocence, all is rotten
You're living a life in the wake of constant fear that everything you believe in is not even real
I see the life that you are trying to live
Future turns its back on you, nothing to give
Talking down on your beloved ones so they don't question what you believe
Though it will haunt you, reality puts you six feet deep

3. The Bystander Apathy

Human incompetence is on perpetual growth
Let the actions show
Too much focus on the pain
The world's burning, they live in restraint
Ignorance, everything is a boundary
No comprehension, no one will see
Do you feel them staring?
Do you feel them hesitate?
Acting like it's none of their business
Indifferent, phlegmatic, they will be portrayed
Weeping over what we could've had become
This planet has become a widow to honesty...long gone
The world in contradiction
The world in neglect
Riveting abominable, abominable imperfections of mankind
March of the forsaken
Cleansing of the dead
I do not fear the visions of the dead!
Let the wailing speak
Standing there doing nothing, for the last time
Shadows overcome
Witness to destruction
Not taking actions and neither retreat
Shifting responsibility to anyone else
You're no longer concerned, let them be overwhelmed
And when the cycle breaks
We'll go down in doom awake
We have failed as a race
With the whole world doing nothing,
We'll go ahead in time
Until no point of return
To where we all just die

4. Observer

Behind their masks, faces in the dark
Shadow self, speaking through the ancient ones
Devourers of flesh, grief and hate
Webbed lies form into a construct of anger and fear
Where fear has been there it always will be
Rid the light, tear reality, open a new realm
Sin and doom, the godless hive, birth of the madmen
Screams from the skies, tears from the ground and in between a silent sound.
The six eyed demon resides in everyone of us
The dark presence is awake, thirsting for blood, decimate
Everything's been taken away from their hands
Fate has been sealed before mankind took a breath
There's no life to make infertile grounds bloom...again
Humans are doomed and got to live this nightmare...until the end
Only dust and sand, minutes to the end
Pestilence destroys everything we've ever had
From the void it turns to cyclic abundance
We've been there at the wrong time and our race was redundant
A race so small not even part of the whole is just a waste of space in the plan of celestial entities
Abandon all
They breathe, they see

5. Blinding Light

Do you feel sacred at heart?
Do you feel sacred at heart?
Do you feel sacred at heart?
Are you scared of the dark?
We're not immortal, we walk this shallow earth
We're not immortal, we're all doomed from birth
We will all soon behold
The damage we caused with false gods will mark the end of the road
You take cover behind fake prayers and hope
Maybe next time you fold your hands around your throat
All I hear are lies
Lie after lie no rational thoughts
Your truth's all made up, your sanity's torn
What do you expect to be the outcome?
You hope there's a light in the sky to rid you from your sins
You claim you're loyal to your god, though you're loyal to none
You think some prayers will rid you from the guilt of what you have killed
Rid you from your guilt?
Hold on to all these rules and restrictions
You think that they can be followed at will.
I miss you deeply!
Sincerity, why have you left us?
Veracity, I know they did you bad
Morality, take them down, bring us the end...

6. Careful What You Wish For

I, I've been abandoned
My life turned against me
Everything was clear before my eyes, now
I'm feeling blind
I'm being drowned though my head is still above water
There is no rope around my neck but my body doesn't want me to breathe
I don't know what to feel, is this the real me?
All I want is to be freed from this misery
Rethinking every action, every sentence that
I've ever said...
What has withdrawn all the good things that
I've ever had?
I am incomplete!
This isn't what
I seeked!
Avenge me!
In my new found gloom
I slowly learn to see
All those voices of grief that won't stop whispering me
Only pain and no sign of relief
For all the things and down to none it needs emptiness for new light to come
I've lost everything and yet there is no light
I've walked through hell only to meet darkness twice
Tear me into waters deep...
I can finally breathe...
I prayed to the gods of this flesh-bound world for their voices may never be heard
I want to let go of the string that is life as it has given up on me every day and every night
My lifeline's a life lie
What is happening to me?
They denied me
They don't recognise me
My own flesh, my own blood
I switched places with myself
What could I do?
Please help me
Blinded by greed, you offered your soul
I'd gift you with all what makes you whole
You thought it was a dream, you lived in denial
Only to realise my price is so much higher

7. Socially Transmitted Disease

[feat. Pascal Briccos]

Humanity is a goddamn waste
Knee deep in shit, a fucking disgrace
Everyone's hide is as thick as a strand standing there, with open hands
What does it need for people to finally wake?
It couldn't take long by default for this cohesion to break
This is the age of offense to leave real issues behind
Shifting guilt to equal beings, all it takes is a lie
Mankind lost its beauty a long time ago
It takes a simple mistake to spark the fire so the hatred can grow
People's worst behaviour will finally show
Strength through other's distress, can't keep containment on hold
Victimize who you don't know for things they've done or said in the past
Enjoy the suffering you've caused though you would not accept it on your blood
You're such a fucking shame
We're all ugly on the inside
We know nothing but to judge by the outside
Even meaningless words are a reason to start a war
If your perspective is different they won't let you speak, nevermore
You all spew hate, you only choose a side for your own advantage
You preach about freedom of speech though everyone you dislike will be your target
For every step we take, we get two stabs to the back
For every opinion that differs, blood will be shed
With nobody like minded,
I'd much rather be born dead
As a part of the eyes that are open wide,
I'd rather go blind
I'd rather go fucking blind...
You are just looking for excuses so you can hide your mistakes
You never accept that there are people uninvolved
You are pulling everyone into the shit storms that you've caused
People no longer accept to be held accountable for their own stupid actions instead they turn around the perspectives to declare themselves as the victims
Did we really intend to end up in such a corrupted society?
This is a downward spiral so give me reason to continue to breathe

8. Redeemer

Fever corrupting all again
Preaching justice, my sight goes red
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
Forge this world anew
Betrayal and treason, mindless scum
All the things our race has done
Wishful minds, in the darkness alone
No way out, no way home
Chances consumed, all will burn
Never unchained, never return
Blind faith gave hope for people to hold on but in the end we've all been proven wrong
Power in places where it doesn't belong
Even truth comes from a twisted tongue
Praying for an end to this
A misery far from what it should have been
Turning to whatever force that listens
Sick and tired of this shit
Upon death just do one more thing
Grant me life so
I can die again
For the virus that are we humans
Our own end is our antidote
When we all have faded away
Nature calls and will regrow
Eternal sleep
End this plague
It's your turn
Let us take our fate through the valley of the dead rid the evil that lies ahead
Nothing will be left undone
After what this world's become
Eternal sleep
End this plague
It's your turn
Let us take our fate

9. Dead Skin

Your mistakes pave my way
Endless hours, day after day
Foolishness, for everyone to see
For everyone to see
You couldn't seem to grasp what
I've been going through
You kept talking down on me it's about the only thing you do
You started digging my grave and
I didn't even realise
Until it was almost to late, you were the gun between my eyes
The damage you caused is irreversible
The flesh may regrow but the mind is lost
Either end it all for once and rid from the pain
Or let despise ensue and follow darkness' reign
A thousand reasons to live but what you've done will prevail
Sanity bursts into pieces and chaos unveils
Let me speak
Let me show the real me
Dead skin
Tearing souls apart, draining will to live
Feeding off of others pain was your drug –you were addicted
When you didn't find a place full of grief you had to inflict it
Slitting your throat has made this world a better place
Your honour, I rest my case
I'd pull my head out the noose
If I could make you walk a mile in my shoes
So you can see your work at first hand
But I guess we're even now, at least
I was your end

10. Helios

Breathe me in
The waves come crushing down
Underneath my skin, hate's all that there's ever been
Contorted perceptions altering the ways to feel
The ways to feel
Free your mind
Shatter the bonds
Descending through the layers of suppression
Lose grip on the last bit of hope that is stored
Reaching hands
From the ground
The day that life has come around
Full of hate
Full of fear
Breaking under burdens no man could bear
Is this the end?
Or is it just another day to spend in a torterous loop?
End my suffering
Death has come to visit, though he won't take you
Just interested in the progress of what you're going through
Standing on the edge
Which side to fall?
Will you gain or lose control?
The mind's been corrupted
All its blood betrayed
Daggers through the spine
Digging our own graves

11. Titan's Heir

We are not prepared
Eons in the past, titans have been forged
Power overwhelmed yet there is thirst for more
Saviours of their worlds, destroyers just as much
Striving for might, even betrayal's not enough
There is no getting away
All is doomed
They will soon return "We will rid you from what you call home,
We will make this world our own.
You had your chance to prove you're worth,
Yet you plagued this world at birth."
The fear consumes it all
You can't move but fall
No one will be there to see the end
The strike of the ancient forces is at hand
Every human action will come around
Nothing's save, it will all shut down
First we will unite to try and fight
Then we turn against each other and die
Fear lends us strength to remain alive some time
Though in the end we'll leave our loved ones behind
Life has no value
In a war that is greater than us
They will claim what's theirs
Wreaking havoc is the titan's heir
Lifeforms with a strength unknown
Chaos and destruction we can soon behold
We can soon behold
For many other worlds
They came like an impending doom
Hiding deep in the void from the nether
When time has come we'll go down in gloom
Onto us they bring eternal slumber
Waves of misery will pull us under
Deep in our minds we knew this time would come
A thought that has existed from our sanity's dawn
Distracted by praying to the gods for help
Not thinking about what has created them
When will it happen?
When will it happen?
When will we finally be freed from this dead end?
When will it happen?
When will it happen?
When will we finally be freed from this dead end?

12. More Than Suffering

Arrogance has taken its toll on this world
Millions of years to learn what cannot be learned
No equal treatment so a race can transcend
Obstructing ideologies just to fail in the end
Allocated resources as support on the short term
Sacrificing every life form in the long run
The blade of greed cuts deeper with each incision
A construct of lies will in frailty collapse
Unknowingly steps away from demise as you cannot adapt
Burn away the plague of life
Witness malignance erupt in dread at first hand
Surrounded by depravity all will be condemned
We're not the fever, here to fix the earth
We're the virus and shall be cleansed in return
Cleansed in return
Consume all life
Vultures will circle the earth
Rest in dirt
Further and further, a scar formed through murder
Witness malignance erupting dread at first hand
Surrounded by depravity all will be condemned
We're not the fever, here to fix the earth
We're the virus and shall be cleansed in return "We had no part in your decisions other than to be exploited
Each of your choices drained us a little more like the slowest poison
Fucking tell us, had it been worth in the end?
There's blood of billions drying on your hands..."
There's blood of billions drying on your hands
Rest in dirt

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