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1. Malevolence

2. New Age Holocaust

We will not bow to this idea.

One nation one government.
Pure tyranny is at hand.

They want us to go unheard.
They want us to go unheard.
But this is the truth behind the front lines.

The New World Order is taking over the world in which we live.
Trying to purify a master race.
Just like the Nazis in the 1940s.
Only our blood will be on their hands.
Our blood is on their hands.


Homosexual bashing, police brutality.
We are simply repeating our history.
When will we make a change?
To overthrow our oppressive government.
That cashes in, on human suffering. [x3]

Who are you to judge someone else's fate?
Who are you to decide who can procreate?


Gouge out our fucking eyes. [Gang vocal]
And make us realize.

Gouge out our fucking eyes.
And find the truth behind the lies.

3. Federal Death Alliance

Pharmaceutical companies allowing deadly chemical on our store shelves,
Aspartame rotting holes in my brain.

Once people begin to die away,
Is this a method of population control or dehumanization?
Our dehumanization.

Fluoride in our water supply,
Creating an even greater problem when you are dumbed down without knowing it..

What the fuck are we to do?
Do we take a stand?
I’d lay down my life to ensure the lives of future generations.
The lives of future generations.

Federal death alliance.
Babies born with birth defects.

Force feed us poison,
Force feed us fucking poison,
We consume fucking poison.
We are told that they’re safe and okay by our own fucking F.D.A.
When will we know the facts?

How can you think with a hole in your brain?
As you being to die away.
Force fed poison.

4. Conformed To Fiction

All praise the false superstition as all hope and faith crumbles before your eyes.
We are all damned from birth as we begin to slowly decay.

In the grand scheme of it all you are worth nothing.
I am nothing.
We are nothing.

Trying to work a way into the promised land as this way of life comes crashing down.

Hold tight to a faith in this dead prophet.
I hate everything you stand for,
Live for,
And die for.

I am nothing,
We are nothing.

Conformity is wiping us all away.
Losing your identity in the pursuit of happiness.

A book filled with the greatest source of fiction known to man,
As judgment day comes to us all.

I will not bow my head.
My knees will not be bent.
I will not be a sheep in a mindless flock.

A poisoned idea of false thinking.
I will be my own fucking savior.

5. Extermination Process

Reaching out to help foreign countries,
Yet we cannot even fix our own problems.
The United States steps in when we see it to benefit our image.

What about the high rate of homeless on the streets?
Or the people still living in their cars in New Orleans?
These are the problems at hand.

Our country’s motto should be,
“Rob from the poor to feed the rich.”

Soldiers sent over sea’s never getting to see their families.
Losing their lives for higher political gains;
These are your sons and daughters.
Losing their lives for higher political gains;
Like lambs brought to the slaughter.
Giving their lives for a country founded on lies and deceit.
All in the general idea of God and government.

6. Damnation: Enslavement

Behold the idea of a God.
The first creation of enslavement.
A tool to your blind faith.

7. Predetermined Path

Embrace malevolence in humanity with deep love. Shatter all that once was known. We have brought on filth and famine. Wiping all whom have stood in our wake. This is a predetermined path. Destroy those whom which will destroy you. Destroy you. Not a shred of hope left for humanity. Globalization running rampant across the land. Death is imminent to us all. We are dictated on the things we consume. There is no fucking justification to why we have destroyed our nation. When your system has failed you where do you turn? Corroded points of views with no moral values of right and wrong. If God truly existed humanity was his worst creation. The only destined path we walk is toward the apocalypse. Find no hope and find no solace.
Only embrace misanthropy.
Sacrifice yourself for the greater good of a flawed creation.

8. Infinite Corruption

Pushing a belief,
Feeding the lies,
To what happens to us when we die.

Living your life on both of your knees,
Because of your insecurities.

The ideas of religion have corrupted man since the dawn of time.
How can you kill in the name of God and feel it is justified?
Taking a life a part of a sacrifice?
We are suffocating from our ignorance.

Forced upon the masses without even knowing the effects it has put on history.

There is no separation between church and state.

Using false martyrs to make your flaws seem less noticeable,
Damning all those who opposed your beliefs.

How can you spread love and faith by causing death and intolerance?
Forgiveness is not justification.
What kind of world discards generosity?
Insincerity is nothing without fear.

Eternal damnation for a lack of cowardice.
Living your life for something else.
Living your life for someone else.

Don’t pass judgment.

Both knees on the ground,
And one foot in a shallow grave.

9. Putrification Of The Population

Eradicate the greed and lust for power. We are in a race against time to keep our throats from being slit just for wanting to speak our minds. Persecute those whom which do not abide. Full on Marshall Law. Putrification of the population. We are our own worst enemy. The existence of man has hit its peak. We are upon the downfall. Follow orders to someone who considers you expendable. Lives are worth less than a dollar. Striving to create a perfect world. So end this fucking world.

10. Alea Iacta Est

11. Fractions

Ignorance is a fucking disease,
Sweeping over humanity.
No words can implicate my anger.

As we become nothing but pawns in a global takeover,
Just let your life pass you by.

We absorb what the controlled media tells us to,
While the blueprint for globalization has already been set in motion.

What has become of our rights as citizens?
We are digging our own fucking grave.

Wisen up and see the bullshit that surrounds us.
Cutting our own throats in the process.
Where will that get you?
Nowhere in the end.
Was it all worth it when there is no one left?
Where will that get you?
Nowhere in the end.
When there is nothing left,
Was it all worth it?

Unable to validate our existence,
We are walking on shards of broken glass.

What does it matter if our planet rots away?
We carelessly destroy and demolish every essence of life so we can give way to new and better things?

We will not live our lives like this.

Try to force your ways and we will crush you.

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