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1. Amidst The Bloodshed

Amidst the bloodshed

2. Whoop Dat Trick

You will beg and quiver before me. Now you know what fear truly is. Given the world to succeed. What a fucking joke. It's kind of funny how shit works out. Choke on a dick. You're a fucking trick. I will rape you of your dignity. As I strip you of your livelihood. Has life been too hard for you? Did it feel good while they're inside? I can't wait to hear you scream. You beg and plead for me to stop. Yet I can't control myself. Your insides will taste superb. Will your family miss you? I am to believe not. Hopefully more will meet your fate, for I must feed my cravings. I will rid the world. Your body reeks of filth and disease. So spread your legs and let's begin. The extraction of your tools of corruption. Were you mommy's princess? Or just a daddy's girl? Seems your luck has run out. Your demons have caught you. Take a look at your life. Was it worth it in the end? Shut up you fucking slut. Take your grasp of air. Say goodbye to all you love. 'Cause no one loves a cunt.

3. Fuck Your Claim

I. Hate. You. You have changed. Time to pay. Lost your ways. Went astray. Broken. It's sure obvious. Did it mean anything? Your friendship won't be missed. Some fucking claim. Morals thrown away. Gone right down the drain. You fucking broke. To break is to die. There's nothing left to hide. So shallow inside. Not worth a fucking dime. Waste my time. Pay the price. With your fucking life. Sell yourself. And compromise all of your integrity. For nothing at all. Sell yourself short and compromise. So drink it up. Fill your cup. For a cause. What a loss. Forget. Everything. That I. Taught you. You fucking broke.

4. Through The Eyes Of The Killer

On a cold and silent night, something strange grasped the air, reeking of the smell of death. Stalking his victims. Hoping. Preying on the weak. Surrender yourself, it's over. You won't feel a thing. Death is upon you. It's far too late to save her now. He strikes again. Made into a killer. No one else understands. Fighting his urges for the taste of the fresh blood. Why can no one else see? Let all of them bleed. Through the eyes. Through the eyes of a killer. No one's safe, he must kill. As she dies, he won't cry.

5. Asphyxiation

As I wash. The blood from my hands. I wash all of. What you were away. You tried to fuck me. But I fucked you first. I'll dismember your body. Like a puzzle. As I tie your hands behind your back. You scream and beg me for my forgiveness. And I'll paint the walls with your fucking blood. Scarred. Watch the. Flesh rot. A stagnant corpse. For all to see. No tears will be shed. Six feet under. So rest your head. So fuck all your shit. And I'll bury you deep. This will be the point. Of all your deceit. Grab the knife. Cut it slow. Eat the flesh. To quench my thirst. Grab the knife. Cut the flesh. Devour your entrails. To quench my undying thirst.

6. God Has No Place Within These Walls

God hates all of us. I will not beg for forgiveness. You will all choke on your lies of a faith that's left us all so blind. Millions will not survive. Survive. Suffocating me. We will all burn for eternity. There is no substance to what you preach. Prayers wasted, souls forever lost. I will not look towards the sky to find my unholy guide. Hidden by his fake virtues. Divided by faith. Slaughter the innocent. Point your fingers to past judgment. You are shallow and so is your faith. A thousand years of unholy bloodshed. And for a faith that cannot exist. Christ bled for all our sins. The dead will lie in the streets, so let them bleed just a little more. Take a picture, capture this moment. This is my redemption. You say God is merciless. So bow your head with the masses. To save you forgotten souls. I won't waste a moment on prayer. God has no place within these walls.

7. Now You're Going To Be Famous

How can you stand without a spine? Turn your fucking back on me? Yet I will walk away with a smile. You will become my newest creation. So where has all of this gotten you? With a blade to your throat. I can smell the fear on you. I will wipe you clean from my memory. You cry out and tremble before me. So prepare to meet your fucking maker. So put your mouth to the curb. Now you're going to be famous. All will admire me for what I've done. I wish I could say it won't hurt. May the pain eat away at your existence. Much like the cancer that lines your womb. You will truly know what suffering is. Forgiveness is no longer an option. As you lay lifeless in my presence, I may find my peace and my solace. As your pulse slowly fades away.

8. Frosted Or Not (I Don't Care)

9. As They Burn Alive

It's a lovely night for something to go wrong. Can't you see those clouds? They are spelling disaster. This will be your last night on earth. This night will not be forgotten. Until everyone lies dead. As the angels lay broken beneath the ashes. MASSACRE. Watch the people as they burn alive for freedom. Watch the people as they burn alive for fucking freedom.

10. Destroy The Weak

Make your bed. Rest your head. The day of death. Save your very last breath. Death. Scorched by deceit. Peel back their flesh. Leave not one heartbeat. These souls we all lack. Destroy the weak. We will not fail. Weed out the weak. I shall not fail. Festered in their own filth. Sins lie in every alley. Festered in their own filth. Sins lie in every alleyway. We hope you die. You fucking cunts. WE HOPE YOU DIE OF AIDS. We hope you die. You fucking cunts.

11. Nworb Ydoc

You have been corrupted by your greed. This whole idea of life makes you sick. Take a look into the mirror at all your perfect flaws. You will face this world alone 'cause no one knows that you exist. You are dead to all around you. So let's go out with a bang. Death would be much easier. End your life and spare us all. This gun is your best friend. Make sure the bullet hits its mark. Taste the steel in your throat. Make this count. Your life lost hope long ago. Now this bullet has a purpose: to end a life that didn't mean anything. Who do you think will find you first? All bets point to no one. Isn't that a sad reality? This is your last breath. I hope that this is painful. I wish I could have seen your face with the barrel down your throat. Make this your favorite memory. No one even knows you're gone. No one even cares you're gone.

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