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1. Riding To The Battle (Intro)


2. Me, River

I saw him one day to walk I place
Side by side to my banks
Between the hands he held a sword
I changed my course

And I started following him
His look told me of him
His heart don't find peace
Lost between my arms

And he started telling is history
Left all to follow his destiny
He was directed between the mountains
To wait the night

Without fear he raced
Between the blades

The destiny has brought him from me
To cross a trip without end
His soul now is in peace
He sleeps calm inside of me

3. The Man Without End

Fight on the battleground
Both legions fight without truce
Nobody represents an advantage
For now the balance doesn't hang

The swords are tall
And the instinct prevails
Life has too much value
Too much!

Advance rider, black rider
He avenges the pain that you have tried
Executing who still provokes it

Bashful and old look of centuries
Of whom eras he has seen
And of who nothing he doesn't fear
Except his past

Everything is firm
Nothing is standing
Where a man triumphs
What he doesn't know is... death

The man without end

4. Spatial Dinasty

In your eyes ice king
The glare of the dark age
Resound of swords
And bloodsheds

This world is cold and dark
Without end and quiet
For this you call to you
The power of the space dynasty

Planets and stars accompany you in
An infernal dance
This is the kingdom
Of lost empire

Over the confinement
Of the space and of the time
They play again acute
Your eternal battle

5. Wind Of War

You are afraid of the wind
Of the wind of war
Because black it is the earth
And great it is the complaint

You are afraid of the sky
Some sky and of the thunders
And of those immense legions
Of the black mantle

You are afraid of the faces
Covered by makeup
By now they have already died
Foolish poor man

You are afraid to wait
To die or to rejoice
Of a glory without sense
For a filthy escape

Your sword doesn't betray you
Your heart continues to beat
And to say you that you have to fight
Even if the fog is thickened

It is not die for glory
It doesn't rejoice for who die
But who die with honor
Has won the war!

6. Valley Of The Dragon

The night following my trip
Fantastic end spell bound
Between the thousand
Creatures of the wind

Stately wings are explained
To the search of the lost liberty
They go toward the horizon
Toward a world
That doesn't belong them

In the darkness the soul trembles
Deadly eye cannot see
And she will ever know truth
Lost place in the dark
I feel cold in the soul

When all keeps silent
Is the time of the fables
Other horizons attend them
To cradle the dream

7. Secret Of Rune

In the land of the Vikings
Sleeps the secret of rune
Tied of eternal past
Beads of sweat from the forehead
One god
Arcane signs sculptured of stone
For a warrior is how return to home

The uncontested king of the world has decided...
The people of the north demanded their
God in battle
But his strength was immense
You have to divide him between his children
For nine nights hung to the ash always
Exposed at the winds
And then it put on the frozen earth the runes...
Every symbol loaded is of the courage
Of the strength, of the spirit...

Of the god between the Vikings!

8. I See Steel

Fixed look to the hand
What now after so many battle
To forge the swords for the new lands
And they defend the honor of their brothers
His frozen look has seen to pass
So many dead bodies, a lot of wins
And so many armors, have made him
Strong and fierce
Of his sword!

His tired eyes are lost
In the cold of the Scandinavian mount
Only the blade of the sword
Will breaks the surreal silence

Blacksmith of the north
It hands down your values, you
Spread your swords
The memory of brave Vikings
What it rests in Valhalla with your honor

Obscurity decides the destiny of battles
But you, determined, continuous to sharpen swords
As himself in battle, feel like fighting
But the signs of the time prevent you from it

Blacksmith of the north, defend your ideal
Your courage, your weapon
Will be remembered once that
You won't belong to this world

The mission that brings before
He has marked it in the body
And he has traced his walk
He is a brave warlike, a lover of the steel
What in his hands becomes icy
A lover of the steel
And anything sinks!

9. Corrupted King

There was once a noble commander
To become blood has poured him
He has won over two hundred wars,
But his destiny changed is
When his name became God...

Darkened by the wealth
He let die his own people
On the banks of a murderous river,
He made some deception his own strength
And his sword reaped dead bodies...

Oooh merciless servant!
Oooh fervent king!
Oooh laughing head!
What end has made your honor!

Oooh merciless servant!
Oooh fervent king!
Oooh laughing head!
Lets want your pride!

We have suffered to sufferings
Why to melt in tears
In front of your avid armor?
Us all we knew that you were a
Noble commander
But now, that your soul corrupted is
We die for your weakness...

Oooh merciless servant!
Oooh fervent king!
Oooh laughing head!
What end has made your honor!

Oooh merciless servant!
Oooh fervent king!
Oooh laughing head!
Lets want your pride!

He remembers, the honor consists
Of the courage
Not in the blood!
Not in the blood!

10. Pandemonic Ride (The Last March)

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