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1. Intro


2. Their Impending Appearance

The essence of hatred
Compressed inside an hourglass
A nemesis descends circling slowly
Down on the world of twilight
An epiloque of the last play in the darkness is beginning
Time is now the stage and the violence is an actor

The moment has come for the kings to leave the board
The place of rebirth of the goat has been decided

Strange statue-like figures on the crowd are moving impatiently
Beheaded god standing alone on the dead plains

See the march of demons on the horizon
Pace of their steps is the rhythm of destruction
Cries that had been heard from the depths of the earth have now been silenced

3. Revealing Of The Lapis Philosophorum

In search for the fountain of answers
The unknown stream of inspiration
The eternal obsession of sorcerers
Thousands of years it has kept it's mysteries
Away from the conciousness of the mortal

Seek for the gold and the eternal life
Hail the one with keys for the gates of knowledge
The one that taught us to sin

The bringer of answers strenghten my heart!
Bringer of light who dwells in the dark
Enlighten my path!

Praised be the one who bears the hidden gift
Ride aside with the winds of pestilence.
Burn away the barriers ahead us!

4. Into The Dimension Of The Horned One

Welcomed was the dream that revealed a new absurd dimension...

The twisted spawn of the limbless angels
Those whose destiny is only to exist for terror and pain
To crawl bleeding and blinded and cry ashamed
Reforming the ground with strange elliptical shapes

Blessed were those whose voices sang from darkness
For their songs were heard indeed

Facing away from the remaining light
The horned god stood still

5. The Drawing

The path... the circle...
The cemetary... blasphemy

As the calm light from the skies is darkened by the grey clouds
The balance of life and death now only maintained by darkness
The ground of the dead is waiting for an entry...
Entry of those who have passed... entry of the dead...

They once drew the goat...
Craving... in lust, with fear
They once drew the goat...
The voice, the horror, the horns.

The parade of faceless thin shadows was moving slowly
Floating silently as repeating their funeral journey
Surrouded by the black burial chambers
The monuments built in honour of time and it's deathly touch

As the mist is floating on these endless alleys of creepers and fallen leaves
Soon would it withdraw into the dark burial chambers
Lost are the blinded on this funeral landscape
This desolate ground slowly would lose their tracks
To wander they chose in the darkness below

They once drew the goat...
The key... the rite...
They once saw the goat...
The path... the end

6. Apostles Of Misanthropy

Sprouting seeds of hate sown across this universe
Aiming for the death to this world of servility

When the old oath raised the arm for the final strike
To extinguish the decadence of centuries

This world deserves no salvation
Unleash the obliteration!

Flowers of misanthrophy
In the dawn of this harvest
The fall of the
Stagnant souls

Formal deception
Existence in aposthrophes

7. Incantantion Of The New Empire

Chaotic chanting that filled the night was suddenly silent
World of mercy as they built it had vanished

Bleeding for centuries for this moment of purity
Arisen from the depths of earth this new empire

Sense these endless walls and towers carved in black stone
Sinful reflections from the past lit the countless temples of genocide
The spiral staircases rising into the nothingness
Godless wisdom springs refreshing from the fountains of eternal life

Palaces decorated with the five pointed star
The empire of the beast that arose out of the earth by witchcraft

The dawn holds no hope or joy
As the the skies have turned into the amorphous black mass

8. These Nameless Gods

Shadows surrounding these withering fields are on the move
Their presence is invoking the darkness from the past
Unanswered questions forgotten on time of the reign of fire
Old gods reborn from the depths of the mind

Distrupting the all levels of conciousness while forcing their way out on this world
Like a pieces of a puzzle that has no solution this nightmare has become endless
Endless like the continuously recurring art of the fallen painted on the my timeless halls
The upcoming age of wrath is to be shown within these invisible frames created by the abcence of joy

In this thickening darkness these gods crowned me an undisputed emperor on this earth
To weild the sword of misery as the shadows grow taller
Still the crown is not for me to carry

As the await for the new era has begun

9. The Entry Of The Demons


Iapethos – All instruments, Vocals

Thanks to iapethos666 for sending these lyrics.

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