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1. Chasing Bears And Reading Scriptures

Dear you (know who),
Have you ever noticed how all the best flames in your fires are always the ones you see when you're not looking?
Well then I guess you should pay more attention...or is it "less" (attention)
(But to get back to our subject)
Did I fail to mention how I will sit still (at times) and stir myself all up about you
Just beat/break myself into believing "I don't care!".
I can't care; could care, should care, but I don't.
And, now, as much as you know how I'd like to; (well) but I'm gonna say a thing.
(Be)cause you just might be compelled to reciprocate (reciprocate)
...and I don't know if I wanna let myself(s) get/be crushed like:
This and like that (repeat that shit, G).
(I guess I'm really getting to)
I just need to leave, knowing that when I left, I was doing what I love and do best.

Oh, and speaking of crushing and closure:
A well-writ list of (a) slit-wrist composer, created diversion.
A literary aspersion!
Seven letters mathematically returned aversion.

Shit, it's all about priorities...

Orderly, invited cordially, orally or in(g/j)est.
Suppressed/De-pressed upon watermarked pages, etched in colorless bandages and premade excuses.
(Or) chiseled in the drizzled-rain-parched sand.
Sideways, in a foreign hand.
I'm just choking on a steady diet of ecstasy lights...you?
Can you outshine this?
Just tell me... am I that apparently overwhelmed?
Distracted...I seem busy...I dunno...
Either way I breathe, it still goes down the wrong tube.

2. Bet'cha Your Job

I had a dream it was my birthday today...
For a while it became normal, but now I wish that I had not forgot so much...
Was there a battle here?
Me vs. me?
Perhaps... perhaps...
(I dunno)
But here it is now anyway: the kid's (severed) head - right there in my lap!
I (notice that now I) got my head in my hands, and my hands are in my lap.
(head in hands)
(hands in lap)
I don't know if I do (know) though if it's bad news or bad ass..

(wake up dreaming still)
But here I am now anyway, and it's my birthday...
Swear to god I'm gonna buy something bad.
(Maybe an apple bi-product)
(or a product by "Apple")
And I don't know, but I'll bet you your job that it will be the baddest thing you ever seen.

I sure hope that this dream is really just a dream.
And I'm saying it once again: I sure do hope that dream was just a dream.
Because if it was not then I got a problem that's getting to big to be controlled and my hands are just barely not big enough...
Plus it's my birthday, and I don't need some "dead-me" to come and ruin it.
It's my birthday, and I swear to god I'm gonna buy something bad.

3. Exybit Means KayBadBye

"So most all their conversations don't amount to much, as of late.
And, well, I guess I decided to give up on them becoming two-sided."

And can you imagine how it's got to feel, to have to lay it as this as this?
Trust me, it ain't pretty.

"I guess I sure could climb down from this obelisk, but I just reached the peak and plus I gotta lot of pictures to paint up here before I'll let myself leave."

He chronicles "historicalamities" with sincere embellishment.
I know you know the sort.
Though all the names, faces, times, places, descriptions of appearance, outcomes, and instigations have been changed to respect and maintain privacy of all those involved parties,
I (and we) assure you the validity of said events:
It's all true.
It's all true.

"But if you'd show me where you fell and just how it felt, then I bet I can portray a faked lack of strength so well,
I bet you never can/could tell..."
That's what he said to me with a Jack Nicholson smile on his smug fucking face.

"Well if you'd look right there: that's right where I hit, I hit my psyche," I allowed myself to retort.
And that's when I found out all the snakes I thought I'd trampled dead turned out to be another series of hallucinations compounded by constant injections of synthesized, degraded, sorry excuse for naturally occurring:
Human emotions..."

"And they told me that they were 'hormones' that my body decided to halt it's productions of.
And then they said: "Here... put this in you.
It'll make you stay alive so much longer, and that's good."

4. I'm Pretty Tired And I'm Pretty Old

She said "Let's do it again"
And I said it too.
"You would," she says, "If you knew what's good for you."
So I says to her.

Listen to me closely; I'm of utmost seriousness when I say this with these eyes partly (not unheartedly) broken open.

And she heard me good...I know.
I still got a heart though, it's gone hard and cold.
And if I'll ever quit, well I don't know...
But I'm pretty tired...and I'm pretty old.
And maybe if I was more like a/my/her dad, I could lie, so much better (and I don't mean to "fib")
It's meant much more "biblical"...
Like a spear: taking to rib(s).

And I'm not scared to let you know:
Some (will) soon see: more (of) my fists.

And when she says: "Let's do it again,"
I'll always say it too.
I may say that I quit, but I really never do.

Oh no (no no)... I won't believe you.
Well, you're just a copy, and I love my junk...
Oh, no (no no)... She said: "I don't believe you:
You always say that you quit, but you really never do."

But just give me one more... Just one more day?

5. A Going Under


6. Scribble Jack

Did you think that we won't notice all your faces as you entered this room to discard us just as soon?
Well, I'll tell you what now:
You're fools, (be)cause we did.
And please don't think:
We'll take kindly to it,
Or you'll have to picture one:
Pinned, punctured, penetrated, you!
We could touch (on) all your favorite bases.
We sure could caress all your faces...
But that would just be too easy...

7. Randy Wrinkled Travis

Sometimes you really do need to be more sincere...
More sincere about your bloodlettings.
It's not about your consistency in frequency, it's all about leaving a scar.
A crime of mathematical passion, if you will.
(the product of 7 and 3 is 21)
(the difference of 5 and 2 is... well, let's see: 5, 4, 3!)
(the sum of you and me, it could be Optimus Prime)
(but the quotient of you and I will be so divine)

...and I'll try harder today than I ever tried before...
...and I promised myself to be disappointed if the least I see(slash)saw is bone.
...and I want to feel that (God Damn) knife cut through
Multiple parts of my soul (all) at the same time...

Please, just be more sincere.

8. Text The Sex Rhyme

So I heard you finally want to talk?
Well, that's good!
Go ahead and grab a seat, we'll get this going...

But where are you supposed to start when you don't believe in ends or beginnings?

I guess you'll just (have to) pick a point of reference, boy...
Try the first thing on your worried mind or break a part off (of) your heavied heart and make it lighter.

Well there is this weight that I wish I could lift up off my chest...

Good...Go on...

Well, see I used to think that it was just me, but then I thought it was envy -

You're doing fine.
Keep going....

I thought it was envy, and it made me wonder:
Was it time for deep sleeping turned to gritting teeth and grief splintered weeping??
Answer me.
Answer me, please?
Answer me!

Alright, but I'll have you know that right when I thought it was what you suspected (yeah, you guessed where I was going with this); it was not.
Now imagine my heart as a photograph: and the picture is of fires.
Notice it's worn down quite well?
Can you read the cracks and lines?

Well, I see the yellow's gone or going brown.
That, I know.

I knew you could tell.
You're doing fine, keep going; just forget not my heart's just a photo:
A photo of fire.

But where are you supposed to start when you don't believe in ends or beginnings?

Try the first thing on your worried mind or pick apart your heavied, heavied heart.
Please, just make it lighter.

9. Nobody Calls Me Chicken

At first:
This knife fight had begun, and with a straight blade crossed neck the other's done.
Their intentions: gone fermenting.

And then:
The blood (just) like the bulls, began to run sure as will (a)rise: the sun, end will/could/have come.

Just as quick as their battle had begun, a straight blade crossed a neck, and the two became or becomes:
The one.
Ends came, run.
(Run for it, Marty!)

(Sure I'll meet you there)
Seven p.m. sharp
Still checks his wrist
(for the status on)
His lack-of-clock scars...

(Great Scott!)

10. Wait, What?

"Well, good god damn..." I said out loud (but to myself, no one else is around).
And now I'm compelled toward self-interrogations, or maybe personal progression through new informations.

"Go ahead," he said. "Answer your own questions now."
"Like when is enough ever gonna be enough?"
I also remember him saying, "You may find yourself still starring down your mirror's throat for answers as hard to find as this voice is getting rough."
And I said (trying to be "hard"):
"My heart muscles are too tough."
He just laughed lightly and said: "Well, how long must one go on playing the worst versions of themselves?"
Well, a good friend of mine told me that it's
It's until "one goes off".

11. Puked On And Slapped Up

I wrote you a letter.
And, well, since you asked nicely I guess I'll let you keep it.
It's chalk-full-to-the-brim with 100%, top-notch, Grade-A, American handwriting... and it's got all the right criteria to make one of those good letters, I (and we) assure you of that.
But, sometimes you can only understand just what's being said, only (actually) when you hear it.. hear it out-loud.
And with that (being said)

Dear you........

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