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1. Who?

A crude light blinds my eyes
As to forbid me to see the world behind
Screams splitting my ears
This strange beat resounding in my chest

This red liquid is burning my veins
This fluid they call life
Each breath's burning my throat
If I knew I'd wish not to bor

Looking at me as inquisitors
Trying to read my mind
These strange faces seem so familiar
But I can't tell you why

Who am I?
And you?
Who are you?

I'm their creautre, I'm their toy
Their machine
Their child

I'm born when they wanted to
It will be the same thing
When I'll die

Scientific experiences
Not thinking about consequences

Born from unknown origin
The first of a new race
Will I ever get a place into this world?

2. New Life

The first day I thought
I was king of the world
Their faces looking at me
As a god descended on earth

Then the second day came
I had to learn the pain
To learn I was only a pawn
On their wicked game

The third day I'll never see...

New life
Created by technology
The ultimate weapon
New life
Created by technology
I'm total perfection

The way you live
The way you die
I had to learn
To be one of the kind

I'm your clone
But not your brother
Created to kill
But different of others

Consciousness that was asleep
Suddenly came back to life
Enlightening my reality
A machine with the gift of life

I plead for the right to live
The right to think
The right to dream
I plead for the right to lave
The right to cry
The right to die

3. Homeless

Is there someone who could tell me
Where I'm coming from?
Is there someone who could tell me
Where I go?

I would be
I could be
I should be
No matter who I am
There's no place there I can live
I'm sleepless
I'm useless
I'm homeless
No matter who I am
There's no place where I can live

I look to the burning sky
I think of these centuries of hate
War for religion, politics, race
They were your brothers
But now you will kill them
Until the complete extremination of
your enemies
Your land's devastated
But you think: "This is my country now"

From the four points comes the wind
From the oceans came life
From millions years before
To millions years after
We're just part of the cycle of life

Each man is different and unique
But holds no land in this world
From dust to dust
Ashes to ashes
Nature is the only law

4. Mother

Born from the brain
Of self-called wise men
Scientists is their name
For military use
They created us
Our destiny was sealed
Brothers with the same faces
The same software as brain

Part human, part machine
Born from the sperm of man
A cell divided
In thousands and thousands
An army for the fight

They've blanked my memories
And then my brain programmed
A machine dressed to kill
Born from the sperm of man

No color of your eyes
To remind of you
No story that you told
To make me sleep at night

They can call themselves my fathers
So far I can't believe it
And even if they're my fathers
Who's my mother?

How can I be the only one
Without mother?

"...Good night, sleep tight.
See you in the morning light..."

5. She

Walking down the street
Alone among the mass
I thought that was a dream
When she appeared to my sight

In front of me she was
Wrapped in a veil of light
I knew I had to tell her
But no sound came from my mouth

Her eyes in mine were drowned
No need to touch or speak
I knew she was the one
But she didn't know who I was

She's my first emotion
She's the love in motion
She's the beauty
But I'm the beast

6. Evilized

Blinded were my eyes
For not have known to see
They teached me hatred
Instead of understanding

But now the chains are broken
No one will ever decide of my fate
I'm free for the first time

"...Be carefull
This man is armed and dangerous
He's a serial killer, a psychopath
Anyone that could be in contact with him
Would be in mortal danger..."

My heart was closed behind
The walls of solitude
I can't believe these words you spoke

I trusted in you for so long
You disappointed me so much
Up to now I don't know what to think
I don't know what to do


I'm a machine that wants to live
I'm human
I'm free

The evil within me is nothing less
Than the venom you put in my veins
The evil within me is nothing less
Than the lies you put in my mind

7. I'm Your God

You were so proud of you
Now you're losing control
A monster raised
From the man you created

I'm stronger than the strongest of you
I'm brighter than the best of you

All these years you spent
Building the perfect weapon
And now the weapon
Is pointed on you

Physically perfect
Mentally superior
The machine became man
Then became God

Science you learned me
You built me for war
You teached me no sentiments
Only power and lies

Now I've got the cards in my hand
And you know it's my turn to play

The physical force of thousand men
With the brain of a strategist
Why should I be your slave
As I can be your master?

There's nothing you can say
Nothing you can do
The end is near
Why should I be your slave
As I can be your master?
Now I'm entirely rage
And you're nothing but fear
Cause I'm your god now

8. Disgust

The only sentiments
I've got for myself are:
Hate and disgust

"...The creature has been captured
With no resistance..."
I repeat: "The creature has been captured..."

9. Hate Me

It's time for me
To face my destiny
It's time for you
To live your life

Why do you love me?
I've got nothing to do
With the man you need
Why do you love me?
I'm a killer, I'm a hunter
I'm a cyborg soldier

I wander: Am I human?
A psychopath? Maybe
Murder is in my genes
I've got blood on my hands

Why could I love you
As I only feel disgust
For myself?
I don't want to hurt you
I haven't been programmed
To have a normal life

Now the end is near
Our story will end in tears
But I don't want to rob your life

I seem to be a man
But I'm a monster, it's clear
You can't spend your life
With a machine... created to kill

Hate me
You're the one I love the most
Please hate me
Please give me a reason to leave

10. Agony

Her face is shining through the night
Companion of my loneliness
Agony's coming from inside
Is leading me to eternal rest

From nowhere to nowhere
How long is the way?
Fron nowhere to nowhere
Yet I know the way

Killing the result of your works
That's your son that you kill
But I don't want to hear your reasons
I'm so fed up with living

I was condemned before my birth
So different from human beings
Never considered as a brother
So different, yet the same

Time passes by, nothing changes
Night will come after every day
Men will not change
Killing themselves a little more
Every day

This was my life
I was not supposed to exist

This is the end of a story My story
This is the end of my life
I maybe thought I could be a man
But I never thought I was a machine
Men maybe thought they could be gods
Men maybe thought they could create mechines...
...Towards the point of no return

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