Dark Lyrics


1. Raven's Opera D'Moll

2. Crystal Purity Of Treachery

Population defect, feedback into the seed
degeneration, inner ride to hide the truth...deep
Intelligence coma, will for victory,
no more time for heroes, this is, this is treachery
This is treachery

Confidence betrayal, authority's fall
behind the black curtain,
hate frozen to crystals...cold,
Feeding with more bullshit, in this life parody,
favourite back stabbing, this is this is treachery
This is treachery

Sanity point zero, speaking through the frost
refused look in the mirror, promised land-paradise lost
Worshipping the wrong masters,
being the king of the weak,
crossing self-made limits, this is, this is treachery
This is treachery

Slime-the maasses throwing up with slime
turn into snakes inside
Subconscious engraved and dumb,
black ravens have to smile
Wild howling wolves realize,
meaning of common trust
How to pay back for treachery
with broken bones theory

3. Evil Awaken

Opening the catacombs, where gloomy evil sleeps,
face to face to truth, out of wasted pride,
Time of melting hate has written signs on my skin
Holograms of truth, dimensions of a better life
Goodness left to rot, infectious comedy,
The highest one is not gone, so throw the stone on me
I have chosen a side where I always wanna stay
thousand deaths ago, thousand miles away

Evil awaken

Arrival of violence, the finest dialogue
base needs no name, words in constant form
Flying into a rage concerto, bring out my ghost
Fury is unleashed, following act is known
Everlasting condemnation to be terrorized
Necessary separation, mutilating fight
If you're gonna wake my evil executor up
You'll pay an eye for an eye

Evil awaken

Torn Apart

With pleasure I am befouling your pretend leadership
Your legs are made of sand, head is full of shit
You-the one who deserves to smell a ravenous fist
Revelling in flesh
Unexpected brutality is a better part of me
Behind inner horizon is waiting for justice
A knock-out in the right time makes things easily clear
You woke up my good devil!!!


4. Regicide

Coronation of impious God
Supremacy, open up the stairs
A few serpents planning regicide
but the lion never succumb to the rats

Resentment against playing this chess
Easy downlook from extensive top
Imperial punishment is merciless
short-time effect of exciting dope

When the dogs keep barking at the moon
it's orbit will never changes
to whip the dogs is not worthy of the ruler
disloyalty remains in the mind

Don't forget to make your disguise up
who wants to show up as dishonoured
but you are known as are your plans for regicide
epicene life in a outmoded hole

This time the sun turns its back on you
this time and everytime
charnel-house is casting vote for massacre
die-the one who's walking on thin ice

Next day starts with sunrise and blood
a few another serpents have died,
planning regicide!!!

5. Journey Into Doom

Organized chaos, ride into doom
hunting for goldshine, under cold moon
Awkward messiahs, hamburgered tribes,
crucified Allah, lust within drugs

Future in the abyss, ideals fell
Ride on a black horse, straight down to Hell!
Celebrated liars, shot between eyes
Earth's blood on fire, ending our times.

Decadence prevails, deception sells well
secure last journey, to seventh Hell
innocent killers lay down the rules
one season rivers lead us to doom...

6. Endorsed By Satan

Marching out of divinized guts of the world
through sick forest of human minds
surrounded by Christian worms we're awaiting the dusk
day of final invocation
I am the winner, God bless Satan!

Endorsed by Satan

Visible and invisible protector of light
Horny guardian angel, psora medicine
with favourite toy Crucifix, him-father Antichrist
Day of final invocation
I am the winner, God bless Satan

Endorsed by Satan

The sweetest thing to hear
Orgasmic bogus harmonies
Fear The most thrilling thing to see
Scared to death of reveries

Marching out of hypocrisy
marching out of wimps,
supper made of earwigs pulses on,
hanging out with f/r/iend,
laughing off to all,
day of final invocation
I am the winner, God bless Satan!

Endorsed by Satan

7. Spider-Werk

Caught in the spider's web

Inside of the spider, trying to survive
hardly taking breath from nowhere
drowned in slime simply sentenced to die
skinless body falls away

Voracious possession of glass eyes
persistent look before the poisonous touch

Carnivorous holiday, tied in a cobweb
agonizing deadly cramps, victim of spider-werk

Corrosive stomach, sturdy grips
eaten by spiders, dissappeared...

Systematic genocide, paralysing trap
eternally stigmatized, victim of spider-werk

Inside of the spider, trying to survive
hardly taking breath from nowhere
such a nice imagination
but I'll never be the fly!

8. I Am The Wind

I am the wind, lost in time
deep forest ghost, your silent...silent laugh
I am the wind all over the world
watching the stars hidden in crawling fog

I am the wind, a freezing storm
I am desert grip, perfidious northern stroke
As cold as death, as hot as hell
Dark breath of night, still the lonely wanderer

So fly with me,
spread your arms and try to forget gravity
there's one more step from mind's edge to eternity
we're getting higher, feeling a bit free...

I am the wind that falcons use to fly
upon the frozen lakes we unite
I am the wind, you'll never catch up with me behind the polar line - I'm reborn

So fly with me
become a piece of immortal history
be shadow, be raincoat over storming seas
no better freedom could be my own destiny

9. Lost

10. Heroism Of New Era

Glorify new heroes, down with moral cries
our era began in time
material frenzy contra terroris(la)m
self-satisfaction suicide

See through the lies, old hero dies
consuming kind, purulent find
Dogmatic wars, criminal source
suicidal art of new era

No more days of peace
time-bomb friend pays ticket to Paradise
Really shall we have to read between the li(n)es of Koran? Fundamentally blind


Kill, kill in the name of Jihad
kill for your delusions
You've got the right to finish with everyone
Blocked in rudiment mind, you're the king of wimps

Wide open eyes, new hero dies,
absent smile, heaven's trial
Dogmatic wars, criminal source
suicidal art of new era.

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