Dark Lyrics


1. The Message

2. Drowned In Burial Bud

Body's going down
certain way to drown
deep in swamp
Despair of mad eyes
roots in rigid arms
last hopes torn

Can't you see
bottom of mean life?
Maggots creep

Gasping for bad air
swallowing clay with blood
swarming worms near there
drowned in burial mud

Still life "Dead trees" - silent sepulchre
Reeking marsh shall be nice grave
Choir of the mosquitoes is burial, singing of your final day.

Delightful stagnancy
Lunacy and fancy
Punishment is known
only one way down.
Sodden purgatory
carnivorous glory
eroded and buried
at idyll cemetery

Speechless screams uncommon farewell
Gravediggers arrive in time
Carefully enbalmed forever
Surrounded by rottin' slime

Can't you see....

3. Cleansing Extrema

Secular charity
Saint laws covered by rust
War against sanity
dry finger rised up!
Hold up straight - new Crusade
slack idol mumbling out
infiltrate - penetrate
main points of cleansing extrema


Gold mitre, kirk fighter,
sacred ass sits on throne
listen to me, devoutly
or there is no reborn.
Fanciful state, godly fate
vain brain work leave to us
use prime hate, suffocate
seed od the Antichristians,
science burns in Hellfire
inquisition mania
wrathful cleansing etrema

Prodigal feasts, Christian beasts
God bless our bloody limbs
Logic look - different book
is always unholy.
Juvenile rage turn to faith
all for the name of God
we want you, we need you
mass holy cleansing extrema


4. Krieg (The Alpha Paradox)

Past repeats in warfare drive
dying's close - death's too far...
Since dawn of times we're breathing the air
that's pregnant with translucent crimes.

Oh, brother, take my food
celebrate our brotherhood
red wine in my arms - in your arms
the other side's always mirror of us

Krieg - the Alpha paradox

TV cult of warmongers
boring peace is over
Humanizing fictions
self destructive pictures

Religions - battles between the Saints
Oil fields - my heaven claims!
Something has changed, hear the cage
I'm sorry we're not in the same trench.

Oh, brother, hide your sight
God says: "We're chosen ones"
Sludge, blood and fire....fire!
That shot in your left eye is from my gun.

[REF:] Krieg - the Alpha paradox

5. Tribe Fire Rituals

6. Firecult

[originally by T]

Your tears and cry
you got to know now
You know who you are
so say to flame your hi!

You are child of Satan
glow's your destiny
Smoke expiration
you are the flame king

Knowing the river of fire, sin and sin
You'll be thrown into, laugh and cry
So guess what's remain of you, fire and slush

You are child of...

7. 18x37 (Adrenaline Code)

8. Supernatural Race Disharmony

Overnational overbrain has paid ticket to ride
take the seats, to sit's better than to crawl.
Stiff loyalty's gonna be only price
free sacrifice to mighty throne
where "White house Messiah" motions on....

See through the flies
See through the flies!
Pathetic slush all over your life
Don?t forget to bend down ? common!
Don't forget to bend down your head with no eyes
Stronger survives in mankind of flies

Disharmony breeds deep inside of very smartest ones
Privilege of race that loves to stand high above of us

Come on... supernatural

Raised flag of univers-e/al saviour
covered by shinning stars
the reason to be proud always found
Insolend marching through an by
neighbourhoods garden parks
by peaceful shoes everything's pulling down

See through the flies...

9. Black Nymph Reveals

Black nymph reveals, slowly and close
so don't say a word
Sick modern world is exclusive bog
where nymphs easy breed
we're feeding their need
we see that bad smell
we smell insect well

Nympf instructive:
"The things you've seen...never been"
What's up with your mind?
Listen ti me:
"My truth is the fine story
and your one just lark!"

What's up with your mind?
Our glossy coins
Have both sides a front

While teaching the right way of pissing
The vulturous man behind the wheel
Always when honesty's missing
...the black nymph reveals...

Inside of the circle
in the nest of ignorance
pretend touch
made of arctic brass
Stones try to look ambered
arrogant esplanade
innocence engraved
in snowy black
snowy black
almost dead

Everything changes
sometimes we meet the ones who read
between the li/n/es.
Wide black tape
that's covering eyes
is a bit transparent
this meal is out of taste
When resisting minght
we're maybe on wrong side

10. The Quisling Celebration

Blockhead march-past "Miss empty face"
Quisling's summer Olympic games
Iron elbows for hurdle race
Puppet show on wide open stage

Innocent thoughtless applause
over the ground
Non faced clapping masses
all around

Treason art
Serpent's fashion
Only trust is denied
Let's toll the bell...

News on cringers championship
with no backbone - a way more easy
Hey, get ready for ruthless run
backdoor open, no scorn no fun

The traitors still stand in first line
that mirrors what nation we are
instead of let the eat own manure and to drink blood
we pretend seeing nothing
hear twice nothing
deaf and dumb.

With no courage there?s no way to win
with arrogance in harmony
when morality is a fake
centuries left to awake

When facing blind public
stay in mask
Important double meter
still at hand

11. A Death's Door

Sometimes I wish to be
wandering far away
to see you lonely ones
wherever you are
instead of lying deep inside
of dark black clay
I'd want to stand by you
forever and now

Dead still life...hypnotized

Sometimes I go to sleep
longing to dream of you
just one look in the eyes
is more than 1.000 words

What wall is between us
and how can we get through?
Any way how to unite
our distant worlds?

Sometimes I'm asking myself why
why couldn't stay here you and I
tell me how is to stand at death's door?
Sometimes I'm thinking how it would be
on the other side, just you with me
waiting's too long and you're not here anymore...

Sometimes I'm feeling weak
when I recall you in mind
my selfish "I" lives different story
Too many questions
Where are you? And does it hurt?
Maybe I'd like to hear "Follow me"

Dead still life.... hypnotized

...is this the end
when you're not here anymore?

Thanks to hamedasar for sending these lyrics.

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