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1. Remnants of the Fallen


2. Novus Ordo Seclorum

Signs of eyes antic repulsive
Sacrilege acts of cyanide seductions
Concealed truths, spurious statements
Spoiled minds shall be their slaves

Drawing out the black dilemmas
Blazing though the skylines
Contributing to their prosperity
Thee, false divine!

The final days have come as we bleach from exemption
Psychosis takes its place as we remain in deception

As humanity falls, into one standing course
Forecloses beliefs by our own made deceits
A New age to come, A New age to serve
In the last occasion we'll be awaken from their curse

The blood still rains in fever, as they die for their arts
To summon unknown forces far beyond our thoughts
For years they labour to fulfill their own demands
To breach this world's source, now they will tear down these doors

There will be great men to bare their master plan
Assassinations will be essential, they will prevail
A privilege crime to never dispute or expose
The machine still reigns by one force

Corrupted skies in eternal bless
As dystopia clashes to earthly rest
Dances of enigmatic acts
Our false perceptions reach us at last

(Reflections from a dark past
As time moves forth clarity becomes rayed
We repent our actions with detest
For we faced veracity at the end)

I saw the world fall into downward cycles
Depravity fills us as we crawl though ashes and bones
Where is the sanctuary for the dying calls?
Your words have only been deceitful
Those words we all died for

3. Flagellum Dei

Charging through the fields of Romans
Malice creeping forth
Women, children – scum and vermin
Filth of feeble kingdoms burning
Rapid brutal acts in warfare, savage, bestial rage
Mighty hunnic warrior chief
Descendant of the Xung-Nu Dragon

Raised on desolate steppes, with horseback aligned
Skillfully mastering dexterity along with his might
Though his ambition to rule brought feuds and dismay
Bledda would not be the last to behold his reign

(Now) merging the scoundrels and villains in arms, he marches to war
Demolishing villages, pillaging every home
Gallic towns were slaughtered, removed from the face of the earth
(And) the Visigoths grew in detest to the hunnic abuse

Flavius Aethius, quickly emerged to seek favour in coat of arms
For the Visigoths shared the Romans detest to their foe
By the gates of Orléans, the bloodiest of carnage was fought
And the very first emblem of frailty was yet to unfold

Compelled to withdraw with uttermost haste, seeking refuge beyond the gates
Where strategical virtues would grant a superior blow
Alas, the strife was lost to the Magister Militums bliss
But they would not evade The Scource of God!

"Worthless, frail offal!"
His spiteful intentions ablaze
With the essence brought forth by the
Foulest form of stars
Now vengeance was imminent, as he aspires to devastate and burn

"May all ye tremble and lay faith in thy plea
For now we march upon Rome herself!"

Tainted, abhorred, disgraced and forlorn
Beseeching and pleading to spare them from woe
An armistice was sealed for their relentlessness subdued
Though forthwith he'd conceive plans most vile and crude

Yet a hero's death was not in store, nor bloodshed, nor defeat.
For he would meet his bane through the chalice of deceit
A thousand slaves erect the cage where he would find serenity
Remains within the rivers are now washing away
To this day

4. Seraphical Euphony

Across the interior solar empire
The origin of interminable rapture
Into the very nucleus of Tartaros
We embark on a sacred voyage.

May the benedictions of the elder Gods be upon us
And may they bestow valor, fortitude and wisdom unto our inner sanctum.
Take heed thou who seek to accompany our excursion, as this ordeal has ravaged the spirits of many.

Let the stalwart prevail and the recreant falter as we descend further into the maw of calamity and abomination.
Thou shall make payment and reverence and allow Charon to lead us yonder the river of despisal.
As our journey has yet to begin...

Once you coalesce with the stars shalt all entrances seal
An incessant endeavour of agony, woe and entropy.
Cognizant of all the chastisements and rewards of this apparition
But whose melody shall we sing when the internal flames embrace us?

Upon enfolding thine quintessence
Sever thine hand from purpose
Phlegethon is joined by Lethes tears

Though baleful storms assail and deceive
Eonian zeal recites in euphony.

Pilgrimage most holy, supreme anchorite. Blessed, but forlorn. Unshackled, but enslaved.
Familiar figures dismembers all seven senses, through the eternal is grief divine.

Those who elude the kernel from the fruit of luminance
Walketh among fallacy, marooned and far from the fields of Elysium.

Virulence and fervid chasm reveling to extinguish all piety and creed, dissevering the aum.

As sovereign catharsis absolves and purifies thou may at long last behold the shores of ageless quietus.

Upon enclosing obsolescence
Harken and praise with purpose
Phlegathon scorches as Cocytus writhes.

Thenceforth, thy storms shall never seize
Eonian zeal recites in euphony.
Eternal euphony....

5. Moral Evasion

Raise the tide for every time I fall
Drown myself for the wretched fate
Fail to see the enemies
Claw inside the inner me

I tend to think in black and white
A grey-scale and a touch of red

Life hollow, no surrounding
Time is out, room is void
Absence in my sight

I'm following my shadow
Making sure that the light's
Always on my back

Left the surface to sever a day
From last and tomorrow, zetetic for clues
Underground and into time
Set my sights, (but) rights denied

I tend to think in black and white
A grey-scale and a touch of (the) red

As I try to be martyrising me
Why can't I see I cannot limit myself to this

I'm set to suffer, I
I'm set to do my time (my time)

Witches, demons come to me
Join my ride, pass through spite
Late in time I'll burn my soul
To wander through the atmospheric sphere
I will not look at the facts, I will not justify
To fulfill all your wishes (re)defining Moral Evasion

And the truths remain concealed
In depth forever more

6. Primal Cosmic Ascendancy

Once a star deforms
Men shiver at the wake of its course
Once a soul depraves
Malevolent allegiance is forged

Yet in the midst of insanity
We strain, thus brightening our Flame
Beyond all human consciousness
Sanctifying lunacy

All regenerates within the cycle that is time
Eradicate your piteous foes
Their demise shall bring you bliss

And by the secrets of the

Black Void
Of Redemption
Ever Present
Mark in every human soul

Raging flames assail
The craven, abhorred and weak
For the age of reaping draws nigh
Our destiny beckons

Once your star deforms
All shivers at the wake of your cause
Once your soul obtains the splendour of candour and sin

7. Zephyr of Grace

As I see thy greed upon the ordinance
Disputed unholy seditions
Under the thirteenth shall I appear
Destroy the creation, the root of all fear… and doom

Unvarnished truth by the Zephyr Of Grace

Thy father giveth thee birth upon thine hands
Though, no light arise before me
Reaping the scars of my dreamy calamities
Whence comest thou? I need to feed upon thee

I shall turn the sun, black as sackcloth of hair
And the moon shall cry red drops of blood
Touching the surface of the decieveth of heaven
Where thy greed's no longer covered – despite the flooded

Bring me thy detest, for under the red moon shall I fall

Thou shalt see, I shan't pass over the sky
Nor shall I come forth into heaven
Nor shalt I walketh under the hands of god
My final breathings (shall) bring me to the burning sevens

With no sensation nor obligation
Nor any self-hatred about
Shan't these steps through the portal deny
The reversed blasphemy and take me through time

Grant me the heads, and the ten horns
And the ten crowns of hell
So shall the dragon worship the beast
And so shall we be worshiped in rewind

And thus my brethren, my fallen reverends
(Shall) the stars of heaven crush unto the earth
On the fields of the dying sun
Shall they depart as a scroll when it's rolled

With no regret nor sensing a threat
Shall those where the cowardly dwell cower
Though, remember these following words
For no sun will shine upon the purple flower

...and so they shall fall like stars from their ancient firmament

8. Empyrean Yearning

"Perish, inferior vermin!"
His gaze imminent to the south
Futile Tatarian blood will not suffice

Roam! Wreak ail, havoc, subjugate defiers
Let none bereave your ever germinating might
From the plains of Delüün Boldog to the mighty Khwarezmian forts
Your empire shall stand supreme - to erect the seal of worldwide reign

Be apprised to behold the malignancy of the great Khan!

The wall - adamant, rigid, harboring the kingdom beyond
Yet so unable to shelter their piteous lives as they circumvent it

Following the path along the grand impediment
Laced traps were concealed beneath the impending hordes
Faced with a throng of soldiers, putrid and corrupt
Who's fealty was as staunch as a hired force could be

Fierce pillaging and utter supremacy. The purge through salt and flame.
As embers fade into empyrean futility, dusk abates before atrophy descends.

And the fall of the metropolis dawns
With accommodation from their own treachery
A mighty dynasty elapses.
Storming into the attenuated fortress
Grace was utterly absent in rage
Slippery streets of humanly fat
A paragon made in aversion and dread

From whence the genesis comest in ire
Shall the worldwide domain tremble ablaze
Khwarezmian citadels crushed
Beneath fierce reprisal

A fraction of Ghengis's legion was sent
To survey the gallantry of the west
Yet meager defiance was shown
Thus sealing the kismet of realms beyond

What heinous atrocities he couldn't achieve
Throughout the era of his tellurian reign
His son would later attain
In otiose yearning nothing can thrive

He attempts to halter the carnal cycle
Though to no avail
For the great misfortune of human asinity resumes and nothing is reshaped

9. Blood of the Ancients

Saturn is fallen, am I too to fall?
Am I to leave this haven of my rest?
This calm luxuriance of blissful light

All that is left of my lucent Empire
Deserted, void, nor any haunt of mine
The blaze, the splendor and the symmetry
I cannot see, but darkness, death and darkness!

Despair not, oh Titan of the Sun
We shall reforge your once glorious bastion
And bathe in your everlasting strength

All of our ancestral powers lies shattered, forlorn and awaits our renewal
Those who aspire wisdom and truth will immerse in his flames

Is this the end, or a new beginning?
The worth of mine haven decreased
Shall the sinful works of the evil bring the… Fall?

No by Tellus and her briny robes
Over the fiery frontier of my realms
I shall advance and bid Saturn to take his throne again

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