Dark Lyrics


1. Cerebral Torture

Feelings of hate, go over my veins
Damned remains, whip my brain

The Smell of your blood raise my instinct
The Angels squirm when I dream with you

Stained hands, by your dirty body
eternal suffering is awating me
I'm not going to waste my time
I only wish your incessant torture

In hell

Dreaming with no feel of your conscience
bringing in your fucking soul
I take control of your body
devouring your entrails

Tearing your sweet dreams
my teeth flows in vengeance
you will live in a nightmare
such as you give it to me

I will only rest, when you're dead
Retaliating my eternal pain

2. Death By Infestation Of Grubs

A very violent death
finished with your miserable life,
in your body are happening lots of nervous spasms,
vomiting a mixture
of your kidney with blood
and repulsive white grubs as the colour that you saw when you
give your last shout of desperation

Nobody is worried - for your disappearance while
your body is rotting
now your brain is dead, you will never wake up,
of this eternal nightmare

Inside of your body, thousands of grubs,
are devouring, your internal organs

This causes an obstruction of the blood in your brain,
a lot of little insects drink the blood that is
inside of your putrid head

In your stomach a lot of horrendous chrysalis are forming
after a weed your body will be infested by moths
a troop of insects devour the rest of your
cancerous flesh, and your purulent and fragile skin
The moths die inside of your corpse,
a big dough of flesh and parts of guts is the best
food for more and more insects

The nature is wise...

3. Repugnant Desire

Putrefaction, my sexual obsession,
I only think in the dead, her smell

Her pale face, her cold skin, her fragile bones,
my interior excites thinking in the putrid flesh
I've to kiss a skelethic corpse
to calm my desire

Introducing my wet penis in her purulent cunt
corrupting the internal tissues of her vagina
feeling the rustle of the flesh while I see her
dilated eyes,
the eyes of the decomposition

Eating her rotten bust, licking her solid blood
penetrate the flesh of the dead, corrupted body
I inhale the smell of her anal cavity,
while I put her hand on my cock
I can feel her broken fingers around of
my testicles, it's so exciting

Embracing her matured cadaver, breaking the articulations
penetrating in all her holes made by bacterial decomposition

Your larvae infestation goes over me,
this situation causes me a bestial orgasm
introducing my yard violently in your opened stomach
mixing my semen with your putrid internal organs,
the mixture flows around rotten body orifices
forming an erotic necrobrutality scenario

4. Embryonized

Become blind because of lost light
my body and my mind are confused
the settled way was followed
to a written destiny

Abductioned consciences

Heavenly trip, aborted
my soul is freedom and falls
to the infinite emptiness, reborn
now you won't be able to manipulate me

Look at your inverted word, coming back
I want to come back, I yearn to come back

Rescued for your adversary
I'm a fallen, a banished
but I havn't lost supremacy
of my ethereal body
my search has just begun
and now I'm going to catch you

Engendered in the supreme liquid, unearthed
the obscure side appears
embrionized in the obscure fire
I feel my hatred, I cry out for vengeance
the embryo will bring the new beginning

5. The Edge Of My Perversion

Calvary, funeral chapel
the suffering because of the loss endures
I wander through paths of confussion
I become lost in alienation, never

Where have you gone? Why?
you won't get away from me
I keep your inert body
death hides your soul
you skin hides the pleasure

The edge of my perversion shines
the glint of the scalpel
will strip of your skin
I'll expose to view your carnality, flesh

Blood still warm is trickling down my hands
your essence, the feel of your uncovered muscles
your skin shed the stink
of flesh, on the tray, dead flesh

I slide into your dead body
a meeting after life
I'm not a necrophiliac
I'm beyond life and death, outside
I'm not a disbalanced person
flesh is flesh, my instinct, my destiny

Obsession, lust
established feelings
sin, blasphemy
what do they mean for us, sister?

6. Putrefact Agony

Your inert body is lying in the morgue's room,
a sheet covers your latent heart
rigid in the coffin you are carried to the graveyard
and while you're going down by the hole, your agony starts

You wake up and everything's dark
you can't breathe
you don't know where you are
you're a victim of catalepsy

You scratch the wood, tearing the fingertips of your fingers
you scream by the pain and agony but nobody can hear you
the air comes to an end and you start to suffocate
you realize that youa re going to die

You are unconcious - and your heart stops
the time of your sweet death - has come
you start to create gases - and your stomach swells
your brain starts to rot - and liquify

A viscious mass is created for your kidney and ferment in stomach
blood and vomit and impregnates all the tomb of putrefaction
tens of microscopic larvaes are starting to be created in flesh
the whole crypt is infected by your decomposition

In your body are happening many metamorphosis of the grubs
putrefact agony
now hundreds of terrific insects finish with your putrid flesh
putrefact agony

The insects create obstructions of acid liquids
provoke eutaneous explosions
you regurgitate your last fluids, while you are
waiting for you total decomposition

7. Son Of Decay

You can see in her eyes the refection of petrubation,
and in her face the radiance of the extreme degeneration

Poor psychologist, you are blind
you don't understand her blessed act,
may be the ugly destiny, broken the faith and close the doors
when she loses the hope, everything ends

In dreams she can feel the intensity of her internal universe
the manifest of life in the entrails of one mother

But don't support the hate and suffering of the world
blood falls down in the street
the body engendered the sacrifice

Born son of decay, the way of your life is sentenced
open her your soul, she knows you don't like the world and go
to give you the solution for your existence
return to your creation find your salvation

Dead son of decay, by the bleeding of your body
your mother never lost you, she has you in her anatomy again

Eat the cadaver of birth, the ritual of flesh satisfy her appetite
now is the turn for the killer, goes to help you
in the other world
rest of flesh by the vaginal dissection, regurgitation of cadaver
repungant vision of her bloody vomit, this is the last injection of mortal venom!!

Dead son of decay, victim of neccessary
antropophage, created and destroyed
don't support the world, don't support reality
the ritual of flesh satisfy the mental appetite

In dreams she can feel the intensity of her internal universe
the manifest of life in the entrails of a mother

8. Cannibal Resurrection

I seek your eyes, your fucking soul
and to eat the fear of bastard angels,
now you can see to your muderous

I am a messenger of death
a king of macabre massacres

I won't lose my hope of watching your interior,
my favorite word, the fussion of the bodies, dead bodies

I have my own corpses bulk
and I dream with a visceral bath
decomposed forms of amputated limbs,
rotten carnosites mixed with vomit and blood

A repungant scene of mutilated bodies
in natural human rot process
this is repulsive but to me it's like repulsive,
to me it's like the flavor of rotten dead

I start the dissection of a new cadaver,
opening the abdomen extract the guts
I mutilate the rest and I add it to the bulk
the putrifaction of the man starts

Bathed in christian flesh and blood
I devoured the fleshy evangelical bulk
I felt the nauseous flavor of each bite
and their sacred blood in my veins

Feed me the body of jesus,
he delivered me his soul through the remains
or innocent servants of the lord,
to reborn of the christian gizzards converted in the new messiah
and to reign in earth and heaven

9. Filth's Creator

Jesus repose on the cross
death awaits its turn

Are you ready for the first suffering?
evangelic garbage now you are christ
three sentences, three victories, three hits of truth

The crucifixion is the revenge of God
God sacrifice you, you pay the mistakes, mercy and salvation

Dead in silence, dead on the cross
the killer penetrate the holy flesh

You are the sad excuse of your father
a toy or religion for manipulation
the reconciliation is denied
word of the hypocrisy you never survive

Bloody cross, bloody word, bloody Christ, bloody God
unholy storm falls down on the valley
bloody cross, bloody word, bloody Christ, bloody God

Blood and water on the cross
pain and confusion in your mind
divine sentence to make an idol
king of lost souls you can see the last sun
alone in the darkness fly to the heaven
fly with your people
to never return

Bloody cross, bloody word, bloody Christ, bloody God
divine sentence to make an idol

David ‒ Drums
Miguel ‒ Guitars
Antonio ‒ Bass
Carlos Mejias ‒ Vocals

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